“You can fool all of the people all of the time – at least till you get through the crisis.” This is the philosophy of the financial elite who are to be congratulated on the success of their deception. Unfortunately, it is doubtful that the con-trick will survive long enough for the oligarchs to make their escape back to the New Banks with the world’s wealth. The programme they are rushing through on a world scale so far is scraping by. The flaw, alas, is their leading actor. You cannot stage Hamlet without the Prince. Obama is no prince. He is not even a man of the people – no-one, certainly not the Black Americans, feels he is ‘one of us’.

I recall one day, years ago, a policeman came to my Tite Street house in London about some local matter. As we stood in the doorway talking a youth passed by. “Do you see that man – he’s been inside,” noted the policeman. “Oh, did you arrest him?” I asked. “No,” explained the policeman. “When in prison for some time, the inmates who are exercised every day in a small yard, get a way of walking that uses their limbs to the full. I recognised him from his walk.”

When I saw the President of the United States enter Buckingham Palace to greet our Queen I realised that the man who strolled across the screen could never preside over anything. I recognised him from his walk – he was just a common urban basketball player. Later I saw him descend the steps of his plane to greet a European Head of State. Again, coming down the steps, arms swinging, was the baseball player in the tunnel. As for his wife, cuddling up to Queen Elizabeth, that was no First Lady. If she had been a maid she would have been sacked.

If a genuine democratic process were in operation in the USA Obama could never have been elected. He was the product of a brilliantly orchestrated high finance scheme with mass media in structured harmony, up front – and we know who owns them – and an equally packaged team of experts put together by the financial elite, in back. They even out-manoeuvred the Democratic political machine. If it had been a structurally democratic procedure, such as used in the mass TV programme ‘American Idol’, he would have stood no chance.

This genuine and excellent democratic programme should be chosen (chosen! imagine such a concept) to elect a genuine leader of all the people – not just half in a swindled system!

‘American Leader’. Look at how it would be done. Firstly – any citizen from any walk of life, sports, military, farmers, hippies, even the poor!

Secondly – and this is crucial – the first stage of selection, not the last, would be in the hands of a panel of experts, unlike Bush who was finally chosen by the Supreme Court.

Thirdly – once the panel have chosen before a live and vociferous public the candidates, they then proceed to continued selection and elimination by mass phone-in up until the final two square off in a mass venue. A system strangely similar to that of the ancient Roman Senate during its Republic.

As it is this fraudulent extra in the movie of life has stepped in, elevated to the station of stand-in – in the absence of the star, a leader. It is a horror movie.

The G20 summit – the scum rises to the top – have set in motion the restoration of financial capitalism.

It is to be a kind of Fourth Reich – with all the usual suspects, minus a few ritual executions, the excellent Mr Madoff and the despicable Fred Goodwin of the RBS. Le Monde newspaper carried a cartoon with Obama and Sarkozy as Roman centurions asking, “The end of western capitalism?” as an elegant figure passes by carrying a large cross on his shoulders, the cross-bar of which is a giant dollar sign, who slyly says, “I don’t care! I will rise again. It’ll soon be Easter!”

One thing is certain – there will be no more trouble from that messy bunch called The People. Fully enslaved, only handfuls can take to the streets while the rest slave away to pay up the trillions their ‘elected’ political class have handed over to their financial masters.

After the achievement (for that it was) of the G20 came the enthronement of the criminal mercenary army of NATO, an organisation which is above all national and international law. An organisation which by its statutes can never be called before a judicial court.

The hidden protocol of NATO in Afghanistan is how to organise the access of its forces to regular sexual intercourse with Afghani girls and boys. How to set up discreet brothel zones in each city and province to assure the occupying army the historically confirmed rights of the military to their sexual satisfaction, aroused as they are by fighting the populace. It is outrageous. Yet it is already ‘factored in’ – after all, it’s what an occupying army does!

“You can’t do this,” cries out the Muslim world community.

“Yes we can!” replies the basketball playing servant of the élite – obediently.

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