21 July 2004

There is no more fitting symbol of the deliberate subversion, humiliation and deviation of the Muslims than the Regent’s Park Mosque of London. It was born in Nifaq and conflict. As someone who was there before it was built, while it was being built, and at its completion, I have the misfortune of knowing more than most people of quite how dreadful it is and has been. The founding document was a deed of gift by King George VI to the Muslims of Britain. He managed to work out in his half-idiot Hanoverian brain that while the christians had lots of empty Churches, Abbeys and Cathedrals, the jews their Temples, and even the buddhists theirs, the much larger Muslim community had nowhere to worship.

There was the exquisite small mosque of Woking outside London, but at that time it was in the hands of the Qadiyyanis. I am proud to say that along with the late Colonel Raheem, may Allah be pleased with him, author of ‘Jesus, Prophet of Islam’, and the then Pakistani High Commissioner, we achieved a successful and peaceful Coup de Mosque, which restored it to Islam.

The building of the Regent’s Park Mosque was in the hands of a remarkable man, Raja of Mahmudabad, may Allah be pleased with him. Born into an ancient family of the Mughal epoch which had converted to Shi’ism in order to fight the English occupation, at the end of his life he had withdrawn from the internal battles of ‘Aqida, to cling, as he put it, to his love of the Rasul, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. In trying to build the Mosque he had to fight his way into the labyrinth of legal and false blockages which had been set up to prevent the King’s intention ever being realised. Once he had squared the objections of the local St. John’s Wood Authorities, he found himself fighting with an army of influential and militant christians in Parliament and academe, until finally he reached the Minotaur, which proved to be a small but massively influential group of Establishment jews in the City.

Once he had successfully cleared the decks, his next hurdle was to find a design which would not only satisfy local and national government, but also the Trustees of the Mosque. The Trustees were none other than the ambassadors of the Muslim countries represented at the Court of St. James’. To keep his spirits up in his struggle with them, Raja used to tell me the tales of their Trustee Meetings with the drunken Saudi and Egyptian ambassadors tottering in to defend the cause of Islam. Since none could agree, and each resented the other, Raja decided to break the deadlock by holding an international commission.

There was no question but that the most supremely beautiful mosque was that of the Turkish architect. When I argued that it had to be chosen by all aesthetic standards, Raja explained, “The Saudis will never tolerate a Turkish mosque. If I choose the Moroccan, which is the next best, the Algerians will object,” and so on. Thus, politically acute but aesthetically dreadful, the judgment came to award the contract to the worst contribution, that of the English architect. What we all call the ‘Chiswick Gasworks’ rose in Regent’s Park.

As if to breed conspiracy theory among the Muslims, as the building went up we were to discover a giant Star of David embedded in the wall of Qibla, shining through the plaster. Although removed, in a certain light it can still be discerned, a still-resonating Rothschild curse. Perhaps the most sinister aspect of the Mosque building was not its irrecuperable ugliness, but the strange anti-Islamic and doctrinal decision not to allow a Mimbar. King Hasan II, may Allah be pleased with him, had offered to provide one in the incomparable artisanship of his country, free of cost. This was refused by the masonic gang of ambassadors, and a christian pulpit was put in its place, a near copy of the one in Westminster Abbey.

As the main financial supporter of the Mosque was the corrupt wahhabi regime of the Saudi family, once the Mosque was up they began to take over both its running and the choice of its personnel. Dr Al-Geyoushi, who had been Raja’s assistant, was pensioned off with an invented professorship to Madinah University. Dr Al-Badawi, another Azhari, was shamefully treated by the Trustees and finally forced out. “He knows too much Islam!” the Saudi ambassador was heard to complain. In the end the Mosque was run by a low-grade wahhabi assisted by a Guénonian Traditionalist of the Schuon-Lings variety.

Where once Egyptian secret police used to mingle with the Believers on a Jumu’a afternoon, today half the staff of London’s MI5 can be seen, bearded and tasbihed, moving uncomfortably as they snap their mug-shots from their toy cameras. Since those days there have been many dreadful things involving this Mosque, but of which I am blessedly unaware. Remember too, that it was legally redefined as an Islamic Centre in order to prevent any legal presentation that might reflect Islamic Law and Allah’s uncompromising Command, should it be called a Mosque. Allah, glory be to Him, in an ayat of Hukum (Surat al-Jinn, 18), ordains:

All mosques belong to Allah
so do not call on anyone else besides Allah.

The most recent ignominy at the Regent’s Park Mosque has been the strange and sophisticatedly orchestrated appearance of Yusuf Qardawi. That he was given the Mimbar of this Mosque is a deliberate and dangerous political act. This act was planned with the carefully timed cooperation of the Saudis and Blair’s unelected Sanhedrin (Levi, Greenstock, Goldsmith, Straw, etc.), to create the now serious structuring of what will be a full-scale assault on Islamic ‘Aqida and Tawhid. This will be presented as what we might call in real terms, ‘Blair and Bush’s Islam’. In other words, it is planned to impose on the new generation of Muslims the full panoply of the Bankers’ theism, voided of all moral and spiritual content, but giving servile adherence to the theology of Humanism, Democracy, Tolérance and Human Rights.

Qardawi is being insinuated into the British Muslim community by a technical attack on him as a supporter of suicide bombing, in order to give the illusion that somehow he is an Islamic Radical. This trick was played on the French Muslims with the ex-communist Roger Garaudy who was defended by the dubious leadership of the Paris Mosque with the famous phrase, “Well he’s anti-Israel, so he must be alright, mustn’t he?” Only a fool, however, could fail to recognise that Qardawi was received officially by the masonic atheist Mayor of London, Mr. Livingston. For those who wish to know more about him I refer to Umar Ibrahim Vadillo’s devastating analysis and critique on pages 672-703 of his book ‘The Esoteric Deviation in Islam’. This book is essential reading for all Muslim intellectuals and is available through Diwan Press.

Suffice it here to say that he was given a prestigious financial reward from the Dubai government, an award which carries with it an assured silence about the state of affairs in that dreadful plastic bubble by the sea. Dubai Muslims call his award the ‘Burj al-Arab Award’. The news that the desert Emirate is building another gigantic tower seems to suggest that they are offering up the Twin Towers possibility to the wahhabi extremists. The transformation of what was once the modest trading harbour of a local pirate family into a Las Vegas by the Sea cannot have gone unnoticed by the cleansing fury of the neighbouring Saudi-based zealots. Surely Dubai cannot imagine that what is happening in Arabia (“Is Saudi Arabia Doomed?” was the front page of Newsweek) is not going to happen right there in Dubai. The Dubai Media City commercial on CNN, with its jewish clowns and its half-naked dancing girls, is surely a standing invitation to the cleansing force of the terrorists whose intention is to clean up the Peninsula. It will take one incident to close down the scandalous tourist industry. Only fools now, surely, would book in to a tall standing tower after what happened to the other two! The point of this is that Qardawi is at home in all that, a popular TV ‘alim licensing everything, calling for Tolérance, defending paper money, mocking the Sunna of the Rasul, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and the Khulafa Rashidun, denying the ‘Amal of Madinah and confirming the ‘Amal of the New York Stock Exchange.

It is clear from all this that with the Newsweek cover preparing the world for a post-Saudi Middle East, and with Iraq standing to all of us as a shaming model of our failure, we are at the end of an age. In Iraq-the Shi’a religion has maintained its honour and held to its system, however mistaken we may claim some of it to be. The Kurds in the North are part Muslim, part communist, and part animist, and they too have maintained the dignity of their resistance to Saddam in the South and Ataturkism in the North. The population in the main, however, have now been generations without Islam, for our ‘ulema were killed in the early days of the socialist Baathists’ taking power. Just as the Russians in Yukos want to get rid of the oligarch but keep the oligarchy, so in Iraq the capitalist coalition have got rid of Saddam, the CEO, but want to keep, and are keeping, the Baathist corporation.

In order that we can rise above and sail beyond the present darkness, it is vital that the new generation should step forward. We have, quite simply, to begin the matter again. This must be the generation which adapts the modern affair to Islam, and not, as in the Qardawi-masonic plan of Reformation, adapt Islam to modernity. Allah, the Almighty, says in the Qur’an (Surat Ar-Rahman, 55:27):

Everyone in the heavens and earth requests His aid.
Every day He is engaged in some affair.

And our new generation of Muslims represents that new affair. To lay down a new beginning, look soon under the forthcoming Section of this site headed: Islamic Youth Conference.