12 September 2011

With Syria and its descent into barbarism we come to the final integer in the great sum of reckoning that announces itself as the end of an age.

The great humanist society that not only defined itself as a world destiny but insisted it had finished with all previous social models, as a result of two skyscrapers being destroyed by two planes used as weapons, completely imploded. It imploded morally and financially. As it spiralled into unpayable interest on its trillions of numerical debt it, in its terror, rescinded its two hundred years of hard won freedoms. With the markets dominated by a roulette of numbers so too governance was controlled by the numbers game of demographics. Bernard Shaw defined it as ‘anybody chosen by everybody.’ In the end it was rule from below, Darwin was denied in the face of the evolutionary evidence. Breeding was for horses and dogs, humans had settled for the lottery of the mongrels.

The great humanist society that had dismissed all societies and their social modes as primitive or irrational now floundered, victim of an oligarchic class that had captured the world market system with a numbers currency heading for infinity with compound interest, the clean ‘scientific’ word for the usury condemned by the three great monotheistic religions, themselves now anaesthetised with ‘tolerance’.

Social energy and the intellectual dynamic had moved from West to East. The American continent was already half conquered by its ancient people as they swept unstoppably northwards. The future of the planet was now located, if there was to be a survival of the species, in anywhere east of Istanbul.

The old society – Washington, London, Frankfurt, Paris – lay exhausted, morally bankrupt, trapped in the psychosis of insisting money was numbers on scraps of paper, and in the final mental breakdown, numbers flashing between computer terminals.

Mired in the swamps of finance the institutions and the leadership of the ‘world community’ proved utterly helpless to come to the aid of a whole nation as its tiny minority community ruthlessly shot, killed, tortured and burned the passive helpless and unarmed majority.

Verbal protests, every day more empty, echoed over the daily iPhone and internet footage of the seemingly endless slaughter. In Syria the whole ‘world‐system’ as market, as society, as culture, came to an end.

Silent Israel, yes, but also silent Turkey. Silent Europe and silent ‘democracy’. Most terrible of all, however, was not the expected impotence of the ‘world’ – no, the worst thing of all was the behaviour of the victims. Unarmed, waving banners begging for help, they marched to their doom, machine‐gunned in their hundreds. Human lemmings, over the cliff.

Machiavelli had warned: “I say again to you that without force cities do not save themselves.”

Numbed into silence about their own situation, paralysed by the forceful media screaming warnings that it must not degenerate into ‘sectarian’ violence – the Syrians did not even grasp their own geopolitical position between Lebanon and Iran.

Of course there is no sectarian issue. Shi‘ism is not a sect of Islam, even if at first it appeared to be. It in turn had evolved through being designed as a separate religion, dependent on cursing the first Muslim community, on the practice of open lying and pretence of their true position (taqi’a), and bizarrely on mass self‐flagellation. After the Iranian Shi‘a state was founded the small sect of so‐called Alawites in Syria were declared by fatwa from Teheran to be full Shi‘a.

The Ikhwan al‐Muslimeen are caught in a double bind. Through one of their founding fathers, Jamalad‐din al‐Afghani, who was in fact al‐Irani, they have long bought into the legend of Shi‘ism as a ‘sect’, yet when they confided in London to the Iranians their intention to rise against Assad in Homs, they sealed the fate of over 20,000 Muslim men, women and children, who were promptly massacred by Assad’s Shi‘a police and army. Hence the problem facing the Arab League and an Ankara regime seriously infiltrated by old Ikhwanis.

The Ikhwanis, the ‘Islamism’ so loved of the European media, seek to regain all their lost ground in Egypt, where they slavishly stand behind the military, and in Tunisia where dinosauric political ‘Islamic’ figures now posture. Libya is a land of grimly silent – for forty years – Ikhwanis. Thus Syria stands not at the threshold of freedom but at a move from a secular dictatorship, in fact Shi‘a, to a political version that in itself is a by‐product of that same Shi‘ism (Afghani, Rashid Reda, Abdu).

We insist – Islam is not a political movement, but it IS a market movement.

To move from politics to markets under Islamic rulings, that means to move NOT out of dictatorship into a capitalist enslavement like that of Europe and its eurozone politics, but rather to face a post‐political future free of Assad/Ikhwan dualism.

In that sense a genuine war of liberation must break free of all ideologies, Shi‘a and pseudo‐Muslim Ikhwanism. The young Syrians have to wage an unstructured, ruthless, painful struggle, just to break free.

The Syrians must rely on the fitra of a new generation. They will find Islam – it has been abolished since the financial transaction of usury finance led it into this historical trap.

Start again. Make it new.
Do not get killed in the Ghandiesque folly of the streets. Withdraw. Plot. Plan. Act. Take Bay’at among yourselves. Strike. They have the weapons – and their fear. You have no fear. You have the future. You will recover your lost Islamic heritage. Allah is your support. Victory is for Him.

  *   *   *    *    *