US Marines

There is no doubt that as one surveys the United States one can see that the fundamental structure has failed. The theoretical concept has two elements – they simply do not work.

The legend the people have spoken implies a final result that the mass of people have settled on one leadership whose claim to validity is achieved by a mathematical dominance.

The second element exposes the irrational deception: on the one hand you have the dominance of the masses and on the other you have the brutal reality that each individual, far from being a simple statistic, reveals the fundamental flaw. The mass of the people in the modern democracy are totally unfit to elect a liberating leadership. They are lacking the education which would permit them to decode the fundamental mathematical problem which implies the liberating choice of the voter. In the American model the black voters dominate the rest of the electorate. Thus a semi-literate public would cast their vote on what has a predetermined outcome. The manifest problems facing the black community are a total other set of imperatives, thus to give them what they want is wholly another social programme to which the modern technological problem demands.

The last three presidents have risen to power with a set of failed promises. While the political rhetoric promises all the civic needs of that majority, everyday the electorate is forced to ignore the categorical imperatives of financial dominance and the greater adventure of empire. This is something one can find in all the systems dependent on this duality. In the United States the implacable logic of head-count democracy has reached a critical point through a series of intricate and impossible to decipher primary voting systems that numerically boil down to two. The choice remains between one who proposes a kind of apolitical leadership, rather like Teddy Roosevelt, and in the same way leads to the enmeshing of the nation in undesired wars, and the opponent offering the mass social requirements it can not deliver.

This is in some sense an end game for the American Republic. A casual glance at the history books makes it clear that America has reached its end.  The country is faced with an insoluble political problem, it is one which can only be solved by the military. The state has reached a crisis which up to the last minute can sustain the idea of business as usual. The military leadership has already been humiliated with rules of conduct imposed from without. There is only one military institution that has kept its identity and remained aloof. Having formed its membership very cleverly by supporting education whose end result is a fearless soldier, even separate from the rest of the army, there it remains with all its legend carefully nurtured. The end of the Republic can only mean a military takeover, as was anticipated by the Scottish philosopher Adam Ferguson 200 years ago.