28 March 2006

Allah the Exalted declares in Surat al-Hijr (15:56):

He said, ‘Who despairs of the mercy of his Lord
except for misguided people?’

Allah the Exalted also declares in Surat az-Zumar (39:53):

Say: ‘My slaves, you who have transgressed against yourselves,
do not despair of the mercy of Allah.
Truly Allah forgives all wrong actions.
He is the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Merciful.’

This is a message to the great united peoples of that area which today comprises the falsely constructed national units of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir. These constructs have no reality either in history or geography, and they have been thus separated first by a political imperialism, and in our time by a financial dictatorship. It is vital at this time that our beloved people in these mountains, deserts, plains and cities should adhere to the very deep and inescapable obligations by which we are all bound. With reference to the northern territory called Afghanistan, it must be understood that the puppet Karzai is a traitor to his people. In the language of modern politics, he is a Quisling – Quisling was the Norwegian traitor set over the Norwegian people on behalf of the German Nazi regime. At present this is an occupied country yet again tyrannised and corrupted by a kafir occupying army. These armies have arrogantly and unwisely not taken into account the fate of previous forces which thought they could dominate the region. Ironically, the NGOs are a greater threat than the psychologically insecure occupying army.

As if the people had not suffered enough, there have now come to us disturbing reports of suicide bombing. I urgently send this message to the ‘ulema and leadership actively engaged in a struggle against the occupying force. The current practice of sending young men on suicide missions is strictly forbidden to us. That this is forbidden does not rule out any other form of resistance.

Firstly, suicide for any reason, whether personal, political or tactical, is strictly forbidden, and in the Hadith literature we know the dire warning that whoever ends their life in this manner will be in the Next World perpetually condemned to re-enact the moment of their demise. The act of suicide in itself has no precedent in the warfare of the Muslims over our whole history. This has already been identified as a practice of the Isma‘ili kafir sect of that other religion, Shi‘ism.

The adab of all Muslim resistance and fighting throughout the ages has come under the disciplines, strictures and moral obligations of Futuwwa. Allah the Exalted has said in Surat al-Kahf (18:13):

They were young men who had iman in their Lord
and We increased them in guidance.

The highest mark of Futuwwa is Preference. That implies that you prefer the life of your brother to that of yourself. How much more so does that apply to the shameful fathers in Palestine and now, alas, across the Muslim world, men who prefer their sons to die rather than themselves? The absolute shame of the practice of suicide bombing is not even the Haram act of the suicide, but in the Shari‘ah consideration has to be taken of the one who instigates the crime. The one who instructs a young man to kill himself, the one who straps the Semtex to his body, the one who takes him to the place of his immolation – all these are men who should stand trial as murderers of Muslim youth. While victory on this path of nihilism is impossible, Imam Junayd, may Allah be pleased with him, said, “If there is doubt about the acceptability of an action, imagine that you have performed it and examine the outcome. If the outcome has bad in it, refrain from it.” Now, if the party of the suicide policy were to have success, would the father then step forward and say, “Now I boast to you that I sent my son to his death, and so I am a fit governor over your sons”? Or if their policy proved a failure, would he announce to his people, “We are still enslaved, but unfortunately we have no sons left to carry on the struggle in a new generation”?

The ruling document by which these territories must be governed is the ‘Fataawat ‘Al Amgheeri’, the great Fiqh book commanded by the mighty Sultan Aurangzeb, may Allah reward this Wali and this Mujahid. It is vital that our noble Deobandi scholars should not deviate one iota from the Fiqh which has come down to them. Also, in the light of the disaster which has befallen the country, from a leadership which when we encountered them, was still frankly negotiating with the US-based oil companies, it must now be clear that the infiltration of the Muslim mujahid movement by dubious Arab adventurers has led to the present disaster.

Only a new leadership which can raise high the Banner of Islam can bring hope to the whole Himalayan range and its outlying valleys, plains and cities.

In all of this, the shameful split between Deobandi and Berelvi must be abandoned, but it cannot be abandoned by holding fast to the village divisions. By the village divisions I mean Deoband and Berelvi, for it was there that the ‘ulema retreated once the Islamic ‘Amr was snatched from the great Mughal Khalifate. So on day one of their existence they set out devoid of that necessary condition on which the Shari‘at is based, an Islamic ‘Amr. The ‘Amr was in Delhi and the English kuffar had taken Delhi. That is why it is not an accident that their inheritors, the hindu idol-worshippers, took the Mughal capital as theirs in preference to the logical choice for them of Benares. The Deobandi and Berelvi must both confirm, and they cannot deny, that they both set out from Delhi with the Fataawat ‘Al Amgheeri in their luggage. This is our present challenge and our present business.

May Allah unify us under a new leadership, first imposed by a Divinely inspired will to serve the Muslims, and then confirmed by us with the love that has always been due our leaders throughout the centuries. Amin.