15 August 2012

At the end of Ramadan the thoughts turn from the political to the personal. For each of us. Where do I – that is, we – stand in the angel recorded summary of our mortal lives up to this blessed ‘Eid?

Given the terrible scandal, horror, and shame of the Arab indifference to the massacre of the Syrian Muslims by the shi’a dictatorship and Egypt trapped with a leader turned from worshipping Allah to obedience only ‘to the people’, the political seemed to force itself on my reflections. So, not to lose that personal Ruhanni aspect of this blessed time I chose to address, personally, the King of Arabia. Let this be the limit of my political concern.

To King Abdullah, Guardian of the Haramayn.


We have not met. I did meet your predecessor, King Khalid, I was a new Muslim and I went to him with my concept of creating a Muslim village in Britain. Taking tea with him he promised he would undertake to see it happen. A Royal Promise. A young prince approached me and said he had never heard the king so positive and warned me to stay in Riyadh until I had a document of command. He told me, indicating a small circle of Americans who hovered at the corner of the Majlis, that there were people there who would stop the project. Unable to remain, of course the prince’s words proved true.

I realise that your minders have equipped you with a military arsenal on which you have spent a fortune. What is its purpose – to defend oil fields – or to protect the Muslims? We, you and I, know the answer. Let me be just and fair. I know your hands are tied, as were King Khalid’s. Vast wealth enslaves. We do not oppose you for fear of what would happen, or will happen, when your dynasty collapses. It will, for sure, be worse for us all.

However, now at the end of Ramadan, we are permitted this personal moment.

Sir, A young Muslim woman, citizen of your Kingdom, has video-recorded in detail the humanly shaming conditions of the Riyadh Zoo. Magnificent wild animals are cruelly caged so tightly they can barely stand or turn. This is a disgrace on your tenure as King and on your existence as a man. As a Muslim it is frankly unacceptable. Rasul, Allah bless him and grant him peace, spoke of a woman assured of the Garden by Allah for having rescued a cat from drowning in a well. Allah is Rahman and Rahim. This video of the cruel and outrageously indifferent treatment of wild animals has gone round the world. Instead of rescuing the poor animals, there is talk of arresting the girl – to us a heroic Muslim woman.

Given your military budget, you have no excuse – spend this small amount, consult Zoologists, and treat these creatures to a proper environment.

You lack, alas, the manhood to liberate Syria from Assad.

The least action you can perform is to liberate the lion (asad) from the Saudis.