2 March 2010

The unquestioned, unprotested passivity of the British masses, beneath the yoke of an uneducated and incapable government, has led to the unobserved collapse of the parliamentary system.

The media, both press and television, are clearly indifferent to the daily deaths of young Britons in the Afghan killing-fields, preferring to report the world of film awards and the fornication of footballers.

The failure of our civic institutions is threefold.

One – the Monarchy, weakened by its own weakness, has failed in its duty. When Parliament faced crisis once before, George V applied the Royal Prerogative and imposed on Britain its first socialist government. Now with a shipwrecked administration under a blind and powerless Prime Minister, the Monarch has failed to apply that Prerogative and free up the log-jam of a paralysed political system.

Two – the Bellocian critique of Parliament is now demonstrable, i.e. that there is not a two-party system of dynamic opposition, but one ruling political class headed by the Front Benches of Ministers and Shadow Ministers. The two protagonists are in fact allied. The reason Cameron’s Conservatives have not swept away the collapsed Labour regime is that they have backed the same wars.

Three – which follows from this. Parliament has dragged Britain down in a war which has absolutely no benefit in it for the country. Neither land, nor commodities, nor power. The British people have been forced to send their young men to help prop up the dying and bankrupt disaster of the end game of American democracy. Wealth, expansion and success lie in the East and we have been enmeshed in the burial rites of the West. If the Conservative Opposition does not openly declare an end to our suicide-mission in Afghanistan – pull out the troops – it will not deserve appointment to rule. The British people and its important Muslim population want to end the massacre of the best of our new generation.

If the Parliament does not offer the electorate a socialist war party against a conservative peace party in May then the result may be and should be, in logic, a Hung Parliament.

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