12 March 2005

Allah the Almighty says in Surat at-Tawba (9:112);

Those who make tawba,
those who worship,
those who praise,
those who fast,
those who bow,
those who prostrate,
those who command the right,
those who forbid the wrong,
those who preserve the limits of Allah:
give good news to the muminun.

Despite the accelerated pace of the kafir programme to eliminate the Muslims from the face of the earth, an event which is no part of conspiracy theory or even practice, but is now the quotidian reality that we face all over the world today, despite all this our people are awakening to the trap that has been laid for us and to the double-bind that has been imposed on us. By the double-bind I mean that we are forced into one of two utterly unacceptable extreme positions. On the one hand we are accused of, or in despair driven into confirming the programmes of terror, while on the other hand we are offered the passive role which enslaves us into a bayat with the kuffar and an active protestation that we have replaced Iman with Tolérance. Every day we receive more shocking news of the genocide of Muslims from Kosovo to Karakoram. We must continually remind ourselves that alongside that genocide lie the appalling suicidal acts caused by an amalgam of utter social despair and the machinations of a political policy that is utterly ruthless, at the same time events more and more reveal that terrorism is a built-in categorical imperative of the internal crisis of capitalism in its final phase. This connection between the act of terror and the machine system of capitalism is becoming clearer with the unfolding of the terrorist dialectic. We have already raised the defining question—who benefits from terrorism?—and we are forced to recognise that the beneficiaries are those who wish to impose on the world a general enslavement of its own masses, even at the price of the abolition of that network of civic liberties which they had so long boasted was their unique achievement.

In the recent U.S. Government Enquiry into their security failure to anticipate the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York, a disturbing but highly significant pattern of questioning began to emerge. A series of high-ranking witnesses to the event were asked the same question: “Are you saying that without the destruction of the WTC we could not have gone to war on Afghanistan?” The unanimous conclusion was that the USA could not have invaded Afghanistan without the event of the terror bombing of the two towers, which would permit us to say, if we reverse our angle of vision, without the pretext. In other words there seems to be a symbiotic relationship between an invasion of Afghanistan and a required raison d’être. This forces us to realise, however uncomfortable it may be for us, that given the miserable condition of the Arab and Berber masses, it is a simple matter to recruit from these same leaderless masses handfuls of men who can be initiated into acts of self-destruction that have been translated for them in meaning, to be understood as an apotheosis. Unfortunately the suicide bomber is not a phoenix who rises triumphantly from the ashes, but is rather the roast duck of the one who threw them on the fire.

Distasteful as it is to us, we are forced to return to the situation in Palestine. We have long refrained from passing any judgment on the situation there because the tyrant forces of Israel are so repellant in their savagery and in their genocide. What Hitler did in Lidice in annihilating the whole village for the crime of others, the Israelis do to village after village inside Palestine. Regrettably we cannot escape from the fact that now the actions of the victims are surpassing in horror the actions of their masters. Worse than that, is the bitter reality that we must acknowledge, which is, while we do not expect anything else of the Israelis, yet with the Palestinians and their strident claim of Islam, they must be judged by the higher standard due the Muminun.

Now this matter is of the greatest profundity because it is one concerning the suffering of poor Muslim families and also one which is at present holding the whole Muslim Ummah to a ransom, the payment of which demands that we submit to their behaviour as being Islamic, a submission which would mean an abrogation of Islamic Shari‘at as it has stood for a millennium and a half. Since their actions put at risk our survival and the integrity of the Deen, we cannot remain silent. Allah, glory be to Him, has said in Surat al-Anfal (8:24-25),

You who have Iman! respond to Allah and to the Messenger
when He calls you to what will bring you to life!
Know that Allah intervenes between a man and his heart
and that you will be gathered to Him.
 Be fearful of trials which will not afflict
solely those among you who do wrong.
Know that Allah is severe in retribution.

This Divine warning forces us to cast a cold eye on the internal affairs of the people of that unhappy land. We must ask the question, what is the motive of the son-killers? Is it the defeat of Israel? Since suicide as a means of attack has an inescapable statistical reality, which is that in the end of the day there will be no Palestinians left, it follows that this is a strange path to victory. If they are doing it for the future of their people it is even stranger, since it follows that the country will not have a future since they will have sacrificed their future strapped to the Semtex. Unfortunately, there is a political motive which, while it could not be more distasteful, must be confronted. The political Isma‘ilism of terror works on the principle that as you select son after son of family after family, while you lose the son you enmesh the wider family into your political allegiance.

The political future of Palestine then has two possibilities. The first is that, shattered and in exhaustion, the jews will submit and make peace with the terror leadership which will then become the governing power of Palestine. This would mean that the Palestinians would look on an elite leadership, who themselves had been untouched, and who would now govern those families whose sons they had killed on the altar of that political ambition. The other possibility is that the outside forces of world politics, in turn exhausted and finally aware that Israeli mass murder is giving humanism a bad name, grant the Palestinians the state they have been fighting for, and, following the dry-run of Iraq, apply the same method to the Palestinians. In short, a massive loan from the World Bank, and an ‘all-religions-are-equal’ constitution, with a christian woman as president. Umar Ibrahim Vadillo in ‘The Esoteric Deviation in Islam’, his devastating thousand-page analysis of all the stages that have brought us to our present disasters, deals with the matter at length. In a section headed ‘The Palestinian Issue’ (p.543) he states:

“The fall of Palestine was the direct consequence of the fall of the Khalifate. Indirectly, all those who worked against the Osmanli Khalifate were responsible for the disaster of Palestine. Arabism, which ironically became the core thesis of Palestinian liberation, was one of the British instruments for undermining the Khalifate. While the great majority of Arabs remained loyal to the Khalifate, an Arabist-Islamic reform movement, consisting of several groups and societies ranging from those of a pure nationalist nature to religious reformers, took a stance against the Khalifate. Arab nationalism brought disaster to Palestine and guaranteed the continuation of Israeli occupation. Nationalism was misunderstood by those reformers and they were outplayed by British manipulation of the cause. […] Nationalism was never the solution to the Palestinian cause. The failure to understand that capitalism is the enemy, and the failure to maintain or return to the Islamic model, are more responsible for the creation of Israel than the zionist movement.

“The Ikhwan, who have more than anybody championed the nationalistic cause of the Palestinians, have to admit their share of responsibility for the failure of this cause. Muslims cannot blame zionism for Palestine, we can only blame ourselves. Nationalism was the trap for those emerging reformist movements. Tacitly, they embraced capitalism, or even worse they islamised it. Islamically speaking the Palestinian cause is not a nationalist issue but a case of the entire Muslim Ummah obeying the command of Allah to eliminate usury and therefore capitalism. The Ikhwan not only misread this matter and misled millions of Palestinians into disaster, but they became the champions of the real Muslim disaster which was the ‘islamisation of capitalism’. The Ikhwan actively supported the Islamic banking phenomenon and embraced the reform of the Shari‘ah to accommodate capitalism. Ultimately Hasan al-Banna must be held responsible for creating one of the most disastrous organisations in the history of Islam, which has produced failure after failure and the death of thousands of its own ranks, with only one political achievement: the creation of the Islamic banks.”

As Umar Ibrahim Vadillo unfolds at length, the disastrous political judgments of the modern Arabs stem from a tragic misreading of the event of modernism, by that we mean the dominance of the technical process over all political constructs, a misreading which in turn is the result of a drastic error in ‘aqida, which in its turn was the set of false doctrines put out by false ‘ulema desperately anxious to join in the embrace of technique at the expense of the Deen itself. The abolition of the fiqh meant its replacement by Islamic principles. These principles in turn could then swiftly be translated into democracy, human rights, and banking. At the heart of this is the apparently strange obsession of the kuffar with the practice of democracy.

The Arab intellectuals, their brains pickled by personality politics, utterly failed to realise the quite Himalayan range of social realities that soared in front of them. What was the Everest of modern politics? It was that the democratic system forged a two-dimensional reality. The first dimension was government. A democratic government abrogated total power over the money supply, thus in fact rendering the political frame powerless. The second dimension was that, in order to have the theatre of political representation, a census was necessary to collate the voters, while its real function was to list those who were to be indebted through taxation and the credit economy. Since we have reached the end of this process, and since we are at the end of an age, and that age did not end with the destruction of two skyscrapers nor even with the U.S. obliteration of the two cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, rather, it ended with the collapse of the Khalifate, as Professor Vadillo demonstrated at great length in his book, and the lemming-like rush of the Arabs towards nationalism, gulping the heady wine of marxist self-determination—as a result of all this we are now able to see that our poor Arab brothers lie, each in the hole of their nation, cut off from everyone, while the desperate Palestinians try to dig a hole for themselves. We have now reached the bottom of the pit of national struggle.

We, the Muslim Ummah, watched in horror at the sight of a poor Palestinian child draped in a jacket which was to be his shroud, slowly, in front of the world’s television, stripping down, and disconnecting the wads of Semtex round his poor little body. We cannot contemplate that event without being overwhelmed with the conflicting emotions of shame and rage. The men responsible for this are criminals. If there was not anarchy but an Islamic polity in Palestine, they would come before the Qadi. There is little doubt, from a juridical point of view, but that they would be condemned to execution.

Given the gravity of this matter we must remain level-headed. What we must know and demonstrate is whether, if sentence were passed, they would be entitled to two rakats before execution. When the Head of the rebel house of Saud was brought to Istanbul by the Egyptian governor, the Sultan ordered that he be tried by the Shaykh al-Islam on the matter of his ‘aqida before he was judged for his rebellion. The judgment of the great Hanafi Shaykh al-Islam was that Saud was an extreme Zindiq and thus should be beheaded without the right of two rakats prior to execution. His head was then displayed on the walls of Topkapi. It is his grandsons who have proved to be the sustainers and financers of our current disaster. At the heart of this Palestinian situation lies not the unquestionable cruelty of the Israelis, but rather the Shirk of those misguided ‘ulema who have sanctioned on their personal opinion the slaughter of the innocents.

Everything about the leadership in Palestine is dreadful. From the killing of the children, to the killing of the sons and daughters, to the now demented cries of making war on the USA and its allies. How can the U.S. be our enemy when in that land there are millions of Muslims? Still reality is given to the national entity over the political reality of a country moving inexorably into the Deen of Islam, nor is it surprising that the majority of these Muslims are from the former slave population and the migrant Hispanic workers. It is their cause which must be championed and not the schizophrenic war of sending your children out to throw stones against heavy-fire-power tanks. Allah, the Exalted, in His Discriminating Book, Surat al-An’am (6:137), says:

In the same way their idols have made killing their children
appear good to many of the mushrikun,
in order to destroy them and confuse them in their Deen.
If Allah had willed, they would not have done it;
so abandon them and what they fabricate.

The point reached in Palestine has to be confronted not just by us but by them. We cannot accept their behaviour. It is indefensible. The Palestinians must make tawba—they have brought all this on themselves. Islam cannot take a leadership from either a secret society or a secular committee like the PLO. The Palestinians must return to Islam. They must purify their ‘ibada. They must refrain from using words that are meant to glorify Allah by reducing them to slogans of a political conflict. They should recite in the mosques after Fajr or ‘Isha the Nasiri Du‘a which Allah inspired in His salih servant Shaykh Ibn Nasir (see Arabic text on this website). They must abandon the Palestinian national cause and they must look to survival. Not one Palestinian should be killed. The men should marry the widows among them and accept Allah’s generous permission to have up to four wives. Their families must increase and right-guided ‘ulema must teach their children the Deen, not as presently taught inside these territories. When we look deeply, knowing the psychology of the jews, we can see that they do not want peace. As in the wider situation, terror is some kind of solution to the unworkable kafir equation. Military victory is impossible but a demographic victory is easy. Let no-one say that they cannot afford these families, for it is in their recognition that Allah is the Provider, and that He will feed them, that Islam will return to Palestine. As for the enemy—Allah has said in Surat al-A’raf (7:34):

Every nation has an appointed time.
When their time comes,
they cannot delay it a single hour
or bring it forward.

Look how Allah guides us in His Glorious Book. Surat as-Saffat (37:99-109):

He said, ‘I am going towards my Lord; He will be my guide.
My Lord, bestow on me a right-acting child!’
And We gave him the good news of a forbearing boy.

When he was of an age to work with him, he said,
‘My son, I saw in a dream that I must sacrifice you.
What do you think about this?’
He said, ‘Do as you are ordered, father.
Allah willing, you will find me resolute.’
Then when they had both submitted
and he had lain him face down on the ground,
We called out to him, ‘Ibrahim!
you have discharged your vision.’
That is how We recompense good-doers.
This was indeed a most manifest trial.
We ransomed him with a mighty sacrifice
and left the later people saying of him:
‘Peace be upon Ibrahim.’

Higher than what the Muslim is prepared to do in obedience, in this case sanctioned, is the generosity and forgiveness of Allah, glory be to Him. Look, too, at what follows from that Divine release from the need to sacrifice a son. Surat as-Saffat (37:110-113):

That is how We recompense good-doers.
He truly was one of Our mumin slaves.

We gave him the good news of Ishaq,
a Prophet, one of the salihun.
We showered blessings upon him and upon Ishaq.
Among their descendants are good-doers
and also people who clearly wrong themselves.

The son-killers must see that after the event of Sayyiduna Ibrahim, may Allah be pleased with him, being released from the painful need to sacrifice his son to Allah, that the sacrifice is abrogated for ever. Allah the Almighty has said in Surat al-Fatir (35:43):

Do they expect anything
but the pattern of previous peoples?
You will not find any changing in the pattern of Allah.
You will not find any alteration in the pattern of Allah.

Once we have designated the kuffar as being enemies of Allah then we in our turn are obliged to the strictest obedience to what He has ordered and to what our beloved Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, has commanded. At that point there is no Palestinian struggle. At that point Al‑Aqsa is the property of all the Muslims and is no more a Palestinian issue but rather it is that of all the World Community of Muslims.

The Palestinian people must find out about the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Let them read Ash-Shifa of Qadi ‘Iyad and throw away all their books published by these disgraceful false ‘ulema of the Lebanon and Egypt.

A bedouin came to the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and said defiantly, “We do not kiss children.” He replied, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, “Then I can do nothing for you, for Allah has taken mercy out of your heart.”

In the understanding of our fiqh, in which there is no argument, it must be confirmed that Zakat cannot be collected in paper money but only in the Islamic Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham. Then and only then can we beg our Palestinian brothers and sisters to place themselves under these protecting ayats in Surat at-Tawba (9:102-104):

But others have acknowledged their wrong actions
and mixed a right action with another which is wrong.
It may well be that Allah will turn towards them.
Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Take Zakat from their wealth
to purify and cleanse them
and pray for them.
Your prayers bring relief to them.
Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

 Do they not know that Allah accepts tawba from His slaves
and acknowledges their Zakat,
and that Allah is the Ever-Returning, the Most Merciful?