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Annual Archives

2018 Articles

The Coming Collapse

The following article was written by Chris Hedges for ( The Trump administration did not rise, prima facie, like Venus on a half shell from the sea. Donald Trump is the result of a long process of political, cultural and social decay. He is a product of our failed democracy. The longer we perpetuate […]

The Re-establishment-of Islam in West Borneo

The Muslims of West Borneo under the leadership of Amir Pak Zaim Saidi are at the forefront of the reestablishment of Islam in our age, the report of which follows. The end to the enslavement of the Muslim masses does not require a jihad in the traditional sense but a struggle to obey Allah, restore […]

2017 Articles

La República Catalana, més que una declaració

I recently asked Shaykh Umar Vadillo to write a paper on the Catalonia crisis, this is his astonishing response. La República Catalana, més que una declaració “We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.” William Faulkner Catalonia is too small to free itself, but big enough to free the […]

Discussion on Capitalism between Shaykh Umar Vadillo and Khuram Malik

This is an important discussion. Shaykh Umar was asked to talk on muamalat. This is the astonishing reply that he gave. It’s very important that people should react to this in whatever country they are, that is, Muslims wherever they may be. Shaykh Abdalqadir

2016 Articles

The Role of the Amir al-Muminin

It is my privilege to present the text of a lecture that was delivered at a significant conference in Granada. This is a very important matter and I think it deserves an introduction. When I entered Islam at the hands of Imam Dawud, the Imam of the Qarawiyyin Mosque, the matter was simple, there were […]

American Elections

I normally do not get involved in American politics. However, the deliberate orchestration of two contradictory opponents forces us to put our attention on this matter. The deliberate and conscious censoring and ignoring the existence of the American Republican Speaker’s position has been massively unjust. With the European countries each in their own way having […]

Paul Ryan takes picture with interns on Capitol Hill

Democracy as Reality

To understand what is happening in England one has to go back to the beginning. In fact England has no memory, that is no racial and no cultural memory of how they began. The early Viking settlers left behind the Danegeld. The presence of Rome left little impression on the English and even less upon […]

Paul Ryan – Above the Storm

The world looks aghast at the crisis that seems to touch the very fundaments of American politics. The first thing that emerges clearly is a fundamental flaw in the structure which permits the concept of two terms to be the political right of a one term president. It is a modern phenomenon. In the middle […]

2015 Articles

Terror and Coercive Mass Migration – Part 1

Firstly a note of thanks to all the concerned people from all over the world making du’a for my recovery. There are two important works I wish to draw your attention to. The two subjects that dominate the contemporary discourse, one is terror and the other is the vast migration of people into Europe. The […]


Son of a conservative deputy, Friedrich Reck-Malleczewen, a dedicated opponent of the Nazi regime, was accused of ‘insulting the money of Germany’ and ‘denouncing the state.’ He was arrested in December 1944 and died a month later in Dachau Concentration Camp. So it is, that seventy years later I am proud in his name, and […]

Imam Malik Mosque – First Mosque in Mexico

Shaykh Hajj Nafia Perez Yreula of Granada, Spain is building the first ever Mosque in Mexico. Shaykh Nafia’s years of active D’awa to the local Lacandon people of the Chiapas from the mid 1990’s up till present has firmly established a growing community of Muslims who worship Allah and follow the Messenger, may Allah bless him and […]

World War II – The Bill Has Come In

Emmanuel Kant wrote in his ‘Project for Perpetual Peace’, “One must not allow in a war that the hostilities should be of such a nature as to make impossible a reciprocal trust once it becomes a question of peace.” The Second World War was uniquely activated by the political class. Each leading country claimed its […]

France and the Rational

Some have expressed confusion over my approaching the French moral crisis using mythology and metaphor. Ezra Pound ironically voices that view in Canto 87 when he says: ‘Remove the mythologies before they establish clean values.’ Pressed for a political stance – I have reflected further. Firstly, the situation. That is, a tiny near-bankrupt satirical magazine […]

2014 Articles

Iraq – The Realistic View

The abject and total collapse of the Iraqi state led to the slavish obedience of allies to attempt its rescue on behalf of its American leaders who already had abandoned the scene of their failure, their double failure – to establish a democracy and to secure its oil revenues. That America has succeeded in forcing […]

States Psychotic – Corporations Despotic II: The Turkish Matter

People informed me that in my list of collaborators with the U.S. Rescue Iraq Plan Turkey’s name was missing. I put the matter aside out of respect for my relations with the country, its Osmanli inheritors and its superior leadership in the hands of its statesman-President. Apart from my private warning to beware influential Ikhwanis […]

States Psychotic – Corporations Despotic

Now that the drone has become the weapon of war – is it likely that government has become the instrument of the state? * * * * As the U.S.A. fragments into separate bankruptcies – a Republican writes a book called “The People Have Spoken – and They were Wrong!” A great American General, setting […]

The YES has 1000 Years Behind It

For those of us who were taught history at school – we know why independence matters. For those who attended school after history was eliminated from schools must know it was abolished in Westminster. The precious secret of liberty is something that must be fought for – if liberty is rejected – we will not […]

Scotland’s Independence

I have before me as I write a copy of ‘De Jure Regni apud Scotos’ the great liberating text of George Buchanan defending Scotland’s centuries long insistence that governance was dependent on its serving the needs of the people. Since that epoch monarchy, parliament and electorate have been irrecoverably transformed into now almost undefinable and […]

2013 Articles

“…to the Shores of Tripoli…”

If the deconstruction of the political frame, based on that of the Roman Republic, that is to say, the reduction of an elite Senate to one reduced to a second chamber of the common people, marks one crucial fault line in the collapse of America, then the crisis in the military system is of equal […]

Syria – An American Tragedy

On Day One the U.S. Secretary of State, a man who never uses ten words if a hundred will do, announces before the world the decision of his Commander-in-Chief – for this is the correct name of an American President, chosen by universal franchise – to bomb Syria for its use of chemical weapons on […]

Democracy – The Hidden Rule of The Drone Operator

Cicero wrote: ‘People think I have lost my senses if I speak on politics as I ought, and a powerless prisoner if I say nothing.’ Nicolas Werth, the great chronicler of Stalin’s murdered millions, achieved by the silent approval of the masses, defined the authorising system of the genocide as being possible due to ‘the […]

Syria – The World’s Fever Chart

Helpless, though we certainly are as individuals before the sordid slaughter of the Shi’a family dictator’s fight for survival in Syria – it does not mean that we can not learn from it about the current state of world power. It gives us a reading on the condition of Russia, of China, of Britain and […]

‘Egypt. To Whom The Bell Tolls…’

Of course we are appalled at the massacre of a country’s citizens by its own military. We must step back from the frenzied scene of ‘breaking news’ and its dismal commentators. These events are profound in effect and by their nature will reconstruct political discourse as a result. In these final days of the American […]

2012 Articles

Shia Denial of the New

I must preface this statement by acknowledging two Shi‘a scholars who, by effectively barring my way to their doctrine, both revealed to me its flaw and their own abandonment of it. I must also mention Sayid Mahdi al-Hakim who asked me, “Are you saying that the only difference between us is political?” meaning, therefore, not […]

Morsi / Mussolini

A mob in a public square is not a revolution. It is a mob in a public square. Napoleon defined revolution – “There is no revolution without a change of ownership.” The ownership remains with the Army. The Ikhwan have not overthrown or broken the Army. Therefore they have joined the Army. Thus they are […]

The Salafi Anomaly

Things in this world never being simple, the issue of the Salafi must be seen on two levels – at least. Firstly, to get it out of the way, kafir media portray the Salafi as the militant enemy of America. Their official silhouette is of terrorist extremists who wish to impose the Islamic Shari’at. This […]

Syria After the Assads by Parvez Asad Sheikh

Syria After the Assads: The Importance of Muslims in Syria’s Future by Parvez Asad Sheikh “Memento Audere Semper” – Gabriele D’Annunzio While the United Nations’ attempts to frame a consensus in reaction to the situation in Syria continue to be the diplomatic rendition of Escher’s Infinite Staircase, another outdated political forum, the Non Aligned Movement, […]

The Strange Case of the Coptic Dwarf

It was the final phase of the Mubarak dictatorship. The last programme of repression and the final cabinet shuffle had failed. A broken Mubarak as he staggered back to his quarters was heard to mutter in the corridor to a general, ʻWe will have to play the Coptic card. Itʼs always worked before.ʼ A coptic […]

2011 Articles

The Ikhwanites and the Wahabites Questioned

The billions of Muslims in the world, that world community whose millions can be seen on world television circling the Ka’aba each year on Hajj, all share a common and immediate concern. The world’s kafir media openly inform us that the self-styled Ikhwan al-Muslimeen are the radical political force of the Muslims, and that the […]

The Psychosis of Systems Society

The very frame, structure, pattern of society, which had until now seemed actual, solid, founded on material itself has now begun to fragment, disintegrate and collapse. As it does so, a further condition is revealed, simply that that very frame was in itself illusory, a simulation of stuff, a non-existent presence sustained by a mathematic […]

The Ikhwan and the Blood of Others

Whatever the outcome of the Egyptian crisis there is now no doubt that it has reached a significant point. What is that point? It is that point which forces on us a redefining of terms, and by that token the abandonment of an old check-mated game and the time for an open clear space on […]

Syria – The end of The “World Community”

With Syria and its descent into barbarism we come to the final integer in the great sum of reckoning that announces itself as the end of an age. The great humanist society that not only defined itself as a world destiny but insisted it had finished with all previous social models, as a result of […]

The English Riots – History in the Making

I watched with dismay but not surprise at the anarchic riots over the English cities only noting that there had been no riots in the Northern Kingdom. Since ‘breaking news’ is a synonym for ignorance I waited to see what, in reality, had happened. It became clear and it presaged a future of hope. Firstly, […]

2010 Articles

The Political Class in Crisis

Across the world the formulaic system designed to free banking programmes from state control is in crisis. Everywhere the political class are despised and distrusted. Everywhere the myth of government as representational is exposed. The majority of citizens in the so-called democracies are against the Afghan war yet each country in the pretended ‘coalition’ finds […]

Muslims and The Collapse of the Political Class

  When the first great European historian wrote ‘The Peloponnesian War’ around 400 BC he explained its purpose: ‘I shall be content if it is judged useful by those who will want to have a clear understanding of what happened – and such is the human condition, will happen again at some time in the […]

Murtad Obama’s Afgan Gulag

The doctrine of human rights which is founded on human-ism, that is atheism, having no foundation, is, having rejected Divine authority, pre-determined to subjugate all human beings. Be it a single man, or a majority, a party or a class, a state or a race, or a general will, it forces each ‘to be free’. […]

Ayyuha’l-Walad! Lesson One.

DICTATORSHIP DEFINED. In a dictatorship there is no political freedom. Dissent is punished with removal from society – prison, torture, dungeon and death. There is basic economic freedom since the State is the sole proprietor of wealth. DEMOCRACY DEFINED. In a democracy there is no economic freedom. You are a citizen in a set of […]

The Afghan Disaster – The Hung Parliament

The unquestioned, unprotested passivity of the British masses, beneath the yoke of an uneducated and incapable government, has led to the unobserved collapse of the parliamentary system. The media, both press and television, are clearly indifferent to the daily deaths of young Britons in the Afghan killing-fields, preferring to report the world of film awards […]

2009 Articles

The Political Class as Eunuchs

From Pekin to Paris, from Potsdam to Paddington, from Pyong Yang to Pretoria, the human species are enslaved by a common factor – not that these places begin with the letter ‘P’ – but that the common factor does – Politicians. The world’s masses have submitted themselves to the doomed procedure of being governed from […]

Conspiracy Practice

n popular parlance conspiracy theory has been carefully groomed and defined as a symptom of a private psychosis. Any suggestion that the outward structuration of nation states, international organisations and government bureaucracies does NOT govern the world along with the suggestion that there is a hidden power system linking all events in a secret scheme […]

The World Crisis

Everyone knows that the world is in crisis and everyone feels utterly helpless. We have been told that by the democratic system WE govern. The reality is that we live not under a tyranny but under a multi-layered system inaccessible and pre-determined to assure under the slogan of ‘change’ that, as Lampedusa saw, everything remains […]

Nato Soldiers in Search of an Author

In Islamic Law there is a method required to get at the truth of events that is both higher and deeper than any other legal system in the world. This method is itself based on two foundational facts of the Deen. Firstly – Divine Revelation has laid down the broad parameters of what is forbidden […]

The Dumb and the Blind

Media have informed us that the President of the USA is going to deliver a message to the Muslim world. In it he will tell us that the U.S. is not at war with Islam – or similar ideas. Clarification is important. Let us start at the beginning. Firstly, the current President of the USA […]

2008 Articles

Empire and the Siege of Bombay

FIRSTLY: LET US TAKE THE LONG VIEW. The first Empire with world hegemony was the British Empire. The British Empire began when Disraeli persuaded Queen Victoria to claim India as Imperatrix. She was declared Empress in 1877. The Empire lasted precisely 70 years. It came to an ignominious end under Viceroy Lord Mountbatten, whose wife, […]

The Collapse of the Monetarist Society Part Three

Usury. The monetarist society is one based on usury. It is a society of usurers. That means, alas, all of us within the financial system now globally established. Recently, we were shown on TV a remote Amazon tribe previously unknown to the Brazilian government. When they saw the small ‘plane fly over them, they rushed […]

Georgia? Israel? What Territorial Integrity?

Why is Georgia so important? Let us follow the trail to its conclusion. When the self-styled ‘Commander-in-Chief’ of the USA denounced the Russian Rescue operation in Georgia he stammered out that breaching Georgia’s territorial integrity was against ‘International Law’, and rabbited on about the rights of the sovereign State. Of course, this, coming from the […]

The Collapse of the Monetarist Society Part Two

In Surat al-Anbiya (21:44-45) Allah the Exalted declares: No indeed! We have given these people enjoyment, as We did their fathers, until life seemed long and good to them. Do they not see how We come to the land eroding it from its extremities? Or are they the victors? Say: ‘I can only warn you […]

The Collapse of the Monetarist Society Part One

In Sura Ta Ha (20:128) The Qur’an speaks clearly. Allah asks: Are they not guided by the many generations We have destroyed before them, among whose dwelling places they walk about? There are Signs in that for people of sound intellect. What, firstly, is the venous system of the present world society? The life-blood which […]

2007 Articles

An ‘Eid Message

Allah the Exalted says in the sublime Surat an-Nahl (16:72-76): Allah has given you wives from among yourselves, and given you children and grandchildren from your wives, and provided good things for you. So why do they have iman in falsehood and reject the blessings of Allah, and worship, instead of Allah, things that have […]

A Letter to the Key Leader among the German Muslims

had intended to write you a letter conveying my prayers to the Creator of the Universe asking blessings on you and the huge Muslim community in the German State, this being the beginning of our Holy month of fasting. One can only regret that the effective preventive work of your special services chose the opening […]

The Pakistani High Command – The Last Chance

My dear brothers in Islam, and I address also that small group in the military who have been seduced and misled into atheism and easy promotion, for even that small dissident rump I know still has a profound loyalty to the nation of Pakistan. All that is happening now I told you would happen. I […]

The End of an Age

It is important for intelligent people to recognise at what stage in the processes of events they find themselves. In the Hitler epoch, intelligent jews, because they fully understood what was happening around them, knew they quite simply had to escape, those who lacked awareness of the crisis were simply swept away in the horror […]

Afghanistan – The Next Phase

Afghanistan will prove to have been America’s third and final Vietnam. France preceded the USA in Vietnam, and its defeat there was swiftly followed by disgrace in Algeria. Russia preceded the USA in Afghanistan and its defeat there was swiftly followed by the collapse of the Communist State. To rescue France, de Gaulle – who […]

2006 Articles

Dhalika – that is it!

Allah the Exalted has said in Surat al-Hajj (22:26-32): And We located the position of the House for Ibrahim: ‘Do not associate anything with Me and purify My House for those who circle it, and those who stand and bow and prostrate. Announce the Hajj to mankind. They will come to you on foot and […]

Lifting the Veil on the Veil Issue

Allah the Exalted says in Surat Luqman (31:6) But there are some people who trade in distracting tales to misguide people from Allah’s Way knowing nothing about it and to make a mockery of it. Such people will have a humiliating punishment. A few weeks ago, some European leaders met together in Brussels in order […]

Fatwa Concerning the Deliberations of Pope Benedict XVI in Germany

A group of our Fuqaha have asked me to comment on the event of the Pope’s speech made recently in Germany. This is a FATWA – and in it I will make my assessment of what the event means, what the pronouncements in themselves mean, and the politique these imply. It follows from this that […]

The Lebanon Crisis II

Allah the Exalted says in the Qur’an in Surat an-Naml (27:69-81): Say: ‘Travel about the earth and see the final fate of the evildoers.’ Do not grieve over them and do not let the plots they make distress you. They say, ‘When will this promise be fulfilled if you are telling the truth?’ Say: ‘It […]

The Lebanon Crisis

Allah the Exalted declares in Surat al-Furqan (25:35-40): We gave Musa the Book and appointed his brother Harun with him as a helper. We said, ‘Go to the people who have denied Our Signs,’ and We annihilated them completely. And when the people of Nuh denied the Messengers, We drowned them and made them a […]

2006 Discourses

Qur’anic Commentary on Surat Ta-Ha

Qur’anic Commentary on Surat Ta-Ha given to Shaykh Abdalqadir’s Fuqara at Masjid al-Mansoor, Constantia, Cape Town, 1 July, 2006 We will look at Surat Ta Ha. In the Warsh Riwayat it is Ayat 86 and goes all the way through to Ayat 91. Then we will jump from that to Ayats 97 and 98. Musa […]

Discourse given to his Fuqara 17 June 2006

Discourse given to his Fuqara at Masjid al-Mansoor, Constantia, Cape Town, 17 June 2006 Pharaoh said, ‘Who then is your Lord, Musa?’ He said, ‘Our Lord is He Who gives each thing its created form and then guides it.’ He said, ‘What about the previous generations?’ He said, ‘Knowledge of them is with my Lord in a […]

Qur’anic Commentary by Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi

Qur’anic Commentary  given to Shaykh Abdalqadir’s Fuqara at Masjid al-Mansoor, Constantia, Cape Town, 17 June, 2006 Pharaoh said, ‘Who then is your Lord, Musa?’ He said, ‘Our Lord is He Who gives each thing its created form and then guides it.’ He said, ‘What about the previous generations?’ He said, ‘Knowledge of them is with […]

Address to the International Islamic Youth Conference 2006

Address to the International Islamic Youth Conference 2006 by Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi Given at the Cape Town International Convention Centre,  Cape Town, South Africa, on the 16th of April, 2006 The theme of our Conference is the rule of law. Our lawyer, Amir Tareq Ali, after his devastating analysis of the complete break-down in the legal heritage not […]

A Commentary on Surat Al-Waqia

A Commentary on Surat Al-Waqia by Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi Given at Masjid al-Mahmud, Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa, 2003 Day 1 Surat al-Muzzammil – The Enwrapped In the name of Allah, All Merciful, Most Merciful You who are enwrapped in your clothing! stay up at night, except a little, half of it, or a […]

2005 Articles

It is a War

Allah the Exalted has said in His Noble Qur’an, Surat ar-Rum (30:39): What you give with usurious intent, aiming to get back a greater amount from people’s wealth, does not become greater with Allah. But anything you give as Zakat, seeking the Face of Allah – all who do that will get back twice as […]

The Dismantling of the Political Class

  The Dismantling of the Political Class as prelude to the Restoration of Personal Rule: the Islamic Position Allah the Exalted says in Surat al-Muhammad (47: 8-14): You who have iman! if you help Allah, He will help you and make your feet firm. But those who are kafir will have utter ruin and He will […]

Iraq – Killing Field of the Kuffar

Allah the Exalted has announced in Surat al-Hud (11:111-115): Your Lord will pay each one of them in full for his actions. He is aware of what they do. Go straight as you have been commanded, and also those who turn with you to Allah, and do not exceed the bounds. He sees what you […]

Allah’s Earthquake Shatters Political Democracy

Allah the Exalted declares in Surat al-Hajj (22:74): They do not measure Allah with His true measure. Allah is All-Strong, Almighty. Within a few weeks of each other mankind has been struck by two natural disasters. In America, both the atheist and christian baptist population defined it as a natural disaster, the mushriks among them […]

Mississippi Goddam!

Allah the Almighty says in His Qur’an (Al- Hajj 22:42-44): I allowed time to the kafirun but then I seized them. How terrible was My denial! How many wrongdoing cities We destroyed, and now all their roofs and walls are fallen in; How many abandoned wells and stuccoed palaces! Have they not travelled about the […]

2005 Discourses

The Dismantling of the Political Class

  The Dismantling of the Political Class as prelude to the Restoration of Personal Rule: the Islamic Position Allah the Exalted says in Surat al-Muhammad (47: 8-14): You who have iman! if you help Allah, He will help you and make your feet firm. But those who are kafir will have utter ruin and He will […]

Ta Sin Mim – Today

In the Noble Qur’an there is a Sura which bears the title Al-Qasas. While this is read in English as meaning The Story, it can be more deeply interpreted as meaning History. One might expand an exploratory translation to indicate ‘This is the meaning of History’. It could be said that the great disaster of […]


Allah the Exalted has said in Surat al-Ghafir (40:81-85) He shows you His Signs, so which of Allah’s Signs do you deny? Have they not travelled in the land and seen the final fate of those before them? They were more numerous than them and greater in strength and left more and deeper traces on […]

2004 Articles

Democracy – The Terrible Truth

In 1945, observing the new socialist Prime Minister, Clement Attlee, Winston Churchill observed, ‘Mr. Attlee is a very modest man – and he has much to be modest about!’ Jack Kennedy, on hearing that Reagan was to be put up as Governor of California, said, ‘No, no! John Wayne for Governor, Ronald Reagan for Best […]

Ramadan Reflections – 2 Christian End-game

They have taken their rabbis and monks as lords besides Allah, and also the Messiah, son of Maryam. Yet they were commanded to worship only one God. There is no god but Him! Glory be to Him above anything they associate with Him! They desire to extinguish Allah’s Light with their mouths. But Allah refuses […]

Ramadan Reflections – 1 Iraq

Allah the Exalted has said in Sura Nuh (71, 1-20): We sent Nuh to his people: ‘Warn your people before a painful punishment comes to them.’ He said, ‘My people, I am a clear warner to you. Worship Allah, have taqwa of Him and obey me. He will forgive you your wrong actions and defer […]

The Way Forward

In the light of the sickening massacre of the innocents in the Caucasus, it is of profound importance that we do not allow our natural revulsion to confuse our intellects about the kind of world in which we are now living. It is to our shame that we have permitted the kafir hegemony to give, […]

Jurassic Park Mosque and Other Matters

There is no more fitting symbol of the deliberate subversion, humiliation and deviation of the Muslims than the Regent’s Park Mosque of London. It was born in Nifaq and conflict. As someone who was there before it was built, while it was being built, and at its completion, I have the misfortune of knowing more […]

2004 Discourses

Fatwa: On The Unique Requirements Of The Imam

Allah has declared in Surat al-Kafirun (109, 1-6): Say: ‘Kafirun! I do not worship what you worship and you do not worship what I worship. Nor will I worship what you worship nor will you worship what I worship. You have your deen and I have my deen.’ * * * * * We have […]

Discourse on Tawhid

We want to look at the matter of tawhid so that you have a strong understanding of it, because this is the foundation of our Deen and it is the foundation of the tariqa of the people who desire knowledge of Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala. Its declaration is found in Surat Ali Imran: “Allah bears […]

Discourse on Futuwwa

Now we are going to look at a Sufic term which is, in a sense, alongside tawhid in that tawhid is that which places us into understanding of Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala. This term is what tawhid does or means or transforms in the human being, in the Muslim who takes on this knowledge of […]

Discourse on Hubb

You must concentrate very hard. We are going to discuss and examine a subject that is one of the key terms of the Qur’an and therefore one of the key, crucial terms for the Sufis. On it everything revolves and you will see to what an extent this is true. This is the word ‘Hubb’ […]

2003 Discourses

Political Isma‘ilism from Jinnah to Musharraf

Conference Papers – Political Isma‘ilism from Jinnah to Musharraf by Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir As-Sufi From the 8th International Fiqh Conference held in Pretoria, South Africa on the 18-20 October 2003 Fifty five years ago the appalling event of Partition took place, granting a de facto control of the greater land-mass of the Indian Subcontinent to the hindus. Two […]

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