19 July 2012

By the term Syrian Syndrome it is my intention to subsume all the social and personal elements affected by the event, and by the term ‘event’ I refer specifically to the wholesale massacre and torture of the Muslim population in the invented geographical zone currently named Syria. So profound and far-reaching are the effects of this catastrophe and so complex, as well as so unbearably simple, that it must be examined in detail before taking a final position. Since it has resulted in a situation which goes way beyond its innocent victims and its known executioners so that it affects the whole world – nations, institutions, the current world-system of law, heads of state, supra-national allegiances, religious parameters, tribes and individuals, we are forced to break down the event into its separate elements, but never forgetting that the issue is dual – the massacre of the Muslim population and the paralysis of the whole world faced with the crime.

The Historical Perspective.

Syria was occupied during Alexander the Great’s sweep south to India. Roman occupation dates from 64 BC. Its Roman capital was Antioch with a population of 500,000. When Rome split in two it was briefly Persian then Byzantine. The Battle of Yarmuk opened Syria to Islam. Muawiyya chose Damascus as his capital and his Umayyad Khalifate divided the territory as follows:

  1. Filistine: Judea and Samaria, with its capital in Ramleh and Jerusalem its second city.
  2. Urdunn: capital, Tiberias comprising the rest of Palestine including Tyre.
  3. Damascus: including its province, Baalbek, Tripoli and Beirut.
  4. Homs: including Hama.
  5. Kinnesrin: Northern Syria to south of Aleppo.
  6. Al-Awasim: the frontier with Byzantium.

It became the arena of conflict between the Christian Crusaders and the chivalric forces of Saladin with both parties under terrorist forays by the Shi’a Isma’ili sect of Assassins.

From the Seljuks it passed to the Osmanli Dawlet until the colonial carve-ups that followed World War One. In 1918 when British troops under Amir Faizal captured Damascus, it ended 400 years of their rule.

In 1920 the Syrian National Council proclaimed Faisal King of Syria, “From the Taurus Mountains of Turkey to the Sinai desert in Egypt.”

That same year the San Remo Conference split up the new Arab kingdom, putting Syria and Lebanon under French mandate and Palestine under British control. A month later the French army occupied Damascus, driving out Faisal.

From 1925 onwards an increasing nationalist resistance by Syrians forced the French High Commissioner and his army to embark on ruthless oppression and terror – executions, home demolitions, collective punishment and district bombardment. Thus it was the Republican value-system of France which taught the Syrian Baathist Shi’a regime how to deal with rebellion.

The series of post World War One treaties can now be seen as the ongoing collapse of the old order. Alas, the world had fallen into the hands of unqualified men, without education and without inheritance, each new treaty served more to cover the failure of the previous one than to structure new alliances.

An alcoholic thug had taken over the collapsed Osmanli Dawlet. Britain and France, exhausted and in debt, began the nervous moves to remain major world players. Syria was one of the arenas of their power play. After a Second World War the writing was on the wall for both countries as colonial empire guardians. France was on a path to lose Indo-China, black Africa, and disastrously, Algeria. Britain was to lose everything, only the Falkland Islands would remain.

Yet it was their petty power squabble over Syria that was to have dramatic consequences for the future of the planet.

Focussed on Syrian control, both nations fatally misread the real power moves of the time.

A Zionist activist, Avraham Stern, had begun his political career by offering that the Zionists would fight for Germany if Hitler would support a Jewish state in Palestine on a fascist basis allied to the Reich. The message was passed to the Germans via their Istanbul embassy. By 1942, having received no reply from Berlin, Stern began a series of terrorist bombings and assassinations in the Zionist cause. That same year Stern was shot dead by a British policeman. By 1944 the Stern Gang were getting help from the French. They tried to assassinate the outgoing British High Commissioner for Palestine, Sir Harold MacMichael. He narrowly escaped.

A new Minister of State was approved in Cairo, Lord Moyne. In 1941 he had issued a memorandum on ‘jewish policy’ in which he proposed that British support for a Greater Syria might ease the tension around jewish immigration.

Moyne made a speech in Parliament in which he proposed “a federation of the Northern Arab states might well assist such a solution.” In other words a general jewish immigration into a broad-based Arab federation, thus letting the jews be a minority in an Arab-governed state. Again, in other words, jewish independence by living among Arab neighbours, without Zionism.

In 1944 a secret Cabinet meeting was set up by Churchill. It proposed that the British government should back the creation of a Greater Syria comprising “Syria, Trans-Jordan, the Arab residue of Palestine and the portion of Lebanon south and east of Sidon.”

On 6 November 1944, as he entered his Cairo home, Lord Moyne and his driver were shot dead by two terrorists, Eliahu Hakim and Eliahu Beth Tsouri, who had been sent by the Stern Gang to kill the minister responsible for the Greater Syria policy. Churchill, a devoted Zionist but a friend of Moyne, called the killers “gangsters worthy of Nazi Germany.” With the French backing the Stern Gang, and Britain’s statesman dead, the two European powers found themselves enmeshed in the dynamics of Zionist activity. The role of Syria was secunded to the emerging power of a future Israel.

On the day Moyne’s assassins were hanged, 22 March 1945, the Arab League was formed.

The tugging between Britain and France played itself out as the real emerging force of judaic revival brilliantly advanced while the two powers remained distracted by Syria. The result meant chaos in Syria with France and Britain in military confrontation. The French, in the spirit of Republican values, turned to oppression. Hangings, machine-guns aimed at Damascus crowds, and the traditional bombing and shelling of civilian homes. In three days over eight hundred Syrians had been killed and the capital was a smouldering ruin. French democracy had laid out its stall of goods – soon to be distributed in Indo-China and Algeria. Britain in turn would collapse abandoning first Africa and then India. A new world was being born with Israel a different kind of super-power, Syria forgotten, and the Arab League left with its aborted baby, Palestine.

What follows is well known. The devout Catholic, Michel Aflaq, created the socialist Ba’ath Party which spread its Christian curse over Syria and Iraq, supported from the beginning by the Vatican. Its socialism quickly turned to fascism, giving the world Saddam and Assad.

Assad senior massacred tens of thousands of Syrian men, women and children in his famous day of shame. The true culprits were the, as ever, politically and strategically inept Ikhwan.

The Shi’a tribe of Assad then placed the second son as puppet to their fascist family secretariat.

Afraid lest the Assads try to run, the relatives in the Junta took both husband and wife, forced them to watch the torture and murder of adults and children, filmed them, and thus made them complicit in the regime’s actions.

The Geo-Political Perspective.

Israel cannot intervene since it raises the spectre of its dubious beginnings and its primal choice of Zionism over the prospect of a secular existence as a minority living in neighbourhood with an Arab populace – its primal citizens, remember, being European concentration camp inmates. They chose a national ghetto.

Egypt cannot intervene because the rich military class have installed the ever-doomed-to-failure political Ikhwan, who, having abandoned Islam for a modernist monotheism, cannot act without permission. The de-Islamisation of Ikhwanism leaves them a political class without Divine authority as their claim. They are slaves of the ballot-box. Worse, they are the prisoners of the Egyptian High Command, the only military elite in the world who sport rows of medals celebrating their defeats at the hands of tiny Israel!

The Arab League cannot speak, let alone act. Brought into being to halt the creation of Israel and defend the ‘Arab cause’ in Palestine, they are the walking dead of Arab atheism.

Neither France nor England dare make a move, given that they are the authors of this debacle.

The U.S.A. as the illegitimate father of Israel wants to keep the issue in the already defunct discourse of East-West politics.

The U.N.O. is totally discredited. If the much less violent crisis of Ethiopia ended the usefulness of the League of Nations – how can this institution continue, having proved unable to act both in its structural capacity and given the nauseous weakness of its leadership and its ambassadors?

China dare not budge from inaction. To admit the right of the Muslim masses to freedom would by logic demand the independence of the Uighurs and the Tibetans.

Russia dare not budge from inaction. It would lead to admitting the reneging of Yeltsin’s accord with Chechnya and their denial of freedom to the Muslims of the Caucasus.

The Shi’a Perspective.

Buried under all this tangled web of deceptions lies hidden the ancient conflict of the Muslims and their struggle to preserve the truly evolutionary nature of their Divine mission to mankind, which, declaring the Unity of God, also announced to mankind that leadership was not genetically inherited, not a family inheritance, but rather a ruhani transmission of power, based not on genetics but capacity to govern. The Lady Aisha was the Defender of the Faith. On her right and left rode Talha and Zubayr, both guaranteed the Garden. Hussein, in the words of our greatest legalist, Qadi Abu Bakr of Granada, “was killed by the sword of his grandfather.”

There are not two Deens. Only one. It is called Islam. Its followers do not recognise ‘perfect Imams’ for twelve generations. They scoff at a ‘hidden’ Imam in occultation. They do not curse Sahaba whom Allah the Exalted has praised unequivocally. They deny inherited prophetic leadership, even inherited Prophet-owned property. They confirm that the Qur’an is complete and uncreated.

Today things are not what people claim. Modern Shi’a struggle in Iran to be free of their tyrannical priesthood, and to be released from the cheap scientism of the Mu’tazili. They want to return to their prior heritage – their first Da’ees followed Imam Malik.

Modernist Ikhwan have been Shi’a in their rationalism and acceptance of the fantasy of people’s rule and rights.

This has made them embrace capitalism as do the Mullahs of Teheran and Kerbelah.

An Islamic awakening will necessitate a Da’wa and indeed psychiatric treatment for the Shi’a intelligentsia. They will be freed from the psychoses of Mahdi-worship, masking women in obsessive black robes, and men who guiltily flagellate themselves on a regular basis.

It will also see an end to the Salafism from Arabia that has unashamedly based itself on a theological foundation of oil for dollars.

It will announce the return by the Muslims to the ‘Amal of the Ahl al-Madinah and thus an end to banking capitalism.

In the meantime we continue under the rule of the dwarfs. Putin, Assad, Ban Ki-moon, the whole scuttling agitation of the political class while the sub-human, dog and cat eating Chinese dither between world conquest and chaos.

The Syrian Muslims will in the end, at last, determine their own future, but let the fighters determine the outcome. Learn the lesson of Bosnia, where the military struggle was thrown away by the political class. Beware, oh Syrians, of the non-belligerent Councils and Ikhwanis.