1 January 2009


The last line of Curzio Malaparte’s “the Skin” is:

“I said in a low voice, ‘It is a shameful thing to win a war.’”

Victory in modern warfare is both a shame and a defeat. The defeated demand rehabilitation, reward, revitalisation. The victors are bankrupted, exhausted, and leaderless – their generals useless in peace. After World War Two it is Germany and Japan who emerge defeated then triumphant.

Today Israel is a victor. Absolute and unrelenting. Unconditional surrender.

Israel is not a democracy. It is a military dictatorship. From its inception it has been a one-party state. A coalition is a unitary government. To function it needs war. Its political discourse, vibrant with a psychosis of persecution transmitted from Hitlerite genocide, claims itself to be a victim state surrounded by a ferocious enemy dedicated, like Nazi Germany, to its elimination. In reality it knows that without its massive defence subsidy from the U.S.A. it could not last one financial year. Accused of building an Apartheid wall to keep out Palestinians it dare not deny it. Why? Because the wall was never intended to keep them out. It was built to keep the Israelis in. Israel is a national ghetto.

The Israeli army is still under the command of its brain-dead leader, General Sharon. He designed his Play Station war and now everyone is playing it. Enter Al-Aqsa Mosque – they will throw stones. The Intifada begins. A risk of peace – withdraw from Gaza. Lure them on. The missiles, idiotic, outdated, short-ranged – a few victims. Attack Gaza – emptied, to allow a military return. Israel undefeated – and unloved. Still, we are all in Israel’s debt. It has laid bare the ghastly conditions of the post-Islamic Arab state.

Egypt, Libya, Syria.

The three thug dynasties – The inheriting sons are ten times worse than their criminal fathers.

Mubarak is still a (just) living monument to the abject failure of the Ikhwan Al-Muslimun. All the misery of the Arab world began with Nasser. This fool and his disastrous and frivolous policies led to the doomed march to socialism that has brought death and poverty to millions. From his stupid adventurism came the absolute militarisation of Israel, the enslavement of Muslim Syria by the tiny Alawite/Shi’a minority, and the enthronement of socialism in Iraq which flung Saddam into leadership. Nasser’s ex-Ikhwan second-in-command, Sadat, almost certainly killed him, and he in turn, was, almost certainly, killed by Mubarak – at least he was “in the loop” and ready to take over Egypt, the only educated Arab nation, which was then plunged into subsidised slavery. “Let them eat subsidised food they did not work for and they will get fat and pose no threat” was the Washington view of Egypt.

Today the absolute tyranny of Mubarak’s rule must be brought to an end. On no account should the Egyptian people tolerate his son playing any role in Egypt’s politics. Mubarak’s last tool of survival is the Gaza war with his useless role of mediator masking poverty and corruption at home.

The Syrian regime is another result of the failure of the Ikhwan. Doctrinally corrupted by Shi’a politics since Al-Afghani, they confided their planned uprising to the Iranian Shi’a working to overthrow Saddam. They in turn passed the intelligence to Assad. The result was the horrific massacre of men, women, and children in Aleppo. Over 10,000. The Muslim Majority of Syrians must be liberated. This is a more urgent issue for Muslims today than any other in the region. The overthrow of the Alawite regime will end the thug dynasty today in power, allied to Iran, and in constant war with its own Muslim population.

The Libyan dictator has the political advantage of madness, always a gift of survival to dictators, since it renders them unpredictable. The murderer of a Scottish village population in the Locherbie terrorist incident, and with an embassy that shot dead police in a London square, and, worst of all, a murderer who was kissed by Tony Blair. He had the Ikhwani Mufti of Tripoli hung from a lamppost. He tried to remove the word ‘Qul’ from the Qur’an. His son is now being groomed – if hardly the right word – to take over the petrol station called Libya.

Tunisia is a dictatorship – utterly unchallenged in any quarter – an evil inheritance of French colonial power in its ghost presence now identifiable in not only Tunisia but Mali, Niger, Chad and Mauritania. France and China now compete for complete control of the Sahara.

Algeria is controlled by a military of immeasurable brutality – not only generals of a national army but the owners of the National Oil Company. Core members of OPEC and at the same time mass torturers and murderers of the Algerian people.

Jordan with its British installed monarchy is basically run by the Knights of Malta and the Bishop of Amman. It should be the core of a peaceful post-Palestinian entity.

Arabia’s excellent King Abdallah has alas, no advisers, something a monarch can not afford. As a result, alongside his excellent achievements, he has disastrously agreed to a protocol of “tolerance” with jews and christians against Divine Command in unquestionable Qur’anic ayats. As a result of signing this masonic declaration, almost immediately, the jews asked to be granted access to Madinah to build a synagogue there and the christians called for the abolition of ‘Haram’ status as a proof of the Kingdom’s “tolerance”!

Morocco remains the one surviving Muslim state. Under enormous pressure to become ‘democratic’ that is to say, ruled by the banking system – it has been granted a brief reprieve by the the collapse of that same usurious system world-wide. The king needs to beware that he is not robbed of his monarchic status by the soft destruction of the political doctrines that dread personal rule and its natural justice.


The self-degraded people with their virulent anarchy now distract us from the vital and massive issues facing the ‘Umma’ – the liberation of the sub-continent Indian Muslims and the preservation of Uyghur culture and people from the pagan cruelty of China.

With all their vast weaponry under Arafat they never attacked Israel – only each other.

In the end they, after a Civil War, split into a Palestine governed by Arabs and his Mafioso government and a Gaza run by an overtly Shi’a regime. Just as the Muslim Arabs of Iraq became allied to the christians and socialist Atheists and tolerated the Saddami dictatorship, so the Muslim Arabs of Palestine transformed into a christian allied Mafioso capitalism. It is the Arab abandonment of The Madinan fiqh of commerce, the foundational law of the second Shahadah, that has ruined us all, Wahhabism defends the first Shahadah and makes war on Shirk – but it denies, like the Shi’a, the second Shahadah, founded as it is in a denial of Riba’. The so-called Islamic Bank, itself a cynical and deliberate negation of Islamic Fiqh, is the modernist Nifaq that has assured the Kuffar that their New Islam is utterly subservient to the Kafir financial system. That system is now in irreversible collapse, yet Arabia still deals in defunct dollars!

Islam’s recovery now lies in the hands of the Indian sub-continent’s united Muslim population and that of the Indonesian archipelago.

La ghalliba ilallah!