31 July 2010

Across the world the formulaic system designed to free banking programmes from state control is in crisis. Everywhere the political class are despised and distrusted. Everywhere the myth of government as representational is exposed. The majority of citizens in the so-called democracies are against the Afghan war yet each country in the pretended ‘coalition’ finds its government backing what it insists is a necessary war. Both Iraq II and Afghanistan III have exposed the political class to disgrace. The democratic system’s adherence to the rule that the politicians decree the war and the soldiers do the dying is itself the profound cause of democracy’s collapse. Cowards should not direct wars. Anyone wishing to experience nausea in its most acute form need only listen to a politician expressing his grief and or gratitude at the deaths of soldiers.

Just as it seemed that the British parliament could not plunge deeper into shame along came the fragmented government of Cameron/Clegg. Optimistically wanting to argue against anarchy one supported the Conservatives over and against the post-Blair ruin of Labour. Anything else, it seemed, had to offer a respite from social disintegration. Looking back, at least Labour’s foreign secretary, David Milliband, had the courage to see Bombay as a bi-product of India’s refusal to recognise Kashmir’s right to its own democracy. When the lone gunman left alive at the end of the Bombay carnage was told to “Surrender or die”, he memorably replied, “We die every day!” He meant of course, Kashmir.

Today, we have the truly tragic spectacle of a British Prime Minster turning his back on:

  1. The important segment of the British electorate that has come from Pakistan.
  2. The persecuted people of Kashmir, denied the ‘sacred’ practices of democracy and self-determination.
  3. The terrible responsibility of Britain in the disastrous Partition of 1947 and the deceptions of that division.

Let us observe the flight path of the British Prime Minister in what may prove to have been a more fatal one than that of Chamberlain from London to Munich. Cameron flew from Washington to Delhi and returned waving a piece of paper, declaring, “Contracts in our time!”

Treachery was piled on ignorance. Treachery to the large Muslim population of Britain. Ignorance of the true state of India whose millions live in abject poverty while a tiny oligarchic minority hold the country’s wealth, and its army practises genocide on hill tribes by the simple pretext of calling them maoist in order to strip the hills of mineral wealth.

The Cameron’s journey first stop was Washington, where, to the horror of patriot Britons, he announced that Britain was a junior partner of the U.S.A. Cameron has declared Britain is Lolita to the U.S. Humbert Humbert. He left America under marching orders from his paedophilic master.

In Turkey he suddenly said he supported Turkey’s entry into Europe – a meaningless concept while the pound itself is not in Europe. Britain and Europe are in irrevocable decline. Turkey is the second country after China in terms of wealth expansion. No mention of Turkey’s historical claim to Cyprus or of Greece’s bankruptcy. Did he not know that Turks look on Pakistan and Afghans as brothers? After grovelling about in Ankara he headed for Delhi. In Turkey, a most sophisticated business community, it would be folly to invest West when all wealth and future lies East.

The pronouncement of Cameron in Delhi was truly a major blunder. The High Commissioner for Pakistan in London called it unfortunate and blamed his inexperience, although that meant ignorance. If his coat was American, he might at least have removed the price tag.

In the midst of his debacle the leakage of documents on Afghanistan seemed clearly a desperate ploy to get the American masses turned loose as they were in the final stages of the Vietnam war. The attacks inside the documents are dis-information, slandering and denouncing important Pakistani figures whom they fear.

It is time to insist on British withdrawal from Afghanistan. This should be accompanied by a rising call from the anti-war movement and the families of dead soldiers insisting that Ministers join the army and go to the front line. There is nothing, absolutely nothing to be gained for Britain in this war, led by the country with the deepest hatred for Britain in its history, the U.S.A.

A final medical note on the political leaders. Have you observed how sick they look? Cameron puffed up — is it drink or tranquillisers? Clinton’s face is a mask — is she on cortisone? Sarkozy’s twitching — is his sub-epileptic condition worsening? Be of good cheer. It won’t be long now. When Allah wills it — and our trust is in Him.


*   *   *    *    *