9 September 2004

In the light of the sickening massacre of the innocents in the Caucasus, it is of profound importance that we do not allow our natural revulsion to confuse our intellects about the kind of world in which we are now living.

It is to our shame that we have permitted the kafir hegemony to give, unchallenged, the name ‘Islamic’ to the phenomenon of Terrorism. It is a matter of some urgency that we now insist on distinguishing between Muslims, of whatever disposition, and the Divinely revealed Deen of Islam, and at the same time we must fiercely remind the kafir power and media system that these anarchic monsters have been spawned by them so that both their history and their DNA bear the mark of kufr.

In Iraq, the contradictions stand openly for all the world to see. We know that the Ba’ath Party was a product of christian socialism, spawned by Michael Aflak of Lebanon. We know that Saddam was annually greeted by the Pope and hailed as the liberator of the Arabs from Islam. We know that the first victims of Saddam were the Muslim Ulama, and his first collaborators the christians and the Shi’a, the latter, of course, only up to the Iran war. It is the kafir media which has created a fictive sociology for Iraq with a Kurdish North, a Sunni centre and a Shi’a South. They refuse to delineate Iraq as a Muslim territory with a Shi’a South. The ethnicity of the Kurd is a shameless concession to the Kemalist Turkish state, obliged by its atheist doctrines not to define Kurds as Muslims. After the dark decades of Saddam, how could there possibly be any Islam in Iraq? We are told that ‘Sunni Muslim’ ulama have given a Fatwa ordering the release of the French hostages. Who are these men? How is it they are still alive? To have survived must mean that they were Saddamites. It is clear that the USA intends to hand over Iraq to a Shi’a future and it is this that has inspired a post-Saddamite nationalist rebellion, alongside a wahhabi-anarchist terrorism outrageously under the banner of Islam.

Before we turn to that most important matter, the defence and propagation of Islam in our time, we are forced to look at the dreadful massacre of the children. No-one will argue but that legally there are two guilty and responsible parties. Firstly, the primitive un-educated youths so devoid of reason and emotion that they could do such a thing. Secondly, that more dreadful group of adults who condemn so many in this grisly event. Yet, given the nature of Kufr, we must stubbornly refuse to find ourselves standing next to Putin and his regime in the outrageous posture of their moral indignation.

Do not forget that in the last decade one third of the entire population of Chechnya has been slaughtered. There has been a no-questions policy towards murder, rape and looting. There has been the sickening silence of the European Union.

Let us look more closely. The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was a former KGB agent who proudly identified himself as a ‘Chekist’. As Anne Applebaum in her monumental study ‘Gulag’ said: ‘Earlier, when serving as the Russian Prime Minister, Putin had made a point of visiting Lubyanka on the anniversary of the Cheka’s founding, where he dedicated a plaque to the memory of Yuri Andropov (The former head of the KGB and President).’ Applebaum notes that the numbers who died in the Gulag right up until the collapse of the system, soar beyond the known statistics to figures between 12 and 15 million. Courtois, Werth, Panne, Paczkowski, Bartosek and Margoin, the French authors of ‘The Black Book of Communism’ published by Harvard, place the figure at 20 million dead, and remember that the Camps continued into the 80’s. Russia’s great poet Anna Akhmatova explained the real situation of the Russian population. It is a devastating diagnosis. She wrote, ‘Two Russias are eyeball to eyeball. Those who were in prison — and those who put them there.’ In 1967 the Russian poet Boris Chichibabin wrote this poem:

As if the dead alone had mattered
And those who vanished nameless in the north.
The evil he implanted in our hearts,
Had it not truly done the damage?
As long as poverty divides from wealth
As long as we don’t stop the lies
And don’t unlearn to fear
Stalin is not dead.

The deep structure of this recent massacre goes down into the very foundations of the present Russian State. It is the disgraceful Russian populace who have to confront almost a century of deception, lies, mutual betrayal and nauseating passivity in the light of decades of mutual denunciation, a secret-police ethos, and a continuing Gulag social nexus. For 50 years generations of German youths have been systematically humiliated and chastised for the Nazi concentration camps, and who can blame those who told them so? In South Africa, State Commissions have probed and documented the, up until then, little known crimes of the Apartheid regimes. Not one perpetrator of a whole century’s crimes in Russia has been called to account. The State has shown no interest in un-masking the people’s shameful past. When the Soviet system collapsed, Stalin’s death and the deep inherent contradictions of the system along with the follies of Cold War economics being the main causes, a series of crises followed. The military’s attempt to seize the day failed to block the American-backed programme to present the alcoholic Yeltsin as a new Democrat. He just had time to hand over the commodity wealth of the nation to the notorious group of jewish adventurers, euphemistically called the Oligarchs. Within a few years they had almost complete control of the wealth of the nation. However, after the failure of the army, the real power system of Russia emerged from its torture basements, the all-pervasive, highly systematised KGB. They wittily changed their name but not their personnel. Yeltsin was forced to take their man as PM. So it was that the new Tsar of Russia turned out to be a middle-ranking KGB agent. A Russian friend explained it to me: ‘He was a between-floors man. He supervised the torture in the basement and then went upstairs to report his assessment to his bosses.’

The numbed and abject response of Europe to the grim posturing of the Putin regime heralds a new darkness in the gloom of current world affairs. Mired in immorality, the Blair regime already houses three Oligarchs, two of whom happily launder their money through English football clubs, while English Tommys pointlessly die in Iraq. France can do nothing, pre-occupied as it is with setting up a supra-national elite military force to take definitive possession of Saharan uranium, gold and oil while pretending to defend the desert sands against a non-existent Islamic army. Against the seemingly endless web of contradictions we have to turn from the media frenzy of passions and the stunning confusion of the kafir society which cannot face up to its own fundamental reality and ask — How can they believe in humanism, and humanly elected government, when now we know what humans do?

Against this background, I propose the following delineations:

Firstly, a clear distinction must be made between the actions of Muslims and the Deen of Islam. Nothing emerging from a hidden source of leadership and devoid of a visible Jama’at, can constitute a defence of the Deen due to the mass betrayal of the Arab peoples, and their eager adoption of both kafir systems of government and the more shocking acceptance of the hallucinating kafir doctrines of Finance. Not only is the usury system of banking the enthusiastic domain of the Arab so-called reformers but they have granted a servile submission to doctrines of unjust taxation.

Islam is Deen al-Haqq. There are not two Islams. We totally reject the term ‘Sunni Islam’. Allah, Glory be to Him, says: Al‑Maida (5.3)

Today the kuffar have despaired of overcoming your Deen.
So do not be afraid of them but be afraid of Me.
Today I have perfected your Deen for you
And completed my blessing upon you
And I am please with Islam as a Deen for you.

This means, of course, that we do not recognise a Shi’a Islam. They themselves are the first to admit this since they have named themselves as separatists. Because of the many similar elements in the Shi’a religion they should not be regarded as an enemy, but a significant and important neighbour to whom we must make Da’wa.

Secondly, since it has become increasingly clear that the Arab peoples have lived over half a century without Islamic teaching and governance, and more importantly without Zakaat and a halal financial system, it must also be assumed that by and large, with obvious individual exceptions, the Arabs have not only gone out of Islam, but turned against it. Since it is now clear that the modalities of terrorism are rapidly strengthening the atheist world hegemony, as capitalism moves into its final phase, it is time to call on these misguided youths to be true to their own fitrah and recoil from the irrationality of an anarchic politique and begin to see their own destinies in a more exalted light.

The enemy’s weaponry is not military hardware. It is Finance, usury Finance. Destruction of property and murder of innocents assure the further strengthening of the kafir finance system of which Insurance is an active arm. It is in the restoration of Zakaat and in the exaltation of Allah (and this does not mean funeral mobs shouting Allahu-Akbar!) that we will find success.

Historically there is every excuse and explanation for the acts of terror now being perpetrated. From a Ruhani point of view, however, this cannot continue. We say to you what Maulana Rumi, may Allah be pleased with him, said: ‘Come back! Come back! A thousand times come back!’ To begin the dialogue we offer the following questionnaire —

  1. Do you accept the Absolute revelation of the Qur’an, uncreated and from the Exalted, on the tongue of the Angel Jibreel into the heart of the Rasul, may Allah bless him and grant him peace?
  1. Do you accept that the Messenger is the last and the Seal of the Messengers who brings the final Shari’at of Divine Ordinance with both Allah’s revelation to the Messenger, and with the Messenger’s Sunna, guided by Allah?
  1. Do you accept that Allah is One, with nothing associated with Him, Exalted above comparison or likeness, and that He has Names indicating His Action in creation and the Unseen, Attributes indicating that He is the Living, Knowing, Seeing, Hearing, Willing and Determining, First and Last, Outward and Inward, Near and Present and that He is One, Indivisible in His Essence and its Supreme otherness-from-all-created-things?
  1. Do you agree that by this contract you must obey Allah and obey the Messenger?
  1. Do you recognise the 5 pillars as designated by the Rasul, may Allah bless him and grant him peace? —
  • That there is no god except Allah,
  • That our master Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, is the Messenger of Allah,
  • That 5 prayers are binding for each day,
  • That the Fast is obligatory every Ramadhan,
  • That Zakaat must be taken, assessed and collected by the acceptable agents of an Amir,
  • That the Hajj to Arafat and the House of Allah is a binding duty to those able in their lifetime,

Is this confirmed?

  1. Do you accept that Qur’an, being a Protected Book, must be used with proper intellectual discipline to prevent distortion and contradictions, that is, confirm that there are two kinds of Ayats, Mutashabihat, i.e. metaphoric and explaining ayats, and Muhakamat ayats, ayats with binding legal instruction or hukm?
    • That Ilm-an-Nuzul protects the Book from invention, magic or Ta’wil, ‘hidden’ Interpretations? That the tafsirs of ibn Atiyya and ibn Juzay or ibn Kathir defend the fact that the Shari’at is embedded in the Book’s blessed ayats and that they protect the Qur’an from the atheist/mushrik views of false rationalism and mutazzili separatism? That there are Abrogated and Abrogating ayats within it?
  1. Do you accept the noble primacy of the Khulafa Rashidun, may Allah be pleased with them?
  1. Do you accept that there is no mosque over any other mosque except the Haramayn of Makkah and Madinah?
  1. Do you accept that while Muslims are entitled to fight when deprived of homes and homeland, that Jihad, fisabilillah, is another matter with its own strict rules, requirements and inhibitions as set out and practised by the Rasul, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and Allah’s Book?
  1. Do you accept that the Deen was perfected and completed as defined in the Blessed Ayat and that it has always been a matter of an open Jama’at with a leader openly having taken bayat following a noble Sunna, and that it can neither govern nor guide as a secret, hidden society? That the Deen is not based on the Prayer of Danger, but on the Prayer of Jumu’a, as its communal Fard?
  1. Do you accept that the forced collection of Zakaat requires the Islamic Dinar of gold and Dirham of silver as was the practice of the people of Madinah and this great world Muslim community until the collapse of the governments in Delhi and Istanbul and the East?
  1. Do you accept that anywhere your small troop functions there has never been a collection, nor a payment by any leadership of Zakaat, public and visible? That you have no Jama’at?
  1. Do you accept that you have never called a single kafir to the Deen openly and publicly?
  1. Do you accept that the Muslims are not safe from you and that you do not ransom their safety with your life’s blood?
  1. Do you accept that Allah did not set America, Russia and Europe against the Arab nations, nor East against West, but rather distinguished between Muslim and kafir, those who trust and those who reject, and beyond them a third group – the hypocrites?
  1. Lastly, do you accept that the Rasul, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, governed by love from his people?

He wept ‘Oh my Ummah! My Ummah.’ Babur, may Allah be pleased with him, governed by love. AbdalHamid Khan II, may Allah be pleased with him, governed by love. They followed the Blessed Divine Order — they were gentle to the mu’minun and harsh to the kafirun.

When will your hearts break and turn in Tawba to Allah and ask for His mercy to enter into you and fill you with Trust in Him and Obedience to Him so that you may become a mercy for all the worlds?