10 July 2008

In a recent interview on French television, the most renowned defence lawyer and jurisprudent of our time, Maitre Vergès, emphatically denounced the ease with which democratic Western intellectuals accuse third world and poor countries of human rights abuses. He insisted that the democratic States today are more guilty of human rights violations than any State in the rest of the world. Democracy has become the licence to void a people of those civic freedoms it once boasted it existed to defend.

The question thinking people must ask today is this: why do the leaders of the wealth-regime, the G8, denouncing Mugabe in Zimbabwe – who, admittedly, may be degenerating into a terminal psychopathic condition – continue not just passively but overtly and didactically to support the democratically engineered dictatorships of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan?

  • KAZAKHSTAN – President Nazarbayev
    • He had the Constitution changed to make him President for life. His daughter, Dariga, had been set up to follow her father. However, his son-in-law, Aliyev, is presenting such a challenge that a warrant has been issued for his arrest. One third of investment is from the USA, the President’s act of renouncing nuclear weapons was seen as a bid for membership of the money-system’s inner circle. In Washington he was proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize. Bush congratulated him on his work “to defeat extremism”. There is a strong State-led initiative to eliminate Islam in favour of an ancient individualist buddhism. This is a phenomenon that may be observed through the four ‘‑stans’ we are examining. Less repressive than the other ‘‑stans’, it has nevertheless forged the new model of a totalitarian State with a verifiable framework of democratic politics.
  • KYRGYZSTAN – President Kurmanbek Akayev
    • In October 2007, a day after a rigged Referendum which gave permanence to the institution of Presidency, Akayev dissolved Parliament. This was a ploy which led to King Charles I of Britain and Louis XVI of France being beheaded. However, in Republican democracies it is simply a career-move.
    • The election-monitoring organisation Taza Shailoo fielded 750 observers across the country. It concluded: “One can’t say this was a free and fair vote, due to ballot-stuffing and other flagrant, obvious and systematic legal violations.” The Akayev regime claimed an 80% turn-out. The monitors estimated a 40-45% turn-out, which would have invalidated the Referendum.
    • In 2008, the President signed a Media Bill granting the President the right to appoint the Executive Director of the State-run TV and radio, KTR.
    • Following the blessed death of super-democratic President Niyazov, whose ambition to be a new version of the Moghul Emperor Akbar in his last mad phase was more than realised, the new President Berdy Mukhamadov, in what was called a pro-forma election, took absolute power. Freedom of movement is strictly controlled, indeed fundamentally forbidden. De facto permission is needed to leave the country, even – and especially – on medical grounds.
    • The macabre, surrealist artefact, the Ruhnama, a book supposedly written by the mad Niyazov, is still taught in schools and universities, replacing the Qur’an throughout Turkmenistan.
    • The normal cost of using the Internet is prison. Satellite dishes are now banned in the capital. The prisons are crammed with suspect citizens, without charge or trial. Torture is commonplace, and in Stalinist style, citizens pass through a prison-phase to test their obedience and loyalty.
    • Precisely defined, Turkmenistan is a democratic State, sustained by universal franchise and party government in the hands of a puppet President replacing the defunct and “democratic” dictator whose laws, still in place, are more rigid and inhibiting than the Soviet system in the fifties. One typical law from Niyazov, still in force: It is forbidden for medics to diagnose or inform patients of life-threatening illnesses, like cancer and tuberculosis, and they must be prescribed other, inappropriate medicines, plus pain-killers. This is to avoid causing depression among the masses!
  • UZBEKISTAN – ‘Islam’ Karimov
    • Karimov, an apparatchik of Stalinism, has simply kept alive many aspects of the Soviet past. His persecution of Islam, even in its most traditional and scholarly forms, has led to an oppression and degradation of his own people in every walk of life.
    • In 1991 – Karimov was appointed President.
    • In 1995 – He extended his Presidential term by a rigged Referendum.
    • In 2000 – He got himself re-elected.
    • In 2004 – He held parliamentary elections, but opposition parties were banned.
    • In 2005 – In the city of Andijan he ordered the massacre of several hundred citizens. He blamed the universally blameable Islamic extremists, but it was clear he was simply crushing his own populace. When the British Ambassador denounced the mass killings, Blair simply withdrew him from his post.
    • In 2006 – Sanjar Umarov, the Opposition leader, was jailed for 11 years, international pressure managed to see this reduced to 8 years.
    • Thousands of ordinary citizens are in jail. The media is uniquely pro-regime. Karimov’s daughter, Gulnara Karimova, is Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Uzbekistan, studies hinduism, and is a pop-star. She is an Asiatic Paris Hilton, but her aim is the Presidency.

It should also be noticed than in these Asian republics, the final cynicism of democratic government is openly revealed. In each one of them a relative seeks or struggles to establish dynastic continuity. So it is that a kind of inverted monarchism has become the mark of our age. Dynastic monarchy was founded on serious genealogical principles by which legitimacy, child-training, and political marriage assured the continuity of the dynasty and the expansion of the governed territory. Today the numbers system, a lottery of numerical chance, from within a stable of competitors whose common factor is their ideological correctness, lets the masses choose from among that scum of the earth that raises itself only by the force of political ambition. Assad of Syria has led to Bashir Assad in the Presidency. The ageing Mubarak has already prepared for his son to inherit Egypt. George Bush Senior led to the dismal George Bush Junior. The structured monarchism of the Kennedies was only eliminated by assassination and scandal. The Bhuttos after Zulfiqar saw power pass to the daughter, who in turn murdered her brother. Now her son has dumped his father’s name to take on legally his mother’s.

Yet this statal insanity which democracy produces is not an infection reserved for the Orient. The British Government, under its near-blind Prime Minister, of no known national investiture, continues a sure path to anarchy, blithely enacting that purge of civic rights legislation initiated by Blair.

The British Foreign Secretary is utterly incapable of behaving, let alone acting, like the voice of a great nation’s foreign policy. His capacities would be stretched if appointed floor manager of Marks & Spencer’s. The British Home Secretary would never be promoted beyond the typing pool of any reliable Corporation. The superb spokeswoman of the Police Federation expressed the dismay of all her members at having to deal with such a level of incompetence in a government minister. Beneath the justified discontent about police pay there lies a hidden and unspoken concern among our police force. During the Blair regime, funds were leached from, and finally blocked from, the National police force and its framework. They became seconded to a vastly inflated Security apparatus which was then empowered by massive funding.

Thus it was that while a hidden army went searching for an openly declared 10,000 known terrorist suspects, the streets of Britain, unprotected by an impoverished and embittered police force, began to decline rapidly into anarchy. While the Security services were reduced to making unsubstantiated arrests, loudly announced only later to be discreetly released, and perhaps even forced to stage set-up cells guided by “agents provocateurs” – the knife became the weapon of choice of the socially dispossessed and alienated. A west-indian christian youth terrorism emerged which then spread out to a lost white middle-class generation.

With 14,000 knife victims admitted to hospital within the last year and 34 people a day taken to hospital with stab wounds, now at the beginning of summer there is almost a murder every day.

Knife amnesties, parent fines, more ghastly social workers – none of these tricks will change the situation. The cutting-back of secret-service funding, and a government order to them to re-direct their services to Chinese industrial sabotage and the Camorra’s infiltration of the imported goods market, as well as Russian industrial espionage – all that is necessary. Alongside this we have the right to expect recognition of the British Muslim Community’s stabilising effect on civic society, and its significant financial presence in business affairs.

A General Election with an accomplished young team under a man of moral conviction and clear thinking now blessedly free of his rogue dinosaur David Davis, may grant the country a time of peace and expansion, once the lawless NATO force is voided of its British cannon-fodder, in that struggle which has nothing, absolutely nothing of benefit for our nation. A Cameron government at home, and peace abroad, may rescue Britain from its current rapid decline into civic anarchy. And as the once noble Anglican Church crumbles into Americanism, leaving behind its Henrician foundation, (which was, “the theology is not the issue, but the upholding of the National State”), at the same time Britain can open to a new society whose vitality and renewal will come from its Muslim core, as it once was revived by Normans, and before that, by Viking Danes. This is our Du‘a for a future of growth.