Respected Imam, the noble Muslim community of the city and its Amir, and distinguished guests –

The second anniversary of this monumental historic occasion the restoration of a Jumu’a Mosque in the city of the Alhambra truly deserves celebration.

We wish fruitful results to all your deliberations and genuine harmony in all your encounters with each other. Most importantly, our hearts rejoice at the visit of our dear brothers from the Osmanli lands of the Balkans and the former Khanates of Russia.

At a time when Europe seems to have, without any sign of intellectual reflection, abandoned christianity and its moral values and chosen atheist humanism, and at the same time Islam, although cruelly slandered, has become the only expanding religion in the world – there is a heavy responsibility on our European Muslim community to lay down strong educational foundations to avoid the great error of the past. What was the great error of the past for the Muslims? It was that, under the powerful influence of the European Bankers, not the European missionaries, the Muslims abandoned and let fall one of the pillars of Islam. Throughout the Qur’an, Salat, our ritual prayers, are coupled with Zakat. Zakat is not a voluntary charity. As it is legally defined, and was until a hundred years ago practised – it stood for an obligatory tax, assessed by officially appointed tax collectors of respected character on behalf of the local Muslim leader or Amir. Zakat is for the poor, and to be Zakat it must be taken, and not given, from among the designated elements of wealth.

This permits us to say that it was the abandonment of Zakat by the deviant sect of Wahhabism in the Arabia of the Saudi regime, which led to their descent into terrorism. Given the clear injustice of an enormous oil wealth which was not submitted to the Zakat law, implied a wholesale abandonment of the poor masses of Arabia and it was this disgraceful lack of compassion, (for Zakat is the Divine order of our Compassionate Lord, the Creator of the universe) which led to the descent into terrorism. For terrorism cannot exist inside a Zakat-paying Muslim community which compassionately protects its poor.

The absurd debate about Muslim women’s head scarves can be seen as the bank-owned media’s attempt to redefine Islam as a kind of anti-feminist puritanism, while the disgraceful and deliberate redefinition of the greatest and freshest of the Divine religions as the religion of fanaticism and terror has been the billion-dollar program of the American banker-state. The most significant fact of the terrorist phenomenon has been that it has never mentioned one ayat of Qur’an, never once invoked blessings on our Rasul, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Further, I have spoken to Ulama from Germany to Jakarta and they have never met or known any Ulama who have belonged to it. Its practitioners have been dredged up from the gutters of Jeddah and Miami.

From the beginning of these events we have demonstrated the unarguable fact that terrorism is not and never has been a political tactic of Muslim warfare, and that suicide retaliation is itself categorically forbidden in Islamic Law. Indeed, the only record historically of it has been in the practice of the Ismaili sect which menaced the Islamic rule of the great Muslim leader Salahudin, or Saladin. This extremist sect menaced Islam as well as the christian community. Today the damage to the world Muslim community is more serious and profound than that of the physical harm perpetrated on western cities. It is a quite new historical situation for us as Muslims to find that a secret society of no known location has chosen to speak on our behalf.

A man without any Islamic education, an adventurer and former CIA operative in Afghanistan insinuated himself into the anarchic state of that country and financially placed himself as the man behind the counter-insurgent movement of the Taliban which had been created by General Musharaf and the Intelligence Chiefs of Pakistan. This man never received the bayat of either the Islamic community or the Taliban army units. This, in any event could never have happened since the Muslims of Afghanistan are almost entirely Sufis openly connected to the Qadiriyya and Naqshabandi orders and thus with a hatred of the deviant Wahhabism of Arabia.

The background to these tragic events, the death of innocents in three great cities, New York, Madrid and London must be seen in relation to the turbulent disorder of the Arab peoples. With the fall of the Khalifate and with the English and American endorsement of Wahhabism by both Churchill and Roosevelt in 1944, in the name of their oil interests, placed a short and explosive fuse into the Arab community. The western endorsement of Kemalism coupled with the fall of the Khalifate left the Arab peoples abandoned in separate national groupings which they neither understood nor endorsed. Into that crisis stepped Nasser, the Egyptian dictator. Abandoning Islam he plunged the educated Arab world into socialism. Nasser’s socialism failed to unite the Arab peoples, but in turn degenerated into Algerian communism on the one hand and fascist dictatorships on the other hand in both Syria and Iraq. It is true to say that any Arab publicly expressing belief in the Deen of Islam as it has been understood for 1400 years inside the Arab world would immediately be arrested, imprisoned and tortured, from Tunisia to the Yemen.

The two invasions of Iraq, and the cruel child-murdering period of the Sanctions in between, represented the final degradation of the Arabs. Remember that Islam had not been taught in its fullness since the end of World War II, that is 1945. By the end of the 20th century the Arab world was Muslim in name, and just like Europe, atheist in practice.

The invasion of Iraq was not for oil, and it did not indicate that the USA had imperial designs as had the British before them. The invasion of Iraq was the necessary requirement for the survival of Israel. The issue of it was not oil but water. Unless the US-Israeli axis controlled the three great rivers of Iraq the invented and unnatural state of Israel clearly could not survive. However, while Afghanistan was a wild and tribal highland zone, Iraq was a wealthy, enormously rich and sophisticated society. The degradation of a military occupation by an alien army which was also legally sanctioned to perform sexual intercourse freely with both women and men was a humiliation too far.

The demented and quixotic phenomenon of a small fanatical group, led like the original Ismailis by an Old Man in the Mountains, spiralled and scattered, a global anarchic set of events emerging out of the anarchy of a devastated Iraq.

While it suits the banking elite who rule the world to place the terrorist event under the banner of Islam for the very particular reason that they know that only Islam has the rational and scientific argument against the practice of usury capitalism – the political reality is that this dreadful terrorism is itself from every aspect the despairing and hopeless revenge of the Arab nation which has lost its wealth, its self-respect and dignity, and knows that it has lost its religion but can’t even remember what it was.

It is clear that the crisis of our time in the world is a direct result of a global banking system based on usury, which is, in the now abandoned doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, CONTRA NATURAM, against nature. The present day political class, whose loyalty is to their paymasters, the bankers, and not the masses of their own countries, are helpless to act, and the recent trivialism of pop concert demonstrations make it clear to all thinking people that the political class are helpless and unable to face up to the great reality of our time, the need for the creation of a new financial system not based on a numbers wealth without physical collateral, but a real wealth system whose currency is gold and silver and remains tied to physical commodities.

It is in the midst of this tumultuous and current crisis in world affairs where billions are spent fighting an enemy whose leadership is clearly dead, and whose numbers are probably now less than a few hundred uneducated and penniless criminals, yet a crisis in which daily millions of women watch their children die of disease and malnutrition thanks to the burgeoning triumph of a banking system which lives off the ruin of others – it is here and it is now that we must build a sane and just future. It is here on this continent that a new society must be activated.

It is a matter of great pride for us that the application of Islamic Law in the famous legal method that was codified by Imam Malik, which we call the School of the ‘Amal of Madinah was revitalised here in Granada. It was here that our scholar Umar Ibrahim Vadillo over a period of years submitted the contemporary banking and financial system to a devastating structural analysis which was able to reveal the mathematically and socially inescapable and built-in collapse of present-day corporation capitalism.

He was able to demonstrate not only that the Islamic Laws of trade and finance could work in the modern world of computerised global transactions but that it represented the only rational salvation and solution to the crisis of capitalism, which marxism and socialism had so dismally failed to provide.

In the light of all this it is clear that Europe is turning to Islam and that the Europeans will embrace Islam not only for the superiority of its Doctrine of the Unity of Allah but because of the continuity that comes from a true recognition of the Lord Jesus as a prophet who was himself the one who announced the coming of the final prophet, our Master, Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Our fellow Europeans will embrace Islam also, because it will restore dignity and respect to women, and will assure safety from rape and violence against them and it will, once and for all abolish the current and horrific sexual violation and murder of children, itself a direct result of atheist humanism, for the humans have fallen savagely on the innocent children now that it remains as the last taboo standing in the way of their demented claim that the humans must know no bounds.

We ask Allah that this gathering shall openly examine all the issues of the day in the light of the Light itself which is the wisdom of Allah, glory be to Him, and His Light, the last of the Messengers, and the first of mankind, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

As-Salamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullah