31 October 2009

From Pekin to Paris, from Potsdam to Paddington, from Pyong Yang to Pretoria, the human species are enslaved by a common factor – not that these places begin with the letter ‘P’ – but that the common factor does – Politicians. The world’s masses have submitted themselves to the doomed procedure of being governed from below – placing the lowest element in urban society in a position they have been prepared for neither in upbringing nor in education.

In order to get a slight leverage over the masses, the sub-epileptic dwarf President of France denounced his ‘fellow-citizens’ as racaille – scum. It is the politician’s own self-definition by which WE must define THEM. The scum of the world – the political class.

Modern society came into being with two defining events: the abolition of the family and the abolition of a two-tiered community of men and women. The act which determined the end of the natural era – personal governance over the community of men and women – was the beheading of King Louis XVI as well as his wife, not as Queen but as woman, Marie Antoinette. The vicious misogynism of the Revolutionaries from the ‘chaste’ ideologues Robespierre and St Just to the whoring Danton effectively ended the role of women by the redefinition of men and women as ‘citizens’ – once equal, of course, they were no longer two but one. The woman who proposed ‘The Rights of Women’ was promptly guillotined and her fellow feminist locked for life in an insane asylum. It was a woman, Charlotte Corday, who stabbed the most notorious Revolutionary, Marat, in his bath.

The abolition of the family followed logically. It was the base unit of the natural society and as such represented the private (natural) bank. Nature’s work was over. The Golden Louis of the monarchic (personal rule) epoch was over. The Paper Assignat was the new (mathematical coding) instrument of wealth. The christian priests were de-structured as guardians of natural wealth and the bankers took on the new secular priesthood. Smashing the validity of the family unit demanded a radical re-alignment of humanity. As the bankers took over wealth as their domain they had to substitute another wealth-system to take its place. Financial freedom (from debt) was replaced with sexual freedom, and for it to be absolute it had to remain the free choice of the citizen. It was no longer man and woman, it could be man and man or woman and woman. Extending this position logically to child as partner failed to convince the mass of humans but guaranteed that the option would be taken up in significant numbers assuring a mass criminal market of child abuse.

In order to govern the humans it was essential and logical that the ruling class should be devoid of the old nature-based system. Despite the advances in the new biological sciences, that is DNA evidence, governance could not be genetically inherited. Equally a man could not govern – he might seize power and ‘abolish’ the Revolution’s values. Nor a woman govern – she might restore heredity and install her son. In order to insure the continuity of capitalist democracy the governing class had to be pure citizens without future power inheritance. Wealth in the moneyed elite would be maintained by generational legitimacy (the Rothschilds, the March, the Kuhn Loebs, the Rockefellers, the Oppenheims, the Lazard and so on), that power in turn would be permanent by assuring short-term turn over in the political elite.

So it was that just as the financiers installed themselves as a hereditary elite on a dynastic model, the politicians to function at all as taking on the appearance of governance linked to power slowly had to devolve from having been men and women into a new third force of power like the eunuchs of China, only not de-sexed by crude surgery but rather by a psychic de-linking of their maleness or femaleness.

In the process of granting sexual freedom to finish off the family, by a sophisticated set of psychological techniques, a new political being was created. Freud, Rank, James’s pragmatism, Reich and the later neuro-linguistic programming all set out the fundamental methods to create this new creature. Based on the primal separation of two terms, sex and gender, it had become easy to design a new non-male who was not homosexual and by the same technique a new non-woman. A political leader, man or woman, yet in reality a psychic eunuch.

As a ‘man’ he would be by this method a natural coward, insured against being military, yet able to order the military operation – while voided of shame at not himself fighting. Indifferent to the body-bags, the mounting statistic of the country’s dead. Inured to the weeping parents, the desolate children. Hand on heart he could watch the coffins off-loaded for burial, arrange the ribbons of the Memorial Wreath.

As a ‘woman’ she could talk ‘collateral damage’, threaten war, talk nuclear options, the bombing of cities. In place of male leaders she could confirm that she would not be moved. Torture is an option, rendition is a solution, security is, after all, a ‘woman’s’ natural concern.

Slowly this cancerous growth of pseudo-humans took over the mechanisms of political democracy.

In Britain – Blair, his eyes glazed, his discourse monitored, his emotions tuned to zero. Able to confront soldiers facing death on a daily basis, thanks to his zombie response to his programming master – without a tremor of concern let alone guilt.

Brown, near total blindness, happy as a boy to lay wreaths, praise ‘our boys’ and talk of ‘their sacrifice’, send them off by the thousands to an early grave. Never a night’s sleep lost, never a tear from the blind eyes.

France – Sarkozy, a tiny Hungarian forced to talk about national identity yet unable to address his citizens as did de Gaulle, “Francais! Francaise!” and merely mutter “mes chers compatriots”. Uneducated and unread, unable to speak the language – pride of the nation – faced with tricolour draped coffins back from Afghanistan easily able to declare the glory of the heroic dead. Unphased by the enraged young soldier who turned his back on him. Unblinking before the dismissed workers of a factory closed by his banker friends. Indifferent to those emotions once known to General and soldiers alike.

USA – Obama, ready with a speech for every crisis. A view on every issue. As the coffins of the new dead are off-loaded at a night-time delivery base he turns up and stands hand on heart (why – ah, because he cannot give a military salute!) to mark his recognition of their sacrifice – their useless, pointless sacrifice.

In Chile, in Finland, in Germany and, and, and in crucial political roles from President to Secretary of State, to Minister, the new ‘women’ parade themselves. They have been designed and groomed with remarkable precision. The cropped hair, of course, is mandatory!

In Germany – Merkel, on the very day she was appointed Chancellor she abandoned woman’s dress permanently. The German press call her husband “the Phantom of the Opera”. She now wears what is obligatory dress for this new species of humanity. It is called ‘a pant-suit’. It is not so much manly – as not womanly, as befits the role of the political ‘woman’.

In USA – Clinton, the Secretary of State, too, is in her pant-suit, a whole wardrobe of them. Chosen to declare and defend a nation’s position on vital issues – here was a woman who can still be seen on newscast TV at the time of her husband’s affaire with Lewinsky, standing in-shot with Clinton while he swears innocence. There she stands nodding confirmation of his lie, knowing it is a lie. A fit character to speak for America in its final state of collapse as a world power. In Pakistan she is to be seen at the tomb of Iqbal, hands in du’a supplication. It’s all part of the job – like nodding to Clinton’s lie.

The world-community (remember them?) now groan and begin to look to an end-game.

The ‘numbers’ money system has collapsed and so, inevitably, the political ‘democratic’ system has collapsed as well.

With the inescapable return to real-value commodity wealth will come the return of real-value men and women as governors. The god-less ideology of the atheists will yield to the god-worshipping practice of world Islam.

  *   *   *    *    *