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17 August 2012

The Shi‘a genocide of Muslims which has gone unhindered by the institutions on which the current world techno-society is based heralds the end of an age, an age whose demise was proved by the terminal collapse of the global financial system’s banking in 2008.

There is no way that such a massive loss of lives coupled with the failure of the affected Muslim states and institutions to act can allow a return to the status quo ante – business as usual.

Since Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey bear the responsibility for this holocaust – they will have to pay the price.

The Syrian tragedy shows to us two matters that have been kept obscure for decades.

The first is our Muslim reluctance to declare against the Shi’a religion and face up to our knowledge that the history of Shi’ism since its bloody inception has set itself as an enemy to Islam. It is not a sectarian crisis. The Deen is one and its parameters are known to us. In the four nation states we will examine, this matter runs like a fault line through the structure of society in every case.

The second affair is that the crime against the Muslims of Syria lays bare once and for all – the grave and greater crime of the oppression and persecution and denial of the Muslim State of Kurdistan.

The Syrian tragedy, before which all nations and institutions seem helpless, has brought to the world’s attention at last the issue of the need to free the Kurdish people. The time has come.

The liberation of the Kurdish people and founding of the State of Kurdistan involves four criminally guilty neighbours.

1. Turkey. The Kemalist state, itself illegitimate, since forged out of coup d’état and super-power pragmatics, was from its inception based on racist principles, never challenged as were Nazi Germany’s. The Kemalist modern Turkey was born out of first denial and later persecution and slaughter of the Kurds. The emergence of the post-Osmanli state involved both subduing the Kurds in Eastern Anatolia and dumping the Kurds around Mosul to please the new European masters, post 1918. Syria was cut adrift as we now know all too well. The inability of Turkey to rescue its Muslim neighbours has two aspects. Firstly, Turkey is a military servant of America’s NATO. Secondly, an important part of Turkey’s temporary boom is in the hands of its influential Shi’a community (wittily named Alawite!). The official version of a democratic Turkey at war with a wicked terrorist and communist Kurdish rebellion, the P.K.K., cleverly hides the historical record of oppression.

2. Iran. Of all the nations controlling Kurdish lands and people, Iran stands as the cruellest and most criminal. Again the record shows incipient racism and again a crushing of Muslims inside the fascist Shi’a state. The collapse of the current dictatorship of its religion’s priesthood, the Mullahs, will occur over the breaking off into Kurdistan of the Northern and Western extremities. Tabriz again will be a Kurdish city.

3. Iraq. The very first indication that lies were being told was when the American invaders divided up – from the beginning – Iraq into three zones, a) “Sunni” Iraq, b) Shi’a Iraq, and c) Kurdish Iraq. Now, since the Kurdish are a Muslim people this should have given us a) Muslim Iraq, and b) Shi’a Iraq. So the U.S.A. admitted that the Kurds were, because to divide and conquer it suited them, a separate state. Thus, in logic, a Kurdish Mosul-based state granted a hegemonic claim to the rest of historical and demographic Kurdistan. Under Shi’a sentence of death the Muslim vice-President of Iraq fled for refuge to Muslim Kurdish Iraq. The North of Iraq will never go back to provincial status.

4. Syria. In the Shi’a dictatorship of Syria the Northern Syrian Kurds were slaughtered wholesale. Villages displaced. Places and people given Arabic names. When the war between the Muslims and the Shi’a broke out, of course the Kurds fought with the mutual enemy of both Arab and Kurdish Muslims, the Assadi regime.

Here is the present situation. According to the Paris Institut Kurde, there are 16 million Kurdish people.

This is not a matter of human rights. Humans do not have rights. This is a matter of the oppression of a great Muslim people, the people of our noble Salahuddin.

While the world claims validity for the nation state, Kurdistan claims statehood.

While the democratic mass are granted self-determination the Kurdish demographic mass will take control of its own future.

As long as the nation-state system continues to exist the Kurdish state’s claim to exist must continue.

Denial of Kurdish statehood will mean the end of the political doctrine of nation states.

Facebook has banned the map of Kurdistan.

This is a proof that liberation moves.

The deep reading of the future emergence of the great Kurdish people indicates that the future of Islam has moved east. Kurdistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tatarstan. Here is our future.

It was over twenty years ago that I first spoke to a Kurdish grouping, which united two separated leaders, at a meeting in Kiel, Germany. They then informed me I was the only Muslim leader to fight their cause. Now, I am proud to tell them, their time has come.

Allah give a mighty Qudra to the peoples of Kurdistan and establish them as leaders and rulers in the land. Amin.

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