The little ex-Hitler Youth, Pope Someone the Something had just returned from his African Holy-day. He made one important announcement for a continent crippled with the doctrines of bankism, poverty, genocide, and sexual anarchy with its pandemic disease. Africa, he declared, had to cure itself of witchcraft and the practices of magic.

He then celebrated the primitive magical rite which is the foundation of his claim to fame. Wafer biscuits were served to the people and goblets of red wine were elevated before a large cross and drunk by the initiate priests. Only he and priests ritually initiated by his Cardinals and Bishops were able to perform this magic act. For, it was claimed, this bread and wine were transformed, transubstantiated in their special language, into the flesh and blood of the Lord Jesus who lived two thousand odd years ago. It was not, as the rebel protestants claimed, consubstantiation – that is, it both is and is not the flesh and blood of Jesus. Nor was it, as the extreme protestants claimed, nonsubstantiation – that is, not changed from bread and wine, merely a commemorative act of the ‘Last Supper’. The ‘Hic est corpus’ of the Roman Mass – ‘This is my body’ – was already by the Middle Ages being mockingly called ‘Hocus pocus’, which became the synonym of fraud.

The little fellow in his Prada slippers and designer robes, not alas by Dolce and Gabbana, who might raise his game, then descended on Churchill’s kingdom, Jordan, whose king’s ferocious opposition to Israel and its slaughter of innocents is well-known. He then had the brazen impertinence to enter the mosque of Amman. We are still waiting for the news of how our Hashemite king bravely barred the way to the Pope’s assault on the mosque at the head of his Desert Legion. The Ikhwan al-Muslimun were told to stay away, perhaps afraid that in their modernism, they might have started up some inter-faith dialogue.

The little christian soldier marched fiercely into the mosque disdaining to remove his shoes. ‘They are very expensive!’ explained a Bishop, ‘Anyway they might be stolen. You know these Arabs.’

What was the purpose of the Catholic Pope entering a mosque? What indeed was the Queen of a Hashemite doing attending his Mass? The Bishop explained. “We are practising Tolerance, the new and infallible doctrine joining world christianity to world capitalism. You see, the Pope in a speech read out the Catholic view of your Messenger written by a christian scholar – insulting him and accusing him of the doctrine of violence and war. Now – look carefully! The Muslims tolerated this, despite a few offended voices. That was the first victory of tolerance over prejudice and darkness. The word had been spoken. Next, we move to the deed. Your prejudicial exclusiveness forbids non-Muslims to enter your mosques. Also, you declare it sanctified for valid worship of God. The Pope entered. First action. He kept his shoes on. Second action. The mosque had been opened to all by the world’s christian leader. Tolerance had moved from word to deed. Now we are ready for the third stage. The deconstruction of the Qur’an. Make it a book like any book. All religions equal – all Holy Books equal.”

Our Muslim friend tried to explain to the Bishop the meaning of the mosque’s sanctity and the bare feet of the muminun.

“You see, in the Qur’an, the uncreated Word of Allah, we find, in Surat Ta Ha (7-14):

Allah, there is no god but Him.
The Most Beautiful Names are His.
Has the story of Musa not reached you?
When he saw a fire and said to his family,
‘Wait here. I can make out a fire.
Maybe I will bring you a brand from it,
or will find guidance there.’
Then when he reached it, a voice called out,
‘Musa! I am your Lord.
Take off your sandals.
You are in the holy valley of Tuwa.
I have chosen you, so listen well to what is revealed.
I am Allah. There is no god but Me, so worship Me
and establish salat to remember Me.’

There is the Musan foundation of our declaration of Divine Unity, our place of worship, its holiness, our salat and our worship. But at the words of Qur’an our poor Bishop twisted his face, and with that squinting look of his Pope, and they say of Shaytan, he backed away. So much for inter-faith dialogue.

What has to be understood is why one doctrine of banking-democracy is that since history has ended it must not be taught in schools. You see, this present ‘Holy Catholic Church’ is the exact opposite of the historical Catholic Church.

In its days of power it ruled over kings and princes. It took Henry VIII, Europe’s greatest monarch, over seven years to break the Pope’s magical hold over England. Once Henry denied his legal hold over him as King, thus making England self-governing at last, he then dismantled the monasteries and their wealth, thus making English wealth to return from Rome back to England. With Rome robbed of political power and financial power – the absurd ‘sacramental’ doctrines fell apart. Trans-, con-, non-substantiation ran the dialogue of re-formation, for reformation means abolition of the original form – as so-called Muslim modernists well know.

Historically, Popes were worldly and wealthy politicians. They had mistresses and they had families, sometimes they did have their families, too – for incest was the white truffle of the Papal stew. My favourite Cardinal was Cardinal Retz who actively intrigued to curb the monarchic power of Louis XIII. He never visited a town in France but that he sent a messenger to prepare apartments in the local chateau and to prepare the mistress of the place to be ready as his lover. Cardinal Wolseley’s family were openly known – that is, illegal mistress and bastard children illegally baptised. The only English objection is that she was low class. All during the time of Papal power the Catholic Church tortured and burned non-Catholics by an institutionalised system, the Inquisition, the envy of modern America. The celibate priesthood so widely took mistresses, nuns and prostitutes that they could boast that sodomy and pederasty were relatively rare. Unlike today when a prim celibacy has joined a repellent paedophilia.

The historical Church is an opposite to today’s media Church. Where before it preached and ordered war and crusade it now simpers on about peace and tolerance. Except today it is on the march. Not to war but to a new enslavement of the intellect and a media/discourse war on Islam. For it has found a new ally.

World banking is true to Robespierre’s admission that the atheists and bankers and low-class rulership are stuck with religion. The solution is a perception of the three forms of religion that can be subservient to abstract-numbers non-value instruments of financial exchange.

One – a papacy already well on its way to non-critical doctrines on poverty and interest-as-such. A world Catholic Church – one you can BANK on – based in Rome.

Two – a Shi‘a Islam. A ruling Faqih with Khilafa abolished and with its worship based in Kerbala.

Three – a tamed Buddhism based in Lhasa, Tibet to serve Asia. The last bit of the puzzle awaiting the demise of the stubborn Dalai Lama.

All will be equal and all will be meaningless, lost in an endless swamp of inter-faith dialogue, but all using one bank.

As for inter-faith dialogue, from the Muslim point of view it is one matter, well-known. The kuffar must be called to the Deen al-Haqq, Islam.

As a first step to this for Catholics may I propose the following scientific test:

That as large a number as scientific testing deems necessary of practising Catholics should semi-fast for a fixed number of days, drinking water and vegetable matter only. On the final day they should attend Mass and receive the sanctified wafer. They should then undergo a rigorous testing of their stomachs and stool. If any trace of animal protein is discovered – we’ll talk!

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