25 July 2006

Allah the Exalted says in the Qur’an in Surat an-Naml (27:69-81):

Say: ‘Travel about the earth
and see the final fate of the evildoers.’

Do not grieve over them
and do not let the plots they make distress you.

They say, ‘When will this promise be fulfilled
if you are telling the truth?’

Say: ‘It may well be that some of
what you are anxious to hasten
is right on your heels.’

Allah shows favour to mankind
but most of them are not thankful.

Certainly your Lord knows what their hearts keep hidden
and what they divulge.

Certainly there is no hidden thing in either heaven or earth
which is not in a Clear Book.

Certainly this Qur’an narrates to the tribe of Israel
most of the things about which they differ.

Certainly it is guidance and a mercy for the muminun.

Certainly your Lord will decide between them
with His just judgement.
He is the Almighty, the All-Knowing.

So put your trust in Allah.
You are clearly on a path of truth.

You will not make dead men hear
and you will not make deaf men hear the call
when they turn their backs in flight.

You will not guide blind men out of their error.
You will not make anyone hear except for those
who have iman in Our Signs and so are Muslims.

This is not just a Lebanon Crisis. Better said, it is an Israeli Crisis. Best, and most truly said, it is the World Crisis that is the dreadful culmination of that capitalist crisis whose first stage was the quite arbitrary division of the world into Nation-States after the unnatural and suicidal orgy of World War I, and whose second stage was the politically absurd creation of a carved-out State of Israel alongside those disastrous carvings that had in the earlier stage created the pseudo-nations of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yugoslavia. What we are now witnessing is the end of that age.

The present world crisis began with the collapse of Yugoslavia. Its demise heralded the beginning of the end of Woodrow Wilson’s American and masonic dream of a global world democracy, perhaps to end up speaking the jewish-invented world language of Esperanto and all worshipping the one-god pseudo-religion invented by a former Shi‘a family, Bahaism, with its world headquarters in Haifa, Israel.

Yugoslavia was not just the continental shift of frontier-change. It was the volcanic eruption of a genocide at Srebrenica which was both unprevented and unpunished. It was the end of the fantasy of world government, and thus the end of the UNO. Its leadership after the diplomat Pérez de Cuéllar came from those lower orders that were to increasingly dominate the world stage. Firstly, it seemed we had an Egyptian taxi-driver, Boutros Boutros‑Ghali, and then a London bus-conductor, Kofi Annan. From the Bosnian genocide to the Lebanese genocide, there has in fact been a world-wide erosion of the absurd Nation-State system, brought to an end not only from internal crises but from the very globalisation of that financial system in which is now vested all political power.

So it has been that between these two events, frontier crises have occurred across Africa, Indonesia, and the Indian Subcontinent. Remember, that the unprevented slaughter in Rwanda was because the helpless international body was prevented from dividing the Hutu from the Tutsi into two nations, because the world bankers refused to permit it, since they claimed it would have been impossible to split their massive debt into two parts! The straight lines drawn through the desert sands in the Sahel have resulted in the French paratroopers’ unrecorded genocide of the Tuareg aristocracy in Mali, and the current nightmare of the Darfur region.

The collapse of the Nation-State system, forced to its relentless end-game, remember, by the globalised financial system of currency trading and supra-national corporate instruments, has finally happened with what is now looked upon as the Lebanon Crisis. As I indicated (Lebanon Crisis I), the war against Lebanon was the indication that Israel was a failed State. The Lebanese President, in an eloquent TV interview, confirmed that the economic success of Lebanon lay alongside the bankruptcy crisis of Israel, and that it had always been the destruction of Lebanon that was intended. He quoted an Israeli General as saying, ‘We will put Lebanon back 20 years!’

Israel as a State has long escaped critical analysis, protected as it is by two intellectual defence systems. Firstly, the significant control that Israel has over press and television in Europe and the USA. In Paris, for example, Figaro, the Right-Wing daily, has been bought by the Rothschilds, and Liberation, the Left-Wing weekly, has been bought by Dassault (formerly Bloch). And this very morning a jewish commentator is chairing discussions on BBC TV, while a former State Department spokesman of Clinton with a cleft palate explains the affair on Sky Television.

Secondly, the clouded anti-rational ambience that attacks the slightest criticism of the jewish ethos as Anti-Semitism. The good sense of the original term, to defend the jews from persecution, soon lost its rational foundation when in America they insisted on defining two social vices, Anti-Semitism and racism, due to a jewish insistence not to be lumped in with blacks! The worst insult of an American jew is to call someone a ‘Schwarzer’.

It is important to remember that this distorted self-perception of modern jews and Israeli citizens is a very different one from that of the generation of concentration camp survivors, indeed for jewish intellectuals it must be a matter of bitter reflection that these same survivors have often spoken out as defenders of the Palestinians.

A radical change in self-perception which results in a person seeing the world in terms which they have created but which make no sense to their fellow human beings is designated as a psychosis. In the light of the on-going behaviour of the Israeli State, its ruling Generals, its in-back financial elite, and its politicians, we can state with certainty that we are now confronting what can justly be called the Israeli Psychosis. The Israeli, per se, is out of touch with the common reality of the human species. This is identifiable not only in its leadership, but by the astonishing record of psychiatric breakdown among the Israeli military and by the half-demented behaviour of the Israeli citizens under the almost totally ineffective rain of Katusha rockets. Ask any elderly German of Berlin or Hamburg, or any young Bosnian of Sarajevo, and they will with one voice tell of the heroic and stoic behaviour under massive fire. More immediately, look at the courage and control of the Lebanese, where one mosque received more explosive power than was dropped on Hiroshima – and compare it to the hysteria in Haifa.

But the most disturbing of all is not even that the Israelis imagine we take seriously their claim that they are fighting Hizbollah while destroying a great city like Beirut, and even, to destroy their tourism, the universal treasure of the ancient city of Baalbek. The worst element of this crisis is that Israel is dictating to the world how it intends to behave, and the world, its international institutions, its national governments, its statesmen and media can exert no power over this psychotic entity. One commentator, trying to coming to terms with this, said, ‘How can we stop the third greatest military power in the world?’ It is this which must give thinking people pause. Why, and how is it that a tiny country with a population the size of Togo can hold the world to ransom? How can the world’s leaders bow their heads when the Israelis scream at Lebanon’s failure to implement a United Nations Resolution reining in Hizbollah, when that same State entity has for decades ignored the notorious UN Resolution ordering the jewish State to withdraw to its 1948 frontiers?

The most urgent conclusion that we are forced to arrive at with the present crisis, is, that a country with a mass psychosis appears to be free to invade a country, destroy its infrastructure, and indiscriminately bomb its people, killing hundreds of children – as well as all that, possessing a nuclear arsenal while belonging to no nuclear treaty agreement. It is no longer theoretical that they could use nuclear weaponry. They are both outside the law and outside the bounds of reason. The necessary agreement with Iran on nuclear weapons must be preceded by the disciplining of this rogue State, otherwise the end result is obviously inevitable.

Despite all this, the blame cannot fall on Israel. Its people, driven by a historical destiny in its way more horrible than that of its grandfathers in the concentration camps, find themselves again, no longer in city ghettos but in a national ghetto with a wall around it exactly as their grandfathers knew in Warsaw. Outside that wall, they are hated not with the psychological and mental hatred of the Germans and Russians, but by all their neighbours, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and the poor Palestinians in their stateless enclave.

What we are witnessing is the end of an age and the beginning of the end, therefore, of that greatest of modern disasters, party-political democracy. The true secularism of the modern world is not the separation of religion from the State, but the separation of the financial system from the authority of government. The existence of a political governance elected by universal franchise is the indication of an absolute power system of financial wealth and market control which not only is beyond State control, but itself has the means to command the State. This is not conspiracy theory, this is the direct result of an identifiable systemic pattern whose evidence is on the one hand a ‘democratic’ political leadership which is utterly helpless, and on the other hand a financial power system put in place by no known electoral system, and whose names we do not even know. We know ‘the richest men in the world’, but they are mere star-players. The great wealth is enmeshed in a series of interlocking Corporations, Holding Companies and subsidiaries. It is the power‑wielders at the top of this pyramidic system that hold substantive power. Recently, a banker tried to find out who were the ‘owners’ of the Monsanto Corporation. With his own expertise he found himself faced with a model of Monsanto whose lines of command disappeared into a series of other Corporations, academic Foundations and Research Centres.

The world has been stunned by the accepted helplessness of so-called world leaders over the Lebanon issue. The mythical G8 Conference (mythical, because they do not command the markets they claim to police), instead of staying together in St. Petersburg to punish this tiny State’s rebellion against International Law, simply dispersed in haste. So it is that a phenomenological study of the post-1945 world system reveals that it has ended in the tragic and bloody destruction of Srebrenica and now Lebanon. It follows from this that an existential study of that world’s political elite must find them to be the hopelessly inadequate products of that same failed political system.

The truth of the matter is we are being ruled from beneath. The rats are governing the zoo. The Marxist analysis, still taught in Western universities by State-installed professors, still usefully pumps out a viewpoint that assures the new generation will not be able to see our present dilemma. The Marxist doctrine produced both Lenin and Stalin. It exalted the Proletariat and then dredged up from what Gorky called ‘The Lower Depths’ a leadership that, while it was from the under-class, soon required dictatorship to rule.

The situation we all find ourselves in seems to bring us to an inevitable halt. The reason is that we think that that particular President or Prime Minister is no good. We then think he should be replaced by his opponent. It is not his niceness, it is not even his weakness. The reality is that political leadership has come from beneath us, but even when placed on high is still governed from those beneath him, that is, the dismal elected representatives.

In the aristocratic system, leading families, who considered themselves the guardians of their people, responsible for them and to them, raised their sons to serve the people and maintain the peace. ‘Noblesse oblige’.

How can intelligent and educated people accept to be governed by people beneath them? Governance demands respect.

Russia: Putin was a below-stairs functionaire of the Lubianka KGB prison. He did not do the torturing. He handled the paperwork. He heard the screams. He took over from an alcoholic to become the Tsar of Russia, sleeping in the bed of Catherine the Great.

Britain: Blair, a nonentity who could survive no Corporation’s psychiatric clearance test. By the chance element of structural procedure he took over from an alcoholic, who in turn, by chance, had taken over from a leader so foolish that even the electorate rejected him. Insecure, he appointed an utterly inexperienced Lord Chancellor then set about destroying five hundred years of legal tradition.

The USA: Bush, son of a former head of the USA’s International Secret Police. A cowardly draft-dodger, and an unreconstructed alcoholic and cocaine‑user. Has difficulty with sentence construction.

Germany: Angela Merkel. Without experience, she has accepted the return of Germany to one-party State rule. Due to her insecurity has become a transvestite.

And so on. This inadequacy of a leadership produced by the current political system of structuralist chance is best exemplified by the Secretary of State from the USA. Her transvestism has not conferred on her either dignity or gravity. There is something demeaning and unacceptable in her trying to represent the authority of a powerful nation. What, we must ask, was she grinning at when she sat at table among the Lebanese and Israeli leadership? National leaders cannot help feeling that she would be better as the manageress of a Bakersfield diner, ordering ‘bacon and two eggs, sunny side up’. The objection is not that she is a woman, Madeleine Albright proved an anomalous success due to her superior culture and the natural authority of a matron.

None of the political class would survive for five minutes at the top of the Corporation system which carefully vets its leadership for functionability and existential poise.

Carl Schmitt, the greatest legalist of the last century, indicated that the crisis of modern times meant the end-game of the present system, and he foretold that there would be a new Nomos to emerge in the ruins of the old order. That Nomos will not happen overnight. That Nomos is inevitable. Heidegger saw it, the last century’s greatest philosopher, and insisted it would not be christian. Jünger saw it, Germany’s greatest writer in the 20th century, and he told me that he saw it may be Islam. He said to me, ‘We,’ meaning Western society, ‘have only met the Messenger (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), for we know the culture and the history of the Muslims, but we have not had the encounter with Allah. When the people know about Allah, then Islam will conquer.’ It is the proper teaching of Tawhid that the Muslim modernists have abandoned. Suicide bombing is the indication that many Muslims no longer trust that the Mercy of Allah will rescue them from their situation, by His Power. The modernists tried to hitch their wagon to the train of Western systems, and failed to see it was already plunging over the cliff.

In the present crisis, the Muslim ‘ulama have been shamefully silent. In Dubai, with its follies of wealth, the ‘ulama have been shouted into silence by its ignorant rulers. In Egypt, they are simply tortured and killed. In Tunisia they are mostly in prison. Many have bought the wahhabi deviation which has removed the Second Shahada, and thus find themselves in strange alliance with the invented religion of the Shi‘a. In this contradictory position can be found the rebel force in Iraq, the Ikhwan al-Muslimun, and the Jama’at al-Islamiyya world-wide.

At the moment we are suspended in the classical definition, ‘…between two worlds, one dead, The other powerless to be born,…’. In the meantime we must prepare over the coming decade to raise a new generation among which will be found a new leadership – the best of men, not the worst. It will be the task of the rightly-guided Shaykhs of Instruction within the great Naqshabandi and Qadiri Tariqas. Only they can teach Futuwwa – the aristocratic principle within the Muslim Community. With them will come new life.

Allah the Exalted says in Surat an-Naml (27:93):

Say: ‘Praise be to Allah.
He will show you His Signs
and you will recognise them.
Your Lord is not unaware of what you do.’