17 May 2013

The Catholic Church since its inception has functioned as an after-life.
Crudely constructed of old Roman myths it claimed the birth of the Saviour as a winter festival, and his death and rising as a spring festival. The consumption of his flesh resulted in being ‘saved’ in the next world. The ancient Romans ate the flesh of the dead king to gain immortality as retold in Petronius’ Satyricon, which St. Paul could have read!
The early Roman Church is really the elevation not of its saints but the metaphysical transformation of the Spartacus revolt against the Roman Empire by its enslaved masses. The crucifixion, symbol of the crushing of that uprising, became the symbol and myth of divine intervention. The crucified one rose from the dead – Spartacus reborn – enthroned in Rome.
Of course we Muslims know that our lord ‘Issa was not crucified. In Rome it became the symbol that, as historian Gibbon convincingly demonstrated, destroyed the mighty Roman Empire.

Well aware that genetic inheritance of leadership was doomed to de-generacy, as the Ancients of Greece and Rome had analysed in Sophocles and Seneca, they chose to create a celibate leadership which would assure perpetual renewal.
Borgia’s bid to make the papacy dynastic was swiftly nipped in the bud. In order to survive, the Catholic Church had to govern by fear, thus heresy became the instrument both of power and punishment.

Before glancing – one can only glance – it is such a grizzly record – at the historic record, look at the two ancillary doctrines which were invented to empower the Church challenged by rational procedures.

One – the invention of confession, given in secret by the priest, and resulting in forgiveness and purification. Freud was wittily to re-instate this as part of his revenge on christian persecution, making the psycho-analyst both priest and absolver of sin. A highly successful anti-catholic church.

Two – the medieval invention of purgatory. This was a real-estate transformation of Heaven into a two-tier system of Divine Heavenly Mansions and a hotel-chain of limited residence in Purgatory, resulting in either promotion to heaven – on paying the church – or a delayed descent into Hell – for non-payment.
The mainstay of Roman Catholic Power was fear.

Witches – from 1484 – 1750 ( ! ) an estimated 500,000 women were burned at the stake or hanged.

Cathars – one million victims – in the last phase of this Papal genocide it was surpervised by the Inquisition, founded in 1232. All this in one small region of South West France.

The Spanish Inquisition – it can boast of 100,000 tortured and killed, Muslims in the majority.
Torquemada, the Spanish Inquisitor, burned an estimated 10,220 victims.

Germany – in the 17th century the city of Magdeburg was sacked by the Catholics, killing 30,000 Protestants. Schiller, Germany’s greatest poet, later wrote: “In a single church 50 women were found beheaded, infants still suckling the breasts of their lifeless mothers.”

Jews – represent an unquantifiable number of victims.
Seville’s archbishop Martinez led one massacre of 4,000 with 25,000 sold into slavery. They were identified by the bright yellow badges they were forced to wear, making the Catholic Church the initiator of Nazi persecution. The recently collapsed Pope was, of course, a known member of the Hitler Youth.

W.W.2. – From 1942-43 in Croatia extermination camps were run by the Catholic Ustasha under their dictator Ante Pavelić, a devout Catholic and frequent visitor to the Pope. They even had special extermination camps just for children.
The most notorious camp was Jasenovac. It was run by a Franciscan friar. The victims, mostly Muslims and Jews, were stabbed, shot or burned alive – an estimated 500,000 of them.

All this is not to mention in detail the massive Catholic slaughter of the Crusades, nor the long history of European massacres, the most infamous being the attempt to wipe out the Huguenots of France. On command of Pope Pius V, 20,000 were murdered.

And – if you can bear it – the near obliteration of Mexico’s and South America’s native populations must be added.

In modern times, the Evangelical Church, especially in the Americas, abolished Catholic sacramental religion – based on ingesting the flesh and blood of the Saviour – hic est corpus – as a means to salvation. Instead they made central the Act of Baptism – at which the person was ‘born again’, transferring renewal from the Next World to the present world. This provides lots of fun, hand-clapping and singing.

Thus a Church which has lost its sacramental doctrine to the Evangelicals and has lost its Confessional to psycho-analysis, has now lost its celibate priesthood to pedophilia. Everyone looked to the new Pope to confront this scandal and initiate a sane, married priesthood. To the Catholics’ horror, a week into the job, he was washing and kissing prisoners’ feet. So this centuries’ long story of cruelty and perversion ends with an Argentinian foot-fetishist Pope, and worse – he is a jesuit!

* * * * *