18 March 2004

Tomorrow the Spanish people go to the polls uncertainly sure that their mutually denunciatory party system somehow has a controlling hand over events. No-one, of course, will have been permitted to choose the governors of the great banking institutions which dominate, control and finance all those power modalities on which the modern state is founded. The horrific attack on the Madrid trains is of this moment motiveless and meaningless. The event in itself is abhorrent and nihilistic.

We, the Muslim World Community, cannot in this matter be passive observers. We are clearly obliged to dis-associate ourselves from the perpetrators of this indiscriminate slaughter. At the same time there is no way that we can align ourselves with what has been the response of the orchestrated masses, both in Spain and elsewhere. We can understand the shock and the outrage. This does not stop us from observing its cynical manipulation by the highly integrated, media-linked world kafir society. Television has too stridently insisted on spontaneous manifestations, on a simultaneity of manifestations, of a spontaneity of identical semiotics of grief. The liberal atheist is soon going to be bedecked with coloured ribbons of protest and mourning. The yellow ribbon for the Iranian hostages. The strange red ribbon for AIDS-is it to encourage it, cure it, or support its causative lifestyle? Now we have a black ribbon for the tragic victims of the Madrid bombs. This is overt and shameless control by a totalitarian state of its helpless masses, similar to the New York request that went out to choreographers to invent a dance that would cool out impending street riots, to give us the degrading spectacle of break-dancing.

Continuing our obligation as a people guided by Divine wisdom and a Manifest Book, we must go further in our examination of the anthropology of the ignorant kuffar in their bewilderment and grief. A pattern can be observed. The creation of road-side shrines and the lighting of large numbers of candles was noted after the assassination of Rabin in Israel. This practice, with the laying of flower-wreaths, proved massively useful during the hysteria that followed the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, an outpouring of communal grief openly incited and orchestrated by media, and of such force that it threatened the monarchy and forced them to yield to it. Added to this are silent vigils and the celebration of moments of silence.

The ritualised observation of a silence is not to be passed over lightly. We may trace it to the memorial celebrations that were annually held in Whitehall at the Cenotaph commemorating the First World War, and later the Second. The Cenotaph itself is part of this new phenomenon. A handsome design by Sir Edwin Lutyens is nevertheless utterly void of any meaningful symbols. The shattering event-and that was a seriously shattering event-of the pointless death of millions in World War One truly marked the final collapse of the christian ethos. So devastating was the impact of a whole generation wiped out, that one of its greatest christian intellectuals, C.G. Jung, unable to find a rational explanation for the mass suicide, was driven to invent the concept of the collective unconscious. It implied that men were driven to this destruction by uncontrollable and inaccessible forces.

It is important that we clearly understand the kafir anthropology. The infrastructure of their society, while claiming a methodological scientism, does not justify itself as an all-embracing life system. On one face of the Cenotaph the astonishing words are carved: “One day we will understand.” This war had been initiated by, controlled by, and driven relentlessly to its exhausted conclusion by a political class who never even set their shoes in the mud of the battlefields. The whole of Europe was ripped out of the hands of the monarchs, already enfeebled by the encroaching constitutionalism from the USA, and political democracy emerged as the absolutist system of the future. People understood perfectly well what 1914-19 meant. What they were now denied was the right to do anything about it. The whole christian ethos of Europe had finally collapsed. The memorial for the millions of dead was not to be celebrated in St. Paul’s Cathedral, the great national neo-christian church of Sir Christopher Wren, but in the streets of Whitehall, steps away from Downing Street, the political leader’s residence. Wreaths were laid on this slab of stone. The English monarch’s wreath was laid for him by two soldiers and the passive role of the powerless monarch was to adjust the two trailing ribbons of the wreath. This symbolic act, enacted at the Cenotaph, is now practiced by every single world leader today. Watch them adjust the ribbons on the wreaths! The climax of the Armistice Day celebration, the primal “eleven” celebration, was a two-minute silence. This silence has now become part of the new non-theist religion of self-worship practiced by today’s un-educated humanists. And humanism is by definition an abolition of theism. The church is abolished as the zone of civic celebration and mourning. The masses are in the streets. Lighting candles is their gesture of grief. Standing lost in silence is their worship. Dazed, frightened, but offered the solidarity of the mass demonstration. The motto unchanged-“One day we will understand.”

Beyond the very real tragedy of these two hundred mourning families and the anxiety of the two thousand wounded, and precisely because we do want to see an end to this chaos of pointless murder, we, the Muslims, are forced to look deeper and recognise the terrible dilemma of millions of people who do not know how to pray, scientifically, with the revealed science of prayer that we so take for granted.

In this situation, this unacceptable situation which certainly must be brought to an end, we would be frivolous if we failed to notice the shameful cynicism of the Spanish state. It looks as if the Spanish government, utterly devoid of respect for their own people, and their public pronouncements have been lamentably weak, will persist in blaming ETA in order to reinforce the masses’ support of the national government until the election is over. It is fairly certain that once they have accomplished this, the blame will then be fixed on the notorious and mysteriously inaccessible Al-Qaeda.

This forces us to ask the question-and the terrorists themselves must ask this question-who stands to gain from these terrible events? It seems now too painfully clear that, as we have long argued, the terrorism and the terrorists are part of one kafir ethos and society undivided. They and it belong to the kuffar, its money is from them and its instruments of destruction are from them. Rasul, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, accepted the entrance into Islam of a rich man whose money had been dubiously gained. He informed the Sahaba, “I accept the man in Islam. His money may not be used. I disassociate myself from it.” Thus, dollars could never finance an Islamic struggle. In a BBC World TV interview one of those miserable terrorism experts, during the few minutes he was on the air, over twenty times used the term “the International Jihadi Movement”, the implication being that what was going on in the world was being executed by an integrated structural Islamic organisation. This simply will not do. Neither suicide nor the slaughter of innocents on such a scale can ever be accepted by us. The rules of Jihad are very strict. Firstly, it demands an Amir who is recognised by a significant community of Muslims. Secondly, the Banner of Islam must be raised high. In other words, it cannot be for the liberation of a land, or against the injustices of an imperial kafir state. Thirdly, arising from this, the call to Islam must precede the struggle, inform the manner of the struggle, that is adherence to Jihad’s strict rules, and must inevitably end with success. After Badr, it was not permitted to the Muslims to fight if they were outnumbered more than two-to-one.

The sinister element of the present situation is that the kafir world system knows perfectly well what Islam is, and terrorism gives them their licence to kill. It is they who want us dead, and who are now killing us. Although they certainly use agents provocateurs, there is no need to claim Conspiracy Theory. Given the present anarchy created by world capitalism, any person today can go out into the streets and nightlife of a city and recruit ten people to perform the nihilistic acts of terror. They could be White Supremacists, Nationalists, Zionists, and, as we now see, disaffected and hopeless, embittered Arabs enraged at the treatment of their people, and sickeningly envious of the kafir society they claim they have declared war on-while we can see that they have not done this. The terrorists did not land from Mars. For those who claim they are humanists, it is time they realised these terrorists are their brothers. They are a part of that silent, baffled, candle-clutching and stunned mass of atheist people in the world’s cities, lost and leaderless, manipulated but necessary. Yes. Now it is clear. The terrorists belong to them. They do not belong to us.

The ultimate truth of what is now happening to this planet’s endangered species, thinking human beings, is that beyond the end-game of the atheists’ apparent enemy, that handful of desperate criminals, lies a true confrontation with the Deen of Islam which calls all of mankind to worship Allah, and associate nothing with Him. Allah the Almighty in Sura an-Nisa (4:1), says:

O mankind!
have taqwa of your Lord who created you
from a single self
and created its mate from it
and then disseminated many men and women
from the two of them.
Have taqwa of Allah in whose name
you make demands on one another
and also in respect of your families.
Allah watches over you continually.

* * *

In Surat al-Baqara (2:21-22) Allah the Almighty says:

Mankind! worship your Lord,
who created you and those before you,
so that hopefully you will have taqwa.

It is He who made the earth a couch for you,
and the sky a dome.
He sends down water from the sky
and by it brings forth fruits for your provision.
Do not, then, knowingly make others equal to Allah.

* * *

And in Surat an-Nisa (4:133) Allah the Almighty says:

Mankind! if He wanted, He could remove you altogether,
and produce others instead.
Allah certainly has the power to do that.