20 November 2004

In 1945, observing the new socialist Prime Minister, Clement Attlee, Winston Churchill observed, ‘Mr. Attlee is a very modest man – and he has much to be modest about!’

Jack Kennedy, on hearing that Reagan was to be put up as Governor of California, said, ‘No, no! John Wayne for Governor, Ronald Reagan for Best Friend!’

At the famous Round Table of American intellectuals at the Algonquin Hotel, when they received the news of the death of President Calvin Coolidge, Dorothy Parker drawled cynically, ‘How could they tell?’

Since mid-20th century, that is following World War II, among a tiny enlightened minority – for mass education produces only fools – Democracy, even among its political elite, had become a joke. Now, at the beginning of the 21st century, with capitalism in the full flush of its final expansionist phase, motored by 24-hour electronic trading in paper and electronic signal money, Democracy is no joke.

It must be remembered that the adulation and elevation of Democracy is a relatively new affair. Its promotion from being ‘a good thing’ to being a necessary thing has evolved alongside the evolutionary emergence of the capitalist financial system from being a hegemony of private properties and projects into a totalitarian network that, from the leveraged buyout of a great corporation to a mere magazine subscription or football ticket, has engulfed the social nexus on a world scale.

The emergence of the dragon of Democracy from its cave can be historically identified with the beheading of three European monarchs. The first was the beheading of Mary, Queen of Scots, not as taught in mass-education schools by her personal enemy, Queen Elizabeth of England, but rather by David Cecil, whose wealthy family, along with a small cluster of others, had come to govern England. It was a land-based aristocracy which had cleverly taken power from the mad King Henry VIII when he in turn had shifted the balance of power from the Catholic Church by sacking the monasteries, while his mistaken generosity to the great Houses of England effectively ended personal monarchic rule.

The second beheading which indicates the deep seismic political rift was that of Charles I. Again, in the mythology taught the masses, he was executed because of his irrational conviction that personal rule allowed him to protect the poor and the common land against the encroaching greed and power of the landed aristocracy. Throughout this whole affair called the establishment of Democracy you must get used to being dictatorially informed that the arrival of Democracy is rational and just. Indeed, all of the political doctrines surrounding it must, in the name of reason, be read as indicating the opposite. For those interested in pursuing in detail the important matter of the Caroline beheading, I refer them to Kevin Sharpe’s masterpiece ‘The Personal Rule of Charles I’ (Yale).

A further part of the myth of an emerging ‘modernity’ was that Charles I squandered his wealth, but in a Civil War was defeated by the common people led by a common man. This, of course, was nonsense. As Belloc points out, Cromwell was not only a millionaire in modern terms, but precisely belonged to one of the rewarded families who became enriched through England’s effective abolition of christianity.

The third state execution, the most famous, was that of Louis XVI, followed by the disgraceful beheading of Marie Antoinette. In the highly documented debates in the French Assembly prior to the King’s staged trial, reference was repeatedly made to the death of Charles I.

At each stage of this disengagement from personal rule as the fundamental power concept, we can trace the emergence of a new power system based on two connected elements: one, state recognition of banking institutions, and two, the move away from real-value coin (gold and silver) to paper promissory-note instruments of exchange. Cromwell’s Commonwealth saw the foundation of the Bank of England. The French Revolution’s social transformation was founded on the introduction of the Assignat, a paper promissory note to be used as currency. It is important to be aware that from the very beginning the issue of this false money was voided of any collateral protection. When the whole of North-Western Atlantic France rose against the Revolution in a movement which united aristocrats, priests and peasants, their Manifesto declared their policy:

  1. The restoration of monarchic personal rule.
  2. Complete freedom of religion.
  3. The withdrawal of Assignats and a return to the gold coinage.

The first term in the Manifesto, of course, implied the abolition of the Constitution.

It is the abstract instrument of the Constitution which categorically denies that norm which had existed through all history in every place, government by a person, only to vest power in a structural system which was both totalitarian and voided of any moral imperatives, having by its definition ended religion and replaced it with the myth of self-worship, that is, humanism in its ideology and consumerism in its bitter reality.

Only now in the present anarchy we are living through, which has seen the de facto abolition of that whole system of International Law which had been set up after the military defeat of Napoleon, are we able to grasp the enormity of the deception that has been practiced on the ignorant and confused masses of a planet now reduced to an ecological disaster zone by its Democratic system.

Despite the military defeat of Napoleon, it was a crucial phase in that evolutionary deception which managed to convince the human species that it was choosing its governance. The Cromwellian Commonwealth, in reality a dictatorship, re-emerged as Napoleon’s empire, in reality the Ur-model of the modern Democratic state. Thus, too, Napoleon created the Bank of France.

In the Europe that followed, the English oligarchy emerged and began to forge a world empire. In the 60 years of Queen Victoria’s reign there was not one year in which the British army was not militarily engaged in war, slaughtering civilian populations, acquiring land and property, while increasingly justifying this rapacious activity with the news that it brought civilisation, something which more and more came to mean this humanist fantasy called Democracy.

It must not be forgotten that the 19th century and into the 20th was marked at home in Britain by that devastating poverty and degradation of which Charles Dickens so memorably wrote, telling his tales of urban starvation and child labour. The great Scottish social critic Thomas Carlyle denounced the capitalist system with a force that reverberated in Russia with Tolstoy and in America with Emerson. A gauge of the terrible situation in which we find ourselves is the all but total acquiescence in the face of the much greater social iniquities of today, where the poverty in Africa and the bankruptcy in South America receive only the passive sentimentality of rock-band Aid Concerts.

The expansion of the mythically self-governing European powers already resulted in what was a global disaster. The expropriation and the slaughter continued. One of my own ancestors, Lieutenant Colonel George Frederick Dallas, spent the first half of his military career fighting in the Crimean War, and the second part of it in British-occupied India. An inescapable part of the democratic system has always been to use the poorer and least defensible element of the citizenry to do the dying for the oligarchs, since this will result in less pressure than if the victims are from their own heartland. For a century and a half, the English ‘Democracy’ has flung the flower of Scottish youth into the mouths of the cannons, as today the U.S. send in the American Blacks.

Through two World Wars the Scottish regiments were shipped off to die in the Front Line, whether it was in Burma, Gallipoli, or the Western Front. The Gordon Highlanders, the Seaforth Highlanders, the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, the Cameron Highlanders and the famous Black Watch went, kilted, to their deaths in their hundreds of thousands. There is not a village in Scotland that does not have a War Memorial. In 1940, although the fall of France was inevitable, Churchill, against all military advice, held back the Highland Division after the English had already retreated at Dunkirk. For twelve days the Highland Division held back the massive force of Rommel’s Panzers in remorseless combat. They continued to resist without food or sleep, and finally ammunition, until overwhelmed and forced to surrender. The survivors were then taken into a five-year imprisonment.

This is not history. What we are doing is trying to understand what is going on right now. At this moment the Black Watch are being bombarded and slaughtered in a process that, as I have shown, has been continuous over decades.

As the system that motors this continuing slaughter becomes more powerful, it is inevitable that the perpetrators of the on-going crime become worse, become weaker, become more shameful, and at the same time become less and less ashamed.

The implications of our survey expose the most pernicious element in the Democratic system. There are two relevant quotations to this theme from World War I. Marshal Foch of the French army bitterly observed, ‘And so we leave behind the Wars of Kings, where the King marched at the head of his army so that even if wars were long, the casualties were few. Now we enter the age of the Wars of the People where the citizens march in their millions and the politicians lead from the safety of their homes.’ The French Prime Minister, Clemenceau, arrogantly announced: ‘War is much too important just to be left in the hands of the military.’

Wars are now declared by politicians, fought by the masses who die in great numbers, and then, when the attrition has spent the human energy, the politicians, still alive, return to the peace table. Graydon Carter, an American journalist, has pointed out that not one single member of the President’s War Cabinet, himself included, has ever seen active service, that means Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and Bush. The exception was Colin Powell, significantly the only opponent of the Iraqi War.

It is difficult to decide which is the more disgusting and the more offensive – the stunning insensitivity with which the British Prime Minister confronts the carnage he has licensed, or the strange reality that he does not seem aware of how cowardly he is and how insecure in speech and gesture. It is a sign of the success of the media’s control of the illiterate masses that the appearance of the midget American President in full Top-Gun gear on an aircraft carrier did not awaken international derision, as indeed no-one seemed to observe that the day when he announced the end of hostilities in Iraq was the day on which the conflict began.

A political system which has openly declared itself as a militarist project, and which boasts that its primary industry is that of armaments, surely must insist that its leadership is actively present on the front line of its war zones. According to the American Constitution, its President is also its Commander in Chief. At the height of the ghastly siege of Stalingrad the surrounded German general cabled Adolf Hitler at his residence in the Bavarian Alps. It read: ‘I am here! Where are you?’ Hitler, it should be remembered, was a populist leader elected by an enthusiastic franchise. Should the heroic men of the Black Watch and the U.S. Marine Corps not send this message to their Democratic leaders?

In case you have any lingering doubts that somehow Democracy represents civilisation and that out there in the poverty zones lie the barbarians, I must reiterate to you that the function of Democracy is your enslavement and your destruction, which is why Democratic politicians urge on the electorate the promise that success and happiness lie in the future. Both U.S. presidential candidates in the last election declared, ‘Our best days lie ahead!’ ‘The best is yet to come!’ In short, ‘We have given you a century of mass carnage, slaughtering millions, and with Weapons of Mass Destruction wiped out Dresden, the jewel of European civilisation, in one night of blanket bombing, and two great cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in a blinding flash.’

Last week in a one-hour television programme on a European channel, a panel of experts gave a clinical report which left the young audience gasping as they tried to take in the information. It was the first time that the matter had ever been aired in the arena of public discourse – ever! What they had to report was that during World War II, over 2 million tons of bombs were dropped by the U.S. and Britain on French territory. A surprising percentage, almost half, had failed to explode, and lay scattered across France, unexploded and as lethally dangerous as the day they were dropped. Despite protocols to the contrary, bombs and mines are regularly exploded by the dozen around the coasts of France. There are 20 to 30 telephone alarms of live munitions being found in French fields and cities on a daily basis. This year in Brest, 2000 people had to be evacuated from their homes while a WW2 bomb weighing 110 kg was dismantled. One bomb disposal organisation alone has lost 12 experts in the last few years.

Allowing for the fact that along the Franco-German border, over the territory of trench warfare, there is also the massive detritus of World War I shells and explosives, it follows that the amount of live armaments is almost incalculable. Mustard gas instruments are still exploding and being discovered in the Flanders fields. In one French lake alone they have reckoned there are thousands of tons of unexploded weapons. A weapons disposals factory is being built in France to be ready by the year 2009. It expects to handle 20 tons of weaponry a year. One expert commented, ‘It will take six centuries before France is safe for its citizens and their children.’ This on-going carnage, the result of these two great suicidal convulsions of Democracy, is the true face of Democracy.

This is what is happening today in Iraq. This is what has already happened across Afghanistan. This is the political system that sowed personnel bombs from one end of Muslim Kosovo to the other in a pretended war against the Serbs. Afghanistan has got Democracy. Its religious schools are being closed down. A puppet president is in his place. He made his first political declaration of the ‘freedom’ that his rule represented: ‘I am proud to say that Coca Cola have opened their first factory in Afghanistan.’ Fallujah is virtually razed to the ground. This is called ‘Making the world safe for Democracy’. It is reckoned that the civilian population is one half now refugees, and the remaining half halved in the massacre of the bombardment.

The bitter lesson of all this is that the doctrines of humanism and atheism have been constructed in order to ravage the earth of all its wealth, and to strip its peoples in every corner of the world of all their possessions to the last blade of naturally grown grass, leaving the world in the hands of 300 of the wealthiest people who have ever existed in history, but responsible to nobody, and despising everybody. Perhaps the greatest scandal is that we hardly even know their names. We do, however, know their institutions – they are the World Bank and the I.M.F., they are a handful of super-banks and a world-networked array of ordinary banks, and the chains of this slavery are paper currency, plastic cards, and a gigantic series of financial configurations circling around our heads from satellite to satellite in a unique system of totalitarian control.

Now a formula of Democracy can be laid out.



So it is that many thinking people in this age are nihilists, because on the face of it nihilism is the last rational response. This nihilism has even invaded the Muslim peoples who, despite the uncompromising prohibition of the Law, have committed suicide in a last quixotic gesture, at least to take some of the enemy with them into destruction.

This is not the view of the Muslims. This is not the teaching of Islam. Today the world’s masses are in the Maqam of ‘La ilaha’. This opens one road, or ends the people in self destruction. By Allah’s opening the road for the people of this planet to the completion of the wisdom they have already achieved, from the ‘La ilaha’ they can move to ‘La ilaha illallah’. And what that means is the passionate embracing of the great truth of the Good News for all the human race (Qur’an, 9:128):

A Messenger has come to you from among yourselves.
Your suffering is distressing to him;
he is deeply concerned for you;
he is gentle and merciful to the muminun.

For the great Muslim nation this is a new beginning, and one of our first tasks must be to make Da’wa to the Arab peoples. The Palestinian people can no longer escape the bitter truth, that they have never been taught Islam, for the whole world saw that they did not even know how to bury their leader according not only to the rites of the Deen, but according to its sober and noble and dignified adab. By the same token, it is time for us to make Da’wa to the American people. It should not be forgotten that those who deny Allah, as I have indicated, are inescapably on one step to confirming Islam. Those who must be warned of Allah’s majesty are the mushriks, who worship an idol. By that I mean the Evangelical christians who have plunged their nation, against its will, into a deadly alliance with the aspirations of Zion.

For the atheist post-christian and post-jew, the door swings open onto the light of Islam. As for Europe, it is already ours. Not only the future but the present of the Continent lie in our hands. Allah, glory be to Him, in his Sura The City (90:1-20) declares:

In the name of Allah, All-Merciful, Most Merciful
I swear by this city –
and you are resident in this city –
and by a father and what he fathered,
We created man in trouble.

Does he imagine that no one has power over him?
He says, ‘I have consumed vast quantities of wealth.’
Does he imagine that no one has seen him?

Have We not given him two eyes,
and a tongue and two lips
and shown him the two highways?

But he has not braved the steep ascent.
What will convey to you what the steep ascent is?

It is freeing a slave
or feeding on a day of hunger
an orphaned relative
or a poor man in the dust;
then to be one of those who have iman
and urge each other to steadfastness
and urge each other to compassion.
Those are the Companions of the Right.

Those who reject Our signs,
they are the Companions of the Left.
Above them is a sealed vault of Fire.