17 May 2008

It has now become clear to all reflective people that we are at the end of an age. We are in a perilous time. A barzakh. As the poet said: “…between two worlds, one dead, The other powerless to be born,…”. It is not a time for action. It is not, either, a time for withdrawal. Neither a time to fight in the streets nor to retreat to the mountain.

The first necessity of our time is clarification. It is a time to return to the sources.

Allah the Exalted says in Surat al-Baqara (2:31-33):

He taught Adam the names of all things.
Then He arrayed them before the angels and said,
‘Tell me the names of these if you are telling the truth.’

They said, ‘Glory be to You! We have no knowledge
except what You have taught us.
You are the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.’

He said, ‘Adam, tell them their names.’
When he had told them their names,
He said, ‘Did I not tell you that I know
the Unseen of the heavens and the earth,
and I know what you make known
and what you hide?’

The first necessity is not only to call things by their proper names, but consciously to connect the thing to its name, the action to its name, the reality to its name.

In this totalitarian age called – so wrongly – democratic, men are not free, nor do people rule. It is the age of the police, with the police in turn policed by ‘security’ police who assure, not to the masses but to the totalitarian elite, their ‘security’ – that is, the continued enslavement of starving and half-starving mankind.

Let us then start with this term: POLICE.

In the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary we find:

POLITIA – from medieval Latin. Formerly, and still in Scotland and Ireland, pronounced ‘Pólis’. The regulation, discipline and control of a community: enforcement of law: public order. Public regulation or control of a trade: an economic policy (1866): the civil force to which is entrusted the duty of maintaining public order, enforcing regulations for the prevention and punishment of breaches of the law, and detecting crime: the members of a police force.

POLICED: Politically organised, regulated or governed, disciplined. (1858)

POLICEMAN: A member of a police force: a soldier-ant. (1877)

POLICY: An organised state: a device, expedient: any course of action adopted as advantageous or expedient. A form of gambling in which bets are made on numbers to be drawn in a lottery. (U.S. 1890)
A voting-paper.

POLITICIAN: An indifferentist in matters of religion. A polite person, especially a crafty intriguer. (1764) One practically engaged in conducting the business of the state: one who engages in party politics, especially as a profession: also in a sinister sense one who lives by politics as a trade.

Now let us confirm ‘SECURITY’ in its meanings.

SECURE: Latin – securus, without care. Free from fear or anxiety. (1602)
“The way to be safe, is never to be secure.” (1641)

SECURITY: Latin – securitas, the condition of being secure. Freedom from doubt. Property deposited or made over, or bonds, or the like entered into in order to secure one’s fulfilment of an obligation and forfeiture in the event of non-fulfillment.

WEALTH: Middle English – welpe. The condition of being happy and prosperous, well-being. A felicity, a blessing. Prosperity consisting in abundance of possessions, riches, or valuable products. Said of a specific commodity as the chief source of a country’s riches. Economics.

POWER: Roman – potere, posse – to be able. Ability to do something or anything or to act upon a person or thing. Possession of control or command over others: dominion: government: sway: authority over.

It is to these fundamental terms, which have been trashed in the abolition of civic discourse, we must by force, return.

Let us, however, examine how the linguicide of the digital era has also devastated the Muslim ethos.

For an individual it is enough that he declare openly the Kalimatayn – “I witness that there is no God but Allah and I witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah,” in front of witnesses.

For a community or state to be defined as Muslim it requires the following:

  1. That du‘as are made for its leader from the Mimbar on Jumu’a.
  2. That Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham are struck in his name for usage in his dominion.

It follows from this that Qadis will be appointed to administer the Shari‘ah in that dominion.

The first condition is the guarantee that the ruler derives his authority from the Book of Allah and the Sunna, as well as the ‘Amal of the first community of Madinah.

This is why the christian bishops at the so-called Islamic Festival held in London in mid-20th century recommended that future mosques should replace the Mimbar with a christian pulpit, as it was the seat of Islamic Law.

The second condition is the guarantee that a real-value commodity as the basis of the currency will be a protection against usury-interest practice.

In turn these two conditions guarantee that the collection of Zakat by Amir-appointed Collectors can be announced from the Mimbar and their authority to TAKE the Zakat confirmed.

Now, since the abolition of the Islamic Khalifate and kingdoms and the re-construction of Muslim lands into nation-states whose boundaries and constitutions have been defined by kuffar, it can no longer be said a) that these lands are Muslim states, or b) that their individuals are necessarily Muslim. Thus, neither Muslim name nor Muslim country may be assumed to encase a Muslim individual or a civic Muslim ethos.

The implications of this are very far-reaching. And, bearing in mind, that the Muslim person, and more-so lawyer, is extremely reluctant to declare a person to be kafir – although it is necessary for the practice of reason that we refrain from naming any nation a Muslim state.

For example, automatically you would assume Dubai to be a Muslim state. It celebrates the ‘Eids and Jumu‘a, Ramadan and Islamic burials. Yet in Dubai, Islam is a minority religion of the population. Its ruling family do not collect, nor are known publicly to pay Zakat, indeed they dismissed the ‘Alim who dared challenge them to Zakat, Dinar and Dirham. The majority population is made up of a hindu labouring class and an atheist Russian social elite. It boasts hindu temples, but the labour contracts they work under constitute several breaches of Islamic Law.

At the level of the individual – neither name nor so-called nation allow us to assume the person is Muslim. Certainly, neither Mustafa Kemal nor Bourguiba should have been given Muslim burial, although the latter may have returned to Islam by a death-bed Shahada, wiping out a life-time of enmity to the Deen, as did Saddam Hussein.

The meaning of these matters indicates to us that we have to recover not only our own personal Muslim identities, but also re-create, or rather, create anew our Muslim polity in every place.

If we rescue Jama’at as a centred civic entity, we can soon extend to the larger polity.

The Muslims – diametrically opposed to the Shi’a religionists – do not give their Zakat to the Mullahs. We have our Amirs TAKE it via their Collectors.

The worshipping Jama’at is a civic entity sustained by mutual help, given sadaqa and counsel. Education and teaching the Deen must be our shared responsibility and pleasure.

Women’s faces must be free of cover following the Ayat of Qur’an and the renowned confirmation by Sayyidetuna Aisha in the Hadith.

Let us re-define the word democracy in its current usage.

DEMOCRACY: A government elected from an electoral roll of sane men and women in a delineated zone. This roll is the instrument of taxing these individuals. That taxed money will pay for the civic project, administered by the elected government. There will be at least two opposing parties who will mutually attack each other and accuse of corruption. In fact, the elite class of Ministers, of both parties, will decide on policy and only seem to consult the Assembly Body. However, their power only extends over the earned and owned wealth of the enfranchised citizen. The total realm of wealth, that is land, commodities and banking along with bank-based paper and bonded currency, is outside their control.

Thus, Parliament or Senate police the people. They do not own or control the nation’s wealth system which is already linked by corporation structures to a supra-national, or indeed non-national system. The power-elite in turn control and rule the Senate and by that definition are the authors of war and imprisonment.

The collapse of the currency system, i.e. bonds, paper currencies, and computerised digital impulses stored and moved between terminals, will mark the end of the current power system’s elite.

Every shot fired, every bomb exploded, every building demolished assures the continued enslavement of the world’s masses, since this system survives by its protection-mechanism of insurance, which turns every material set-back into a material gain. An economy which profitably buys debt, benefits from war and the demolition of insured skyscrapers.

Every transaction that does not use paper or electronic impulse currency liberates the human race.

Every transaction done in accordance with Islamic practice, utterly devoid of both banking institution and system, is the assured feeding of a now starving child.

* * * * *