30 September 2008

Usury. The monetarist society is one based on usury. It is a society of usurers. That means, alas, all of us within the financial system now globally established. Recently, we were shown on TV a remote Amazon tribe previously unknown to the Brazilian government. When they saw the small ‘plane fly over them, they rushed into the jungle. They returned and fired arrows and spears at the ‘plane to drive it away. These were the last human beings on the planet, in what we name as Fitra, driving off the usurer sub-humans – us.

The foundation of modernist atheism lies not in a metaphysical construct which declares that man does not ‘need’ the idea of Divinity – it lies in the embracing of usury as no longer forbidden, but necessary. In a limited and finite world the modern men declared that increase in the exchange was not only permitted but theoretically without limits. Atheism has to precede usury.

The Divine Creator affirms His reality by the confirmation that since nothing is associated with Him, everything in existence, that is creation, is other-than-Him, thus is in-time, has form and limits. It is because of the limit nature of the universe, that an exchange system that admits of the theory that increase can function when what is at hand is limited, must be forbidden.

Now that, as I had only the week before demonstrated, the monetarist system has in effect collapsed, its theoretical foundations cannot sustain rational critique, cannot pretend that ‘business’ can continue using these instruments, institutions and protocols. However, the fundamental principle – usury – is not, apparently cannot, be confronted, let alone abolished.

It is for us to determine whether we can claw back the moral power to put an end to the monetarist (money ex nihilo) practice and re-establish a real-value exchange system in place of a fantasy numbers system.

In reporting the USA banking disaster one economist ruefully admitted, “Since the 700 billion may not be paid back under a couple of decades it must be understood that, given the interest due at the end of that time, the debt may be a non-number, since we will have no digital command over the calculation, no name for such a vast number.”

In the light of this extreme situation, on the edge of reason, mathematics, and sanity, the question has to be asked: “Why did people, and indeed do people, live without grasping the nature of the matter? Forget the kuffar – what happened to our ‘Umma, and what happened to the Arab nation, once its heart?”

Ezra Pound in his master-work, “The Cantos”, itself a great fresco outlining the impact of usury on society, announced:

“In their souls was usura and in their hearts cowardice
In their minds was stink and corruption”

In Canto 46 he upholds the morality of the Founding Fathers of America over and against modern banking:

“……Mr Jefferson met it: (i.e. hyper-usura)
‘No man hath natural right to exercise profession
of lender, save him who hath it to lend.’”

Pound grapples with this question – the inability of people to grasp what usury meansUNTIL it collapses.

“Said Mr. RothSchild, hell knows which Roth-schild
1861, ‘64 or there sometime, ‘Very few people
‘will understand this. Those who do will be occupied
‘getting profits. The general public will probably not
‘see it’s against their interest.’”

It was not unexpected that Islam should awaken in Europe and America. Born into the usury elite world, we had entered Islam because it clearly was the exit door from usury. It came as a terrible disappointment to us when we realised that the self-styled ‘modernists’ in Islam were already those who saw that they could design a ‘new’ Islam which permitted usury and the myth of Islamic Banking. To Jama’at al-Islamiyya and the Ikhwan al-Muslimeen the necessary dynamic required of them was to be the same as the “West”. Their fantasy was that “the West” was just “a know-how” which could be acquired without taking on its behaviour and society. This inexcusable ignorance that imagined that “technique” was simply a thing in itself and not a complete life-pattern, led – on one hand to embracing every social modality of the West – and on the other to a despairing nihilism of ‘resentment’ at not having been invited to the party – one which led them to terror and suicide.

Jama’at al-Islamiyya did not found an Islamic State.
It founded an Islamic Bank.
The Wahhabi regime of Arabia did not found an Islamic Dinar basis to trade.
It accepted oil payments in dollars.
The Ikhwan al-Muslimeen did not establish the Islamic Shari‘at.
They became an underground terrorist movement.

At the time I entered Islam – the Arabs were already on their way out – mid-twentieth century.

I witnessed the socialist Egyptian masses at Nasser’s funeral, shouting in their millions a Shahada of which the second part was, “Nasser Nur’allah!” Allah forgive us for even setting it down!

It was only much later that it became clear that when the Kings of Arabia denied Khalifate, on the instructions of their political masters who had enthroned them, they had shattered the chain of command on which an Islamic society was founded – that is, a Leader in whose name the Jumu’a is celebrated, and by whom the fast and ‘Eids are determined, and the Zakat Collectors are appointed. Very quietly the Third Pillar of Islam was lowered to the ground, in its place came a voluntary personal gift. Zakat was abolished.

The abolition of Zakat rent asunder the Qur’anic Command which bonded together Salat and Zakat.

Look at the Divinely ordained sequence on which the Deen is set up.

Amir – he commands the appointed Collectors to collect the Zakat after assessing it.

Collectors – they in turn must take from the Muslim they are taxing the gold and silver Dinar and Dirham – a Sunna of Nabawiyyat. There can be no Zakat on pieces of paper, themselves promissory notes.

The authority for this lies in two Ayats of Ahkam, both in Surat at-Tawba. The Command to TAKE the sadaqa is in 9:103:

“Take Zakat from their wealth
to purify and cleanse them
and pray for them.
Your prayers bring relief to them.
Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.”

The authority for the appointment of Collectors is in 9:60:

“Zakat is for:
the poor,
the destitute,
those who collect it,
reconciling people’s hearts,
freeing slaves,
those in debt,
spending in the Way of Allah,
and travellers.
It is a legal obligation from Allah.
Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.“

The restoration of the pillar of Zakat must precede the re-adoption of the Shari‘at of Islam. Let it be understood that the Shari’at of Islam is founded on two elements. One half of the Law of Islam is about the practices of Ibada. The other half of the Law of Islam is about the limits and practices of Commerce. That is why the secret terrorist groups are in no way fighting for the Deen. On the contrary, it is now demonstrable that Kufr requires Terror to hide from mankind that Islam is the unique social instrument of rescue from the monetarist disaster. Islam is a post-usury ethos, dependent for its existence on the abolition of usury.

The sustaining of the Muslim community in acts of terrorism and suicide bombing is the absolute necessity required of the collapsing monetarist (usury) system – a system, remember, usurious in its institutions, instruments and practices. While we, the Muslim majority can disassociate ourselves from terror and suicide, leaderless and self-styled jihads and rebels without any ‘aqida – we have utterly failed to recognise usury in its institutions, instruments and practices. The bland acceptance of the banking methodology – money ex nihilo – then interest on the loan – then trading in debts – in the end of the day has reduced the historicity of the Muslim masses to the level of the modern hindu masses at a Bollywood film festival. Usury has reduced Islam in Dubai to being a minority religion and its largest building not a mosque but a gambler’s private casino.

Salat without Zakat is not Islam. Salat avoids associating anything with Allah. Sawm cleanses and controls the appetites for food and sex. Hajj removes fear of death by showing the Day of Rising. Zakat purifies the self from the lust of possession and withholding. To remove Zakat is to grant the self a right to hold on to wealth, and in turn, then expect increase. With Zakat gone, usury steps in. Salat-Zakat-Sawm-Hajj produces Muslim men, women and society. Remove Zakat and the DNA spiral of ‘Muslim’ is shattered.

There is no such thing as a vegetarian lion.

There is no such thing as a Zakat-less Muslim.

When the Muslims cease to be governed by their ‘ulama, like the deviant sect, and are led by the strongest among them, who in turn take public Bayat then take Zakat from the community through Collectors – then at that point the usury epoch will fall to pieces, doomed by Allah, the end of an age. Islam will have re-awakened and ancient promises will have been fulfilled.