Allah the Exalted says in the sublime Surat an-Nahl (16:72-76):

Allah has given you wives from among yourselves,
and given you children and grandchildren
from your wives,
and provided good things for you.
So why do they have iman in falsehood
and reject the blessings of Allah,
and worship, instead of Allah,
things that have no control over their provision
from the heavens or earth in any way,
and are themselves completely impotent?

Do not try to make metaphors for Allah.
Allah knows and you do not know.

Allah does make a metaphor:
an owned slave possessing no power over anything,
and someone We have given plentiful provision
who gives out from it secretly and openly.
Are they the same?
Praise be to Allah! They are not!
But most people do not know it.

Allah makes another metaphor:
two men, one of them deaf and dumb,
unable to do anything,
a burden on his master,
no matter where he directs him
he brings no good,
is he the same as someone
who commands justice
and is on a straight path?

* * * * *

The time of the ‘Eid finds us all in the best condition. We have celebrated the ordained fast, and so are enriched by this obedience. We have recalled Badr. We have celebrated the Laylat al-Qadr, and so expressed our gratitude for the sending-down of the Qur’an. Now we have come to the ‘Eid which lifts the physical burden from us and leaves us suffused with the Ruhani benefits. Note how this is identical to the celebration of Hajj. With the Hajj accomplished the burdens are lifted with the Greater Relief, leaving the Mumin free to realise what he has achieved on the Difficult Journey.

Therefore, there is no more appropriate time than this for us to recognise the unbridgeable gulf between the world’s two billion Muslims and the lost legions of the kuffar. Our understanding of Ramadan is as a time of renewed spirituality. The kuffar’s understanding of Ramadan is as a time of renewed violence in those Muslim lands which they have invaded and degraded. In the clear spiritual light of the ‘Eid, as at no other time, we can grasp that kufr – that is, atheist-humanism – by its nature, being a lie, is only able to configure reality as a series of lies.

The greatest lie of the self-styled secularists, is their creed that democracy is the doomed and destined end of history – while it is, in fact, the doomed and destined end of themselves.

The key to the deception and hypocrisy of what they call democracy can be most clearly seen in the relation of the politician to his wars. The politicians declare war and send young men to their death by the thousands, and where they die a civilian population is devastated, house and home, whole families of men, women and children. Yet even this is not the outrage and offence of the political class. It is that they are utterly unaware of how despicable they are. They live in the fantasy that they are entitled to send men to their death and to wreak havoc in distant places, while they themselves remain safe and protected at home. Add to this that the enfranchised masses have been bewitched into thinking that this is the normal state of affairs. Therein lies the ultimate argument for the unacceptability of the myth that the governors rule by the will of the governed.

The British Parliament, which had boasted noble legislation in the past, the rule of Habeas Corpus, the right to trial, the protection from arrest without trial – all this the current Parliament have rescinded, sweeping away hundreds of years of liberal civilisation. At the head of this anonymous rabble, the Prime Minister’s government – the ungrammatical Home Secretary, a mere girl snatched from some Party typing pool, a nice Jewish boy who should be running a draper’s store as Foreign Secretary, and behind them in turn, ministers who have thrown over the doctrines of socialism just to ride to work in a Rover saloon. Ironically, they cannot even get spare parts as their globalisation policies have closed down the British Rover factory!

There, at the Dispatch Box, stands their Prime Minister, a truly bizarre figure that no rational human creature could ever accept as the leader of the Nation. One-eyed, the other squinting so that you do not notice, and then with that deformity of a mouth. When he does not purse his lips like a pantomime dame it is to drop his jaw like the village idiot. When he rises to speak, this pathetic, corseted figure then reveals the leprosy of his cowardice. This man stood at the Dispatch Box and solemnly read out the names of the most recent young men who had died in the conflicts he had legislated to be their end. He even told us that he grieved for them. He told us he was proud of them. All democratic politicians are the sons of Adolf Hitler. When the wife of a high-ranking Nazi complained to Hitler about what seemed the excessive casualties on the Eastern Front, he looked astonished and replied, “But that’s what they’re for!” This is the political doctrine of Brown and Bush.

What chance would the following proposition have of being passed into law by a democratic Parliament? “In the event of this Parliament, or Senate, declaring an act of war, it will immediately become incumbent on the members of the House who voted for the war to be seconded into front-line military action for its duration.” Then and only then would it appear that there is even a glimmer of reason and justice and honesty in the procedures of the democratic system.

A further demonstration of the hypocrisy of the current political system has been the arrest and trial of four men accused of plotting terror. It should be noted that the legal form of this event is an exact replica of that procedure which so outraged the Russian intelligentsia that within a generation they had embarked on the inescapable tragedy of the Communist Revolution. Here are the archetypal elements of this legal event. Firstly, the accused. They are clearly from a deeply deprived under-class. They are alienated from society, and while they have clung to a religious vocabulary to structure their aggression, they also have been isolated from the Muslim community itself. From the evidence of their recorded conversations they are pathetic and misguided.

There is, however, another disturbing element, itself also identical to the primal module of terrorism in the Russian epoch. The event could not have been brought to trial but for the presence of a police officer who had deceived the youngsters into believing he was one of them. Now, given that these men were young and semi-literate, it has to follow that the actual instigator of the proposed and planned terrorist act was motor-driven by the police officer. The only difference between the so-called anti-terrorist activity of the British State and the anti-terrorist activity of the Tsarist State is that the Russian State hid the presence of the agent provocateur, while the corrupt democracy of Britain actually boasts of the success of its operations. In this situation there cannot be justice for the accused. The security policies of the State are disgraced. And we have in this event that unresolved social dislocation which in a generation will as surely lead to internal civic anarchy in Britain as it led to Communist Revolution a hundred years ago in Russia.

While millions of pounds sterling were spent on this entrapment of men talking foolishly in order to elevate them to the status of terrorists, the streets of the major cities of Britain were witnessing a series of bloody massacres. Street fighting by West Indian christian teenagers. The shooting of children by children. Then, even while David Cameron, Leader of the Opposition was delivering his speech of a post-Brown and post-Iraq nation, an innocent Polish girl, economic refugee of the European Union, was shot dead, caught in the crossfire of two rival gangs in the centre of London. Soon the murder rate by the christian street terrorists will be greater than the victims of the London Underground bombing. While terrorist acts historically fall as the social and political events outrun terrorism’s primal motive, the society then descends into a series of criminal acts, which is what we are witnessing now. A vast budget and bureaucracy is required to chase a disappearing terrorism, and as a result the increasing contradictions of society go unattended and unconfronted.

The contradiction at the heart of modern society is the same in New Orleans, London and Johannesburg. The political democratic system is designed to prevent anything being done. Modern democracy runs on a Budget, and that Budget is in fact taken from the voting citizens. It is a paltry sum which decreasingly is able to mop up the civic unrest. The wealth, which is power, and always has been power, remains out of bounds to the legislative body. This is openly expressed in their key doctrine, “The State must keep out of the Market.”

In Lesotho a ten-year-old boy gets imprisoned for the theft of a loaf of bread. There are currently around 15 youths in prison with ten-year sentences for stealing food. Every day the gold, the diamonds and the platinum are put on planes and shipped to the USA. The massive suffering of the black population of New Orleans has to be measured against the billions accrued by the Commodity Kingdom, the Military Kingdom and the Money Kingdom of the USA. The murdering christian teenage gangs in Britain’s cities must be linked directly to the Corporation and Banking wealth that stems from that isolated island called The City.

The conclusion of all this is that in the light of our month’s fasting our intellects have been clarified, and it is also clear to see that present society cannot resuscitate itself, cannot renew itself, cannot vampirise itself into life on the blood of the innocent children, be they Muslim or Shi‘a, of Iraq, nor can it achieve a late globalist empire based on the slaughter of a generation of young Muslim Afghans.

The kuffar are historically on a path of inescapable decline. All the events and programmes of terrorism have given them a penultimate burst of life. Muslim men must realise this. Every terrorist act gives a further gasp of life to the dying kafir entity. The decline and end of terrorism will lead to the last and ultimate phase of kafir hegemony. It will have a different character and be more implacable in its effects on them and us. We will soon arrive at what France’s greatest 19th century poet, Rimbaud, announced when he wrote, “Behold! The time of the Assassins!” The end of terrorism will by and large mark the end of the murder of large numbers of innocent people, killed to announce the crimes of the guilty social nexus. When the Time of the Assassins comes, that attack will be more sophisticated, more cunning, and more targeted. Where once they killed the innocent they will start to assassinate the holders of the wealth and the propagators of the genocides. This does not mean that this is moral or even just. What it means is the last phase, the end-game of a civilisation which actually died almost a hundred years ago on the Flanders Fields of World War I. Some would date that demise earlier in recognising that the Boer War was the fatal capitalist wedding of the jews and the christians.

Neither the Terror nor the Assassinations are any business of ours. Tragically, they will remain the business of the kuffar, for they are its authors. For us, the good news from Allah is enough for us, and success will be with His people. The truth of the ‘Eid lies in the blessed Ayat in Surat an-Nahl, where Allah the Exalted has said (16:114):

So eat from what Allah has provided for you,
halal and good,
and be thankful for the blessing of Allah
if it is Him you worship.