2 June 2004

Allah the Exalted has said in Surat Al ‘Imran (3:137-141):

Whole societies have passed away before your time,
so travel about the earth
and see the final fate of the deniers.

This is a clear explanation for all mankind,
and guidance and admonition for those who have taqwa.

Do not give up and do not be downhearted.
You shall be uppermost if you are muminun.

If you have received a wound,
they have already received a similar wound.
We deal out such days to people turn by turn,
so that Allah will know those who have iman
and can gather martyrs from among you –
Allah does not love wrongdoers –
and so that Allah can purge those who have iman
and wipe out the kafirun.

The kuffar are in crisis. Not because of their appalling actions across the world, from East Turkistan to Iraq, but because of their profound failure to grasp the true nature of power, and from that stems not only their failure to govern but also their inability to make structuralist political frameworking work in the very places they impose it. Over the last century, in which a generation of children have been taught as evolutionary imperatives what were merely tragic accidents, that is, that personal rule was outmoded and unjust, the masses have been instructed to believe that systems government is not only just but actually means that the masses govern themselves.

Now, at the beginning of the 21st century, while it is clear for everyone to see that structuralist governmental systems, based on a selection of personnel by a mass electorate, simply do not determine events, yet still the media-manipulated populace remain helplessly in ignorance of their true political position. The gulf between what the statistical mass would like to happen, and the unexplained necessity of the ruling elite to do the opposite, remains the fundamental reality of our time.

At the heart of so-called ‘modern’ society lie two fundamental dualisms which are to be found at the very heart of the present crisis. The first dysjunction is between the structure and its personnel. This means that the state system, and it is found in a remarkably identical form in countries from Thailand to Togo, is allowed to sustain itself by a regular replacement of its apparent governing elite. The people elect the governors. The governors, in turn, due to the professional deformation of the political class, fail to fulfil the needs of the people. The masses then choose from the opposition group a new set of personnel to manage the affair. They, in turn, fail. This failure can stem either from their psychological inadequacy to dominate events, or from their inability to read what immediate crisis may face them. In either event, the masses, that is the electorate, reject individual people, and by extension their parties in the hope that the apparently opposite choice will bring success. Such is the brilliant publicity of their indoctrination that they fail to grasp that each leader and party has been putting the blame on the other side in a cyclical manner for as long as they can remember. In that sense, the politician’s role is to take the blame, and sometimes the bullet, in order that the structuralist system can blithely continue with a new set of social engineers. Put another way, those who blame Bush, Blair, and Saddam are in utter darkness and remain blinded historical products.

The second dysjunction, which is the hidden fault-line of the kafir landscape, lies between the political system and the wealth system. In the middle of the last century, following what De Gaulle called the Second Thirty Years’ War, there has been a planned and systematic separation of the political system from the wealth system. The underlying principle of all power systems up until that time had been that the state issued and controlled its currency and therefore determined its own financial destiny. In an image, the ruler’s face or the state’s symbol was stamped upon the coin.

From the 1950s onwards, the oligarchs who had underwritten the long war began to stake their claim. It was a brilliant move and utterly successful. What they said sounded so good. “The government’s job is to govern-but the markets must be free to adjust and develop their processes without state intervention.” In one move on the chess-board, the political ruler, assuming he was inside the democratic system, that is, playing by the rules of the game, had been check-mated. Political power had been stripped of its very motor-force, wealth. Politics itself had become a service industry. The financiers determined the value of the currency. They determined the complex taxation practices. They allotted the political state its budget. In many cases, they determined in detail on what that budget should be spent.

For example, the wealth system imposed on the political system, right across the world, that for every purchase made by a citizen, a slowly increasing percentage of its price should be added on to grant the banking system a quotidian stability to cushion them against the inevitable larger crises of the money system. By the turn of the century, due partly to the astonishing technological windfall granted the bankers through the introduction of 24-hour computer trading, the money system had emerged with totalitarian control of all world events.

We have defined the kafir society as being scarred by two critical splits in its system. However, deep down below, the true dysjunction lies unconfronted. It is this reality which inescapably waits to bring down the doubly flawed system which rests on it. I refer to a split in the wealth system, one which is so astonishing that one is tempted to explain the masses’ ignorance of it as being the result of magic. It is not, of course, sustained by magic, but by the anxiety of debt, which makes man blind. The split in the wealth system is that while at the present time it has taken complete control of the world’s commodities, that is to say, everything that has come out of the ground, its hold on that wealth is sustained by the pseudo-wealth it has created with a world system of ‘national’ currencies which are in themselves utterly worthless. In short, base-metal coins, paper notes, and numbers transfer which only exist as electronic signals passing from computer to computer-none of this has either substantive reality or value.

The great financial systems of the past, based on the usage of gold metal, created the great civilisations. The current financial system, based on electronic numbers and the world credit systems’ gold plastic cards, has in our lifetime destroyed our continuity with these past civilisations and plunged us into the current ecological and biological disaster-area called modern life.

* * * * *

Allah the Almighty in Surat al-An‘am (6:4-6) has said:

Not one of their Lord’s Signs comes to them
without their turning away from it.
They deny the truth each time it comes to them
but news of what they were mocking
will certainly reach them.

Have they not seen how many generations
We destroyed before them
which We had established on the earth
far more firmly than We have established you?
We sent down heaven upon them in abundant rain
and made rivers flow under them.
But We destroyed them for their wrong actions
and raised up further generations after them.

To understand the kuffar in crisis it is now necessary for us to take a closer look at two zones of action. Firstly, the USA. To be able to focus on this large country it is necessary that we remind ourselves not only of the analysis we have made of the political system, but also that that very system is now beginning to appear to the masses as irretrievably flawed.

Let us look at some information about the state of this mythic political reality which the American government says it is going to impose on the whole world whether it likes it or not. We should further remind ourselves that in fact they have succeeded in this goal with the exception of a few rogue, or, as they prefer to say, evil states. The following data I have taken from ‘Political Fictions’, published by Knopf, written by America’s only serious contemporary writer, Joan Didion. Didion quotes the Washington Post as saying, on the Saturday before the November 2000 Presidential Election: “Apathy is the single biggest reason why an estimated 100 million Americans will not vote on Tuesday.” In detail, the Post’s research broke down as follows:

  • 35% of non-voters, that is, 17% of all adult Americans, were apathetic within these definitions: “Have no sense of civil duty,” “Aren’t interested in politics,” and “Have no commitment to keep up with public affairs.”
  • 14% of non-voters were classified as ‘Disconnected’, that is, a group that “Could not get to the polls because of age or disability,” or “Had changed address and were not yet registered,” that is, functionally unable to vote.
  • 51% of the non-voters remaining, meaning roughly a quarter of all adult Americans, were defined as “Alienated,” “Disgusted with politicians and the political process,” or “Disenchanted,” that is, “Repelled by the practice of politics.”

Didion notes:

  • “70% of all non-voters were in fact registered, which was scarcely apathetic,” In other words she was implying that there was an active rejection of the political system.
  • 89% of non-voters, 76% of voters, altogether agreed with the statement, “Most political candidates will say anything to get themselves elected.”
  • 78% of non-voters and 70% of voters agreed that “Candidates are more concerned with fighting each other than solving national problems.”
  • 70% of non-voters and voters alike agreed that “Campaigns were more like theatre or entertainment than something to be taken seriously.”

Both Republican and Democratic parties define the target voter as “Affluent, educated, diverse, suburban, ‘wired’, and moderate.” Thus they recognise they have split the key electorate, middle and upper-middle class Americans, the dominant voters of the information age, between them. Thus both parties have shed a dependence on their traditional low-income base. Didion quotes, “As one Republican strategist had presciently said to the Washington Post in 1998, ‘Who cares what every adult thinks. It’s totally not germane to the election.’”

Didion quotes one analyst as declaring, “with what seemed genuine enthusiasm,” that, “53% of voters in the 2000 election had for the first time in our history incomes above $50,000. 43% were suburban. 74% had some higher education. 42% had actual college degrees. 70% said they invested in the Stock Market.”

Joan Didion then bitterly comments:

“That this was not a demographic profile of the country at large, that half the nation’s citizens had ONLY A VASSAL RELATIONSHIP TO THE GOVERNMENT under which they lived, that the democracy we spoke of spreading throughout the world was now in our own country only an ideality, had come to be seen, against the higher priority of keeping the process in the hands of those who already held it, as facts without application.”

Against the background of the Clinton scandals, Didion coolly takes the moral temperature of her country:

“The average age of first sexual intercourse in this country has been for some years sixteen, and is younger in many venues. Since the average age of first marriage in this country is twenty-five for women and twenty-seven for men, sexual activity outside marriage occurs among Americans for an average of nine to eleven years. Six out of ten marriages in this country are likely to end in divorce, a significant percentage of those who divorce doing so after extra-marital sexual activity. As of the date of the 1990 census, there were in this country 4.1 million households headed by unmarried couples. More than thirty-five percent of these households included children.”

Joan Didion recognises and demonstrates that the operative members of the political class are totally cut off from the people, with the people themselves unnecessary to the process. They are, she defines them, “A self-created and self-referring class, a new kind of managerial elite,” whose function is to orchestrate the practice of politics so that, “Power is exchanged, and the status quo maintained in the United States.” Her summing up is:

“When we talk about the process, we are talking, increasingly, not about ‘the democratic process,’ or the general mechanism affording the citizens of a state a voice in its affairs, but the reverse: a mechanism seen as so specialized that access to it is correctly limited to its own professionals, to those who manage policy and those who report on it, to those who run the polls and those who quote them, to those who ask and those who answer the questions on the Sunday shows, to the media consultants, to the columnists, to the issues advisers, to those who give off-the-record breakfasts and those who attend them; to that handful of insiders who invent, year in and year out, the narrative of public life.”

Allah the Exalted has said in Surat al-A‘raf (7:96-102):

If only the people of the cities had had iman and taqwa,
We would have opened up to them
blessings from heaven and earth.
But they denied the truth
so We seized them for what they earned.

Do the people of the cities feel secure
against Our violent force coming down on them
in the night while they are asleep?
Or do the people of the cities feel secure
against Our violent force coming down on them
in the day while they are playing games?
Do they feel secure against Allah’s devising?
No one feels secure against Allah’s devising
except for those who are lost.

Is it not clear to those who have inherited the earth
after these people
that, if We wanted to, We could strike them
for their wrong actions,
sealing up their hearts so that they cannot hear?

These cities – We have given you news of them.
Their Messengers came to them with Clear Signs,
but they were never going to have iman
in what they had previously rejected.
That is how Allah seals up the hearts of the kuffar.
We did not find many of them worthy of their contract.
We found most of them deviators.

Look how squalid are both America’s beginning and its brief history! It was not born out of high moral principles. It was the result of a chance adventure by a small group of ambitious men who reneged on their oath of loyalty to their king and who could not have succeeded without the financial backing of France, which saw them merely as a clever card to play against the increasing wealth of England.

The American state was built on genocide, sustained by slavery, and established by a penitentiary system. The so-called American Indian nations were systematically wiped out in a genocide for which they have never made amends, while they still urge Germany and even Switzerland to pay up for their part in the recent genocide of the jews. The remnant of the true Americans now live enclosed in Reservations, blighted by an endemic diabetes resulting from a state-granted diet of free white flour and sugar. The plight of the black people today in America remains relevant to the future of Africa. In modern times there is no such thing as political freedom because it does not bring with it financial freedom. Today the black Americans remain a dispossessed people living in sub-human housing estates and ghettos, and in the South forced by poverty into shack housing which offers no protection from the elements. Their people are kept broken by a regular supply of hard drugs and a jewish-financed industry of hip-hop music. The long-suffering black nation of America have long been the normal recipients of that treatment which has only now surfaced among Iraqi prisoners. The U.S. penitentiary is a sodomy factory of quotidian degradation. A vast concentration camp system, with an almost entirely black population, is the organised structure from which the small prisons of Iraq take their model and their practice. The penitentiary population of the USA is statistically that of a small nation like Israel or Togo.

Allah the Exalted has said in Surat al-Hajj (22:42-49):

If they deny you, the people of Nuh before them denied him
and those of ‘Ad and of Thamud
and the people of Ibrahim and the people of Lut
and the companions of Madyan;
and Musa was denied as well.
I allowed time to the kafirun
but then I seized them.
How terrible was My denial!

How many wrongdoing cities We destroyed,
and now all their roofs and walls are fallen in;
how many abandoned wells and stuccoed palaces!

Have they not travelled about the earth
and do they not have hearts to understand with
or ears to hear with?
It is not their eyes which are blind
but the hearts in their breasts which are blind.

They ask you to hasten the punishment.
Allah will not break His promise.
A day with your Lord is equivalent to
a thousand years in the way you count.

How many wrongdoing cities I allowed time to
and then I seized them.
I am their final destination!

Say: ‘Mankind, I am only a clear warner to you.’

Let us look in close-up at the social reality of the ordinary American citizen.

  1. His identity is that of a mortgaged debtor.
  2. He is crippled by a punitive federal tax system as well as an all-inclusive set of sales taxes.
  3. It is more likely than not that the citizen is already divorced, or single, or in a ‘relationship’ which grants little or no social or legal security, in particular to the woman. The average American home is a broken home, and it is a nomadic home.
  4. The citizen is taught to seek multiple partners in order to ‘explore their sexuality’. The utter removal of financial independence requires as a replacement the granting of absolute sexual independence.
  5. Since, as a result of this doctrine, sexuality in every combination is permitted, this in turn has pushed the limit of the forbidden to the abuse and murder of children. These terrible crimes are an increasing result of atheist humanism. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said that the Son of Adam was such that if he was forbidden to eat camel dung, he would then say, “It would not have been forbidden to us if there had not been some good in it!”
  6. The citizen’s leisure time is overwhelmed with around 100 channels of TV, which plunge the viewer into a fantasy world from which there is no escape. For example, the ‘Action Channel’ shows a daily ration of prison brutality and degradation which leads Americans to believe that that is how it is. So when the common Americans copy this in Iraqi prisons the citizens remain strangely undisturbed. Some citizens, and even some Senators, look on bewildered and declare, “But that is what they deserve.”
  7. Part of daily living in the USA is not only an increasing statistic of kidnapped and violated children, but also random drive-by shootings across the country, as well as repeated massacres of fellow-pupils and teachers by alienated teenagers. National weeklies do special issues unsuccessfully asking, “Why?”
  8. A nation-state of gun-anarchy results in the deaths of thousands of innocent citizens. Their murder is upheld by a ‘Constitutional Right’, that is, to carry a gun.
  9. According to their dreadful Constitution, there is a tax on wealth but not on earnings. Yet the lower classes are regularly forced to hand over a large portion of their wage-earnings to the state.
  10. Not one citizen can name any of the leading national and federal bank owners, but they can name all the main fictional characters from TV soap-operas.

Let us now look briefly at the internal condition of Iraq. Here, a cowardly occupying army, which shoots if it sees anything move, has become bogged down in the anarchy of a civil war that its presence has created. This is small wonder when one considers the State of the Union that they have left behind. Let us recall that under the great Islamic Dawla of the Osmanli, Iraq was divided into three provinces for governance. The great Sultan Abdulhamid Khan II, on the discovery of oil in Mosul, had it declared a Waqf for the Muslims. The Dönme dictator, Mustafa Kemal, handed Mosul over to the British as part of his deal to be allowed to serve them as ruler of Turkey. Under the British mandate, a puppet monarchy was set up in 1932.

As a result of British decline after 1945, the monarchy collapsed, opening the way to military rule from 1958-68. The Ba’ath Party was founded by the Lebanese christian socialist Michel Aflak to spread secularism throughout the Arab world. Saddam’s dictatorship was achieved firstly by the organised massacre of all the leading Muslim ‘ulama and scholars. At this stage the Shi‘a religion was relatively untouched. However, Saddam favoured christians and atheists to fill the role of a technocratic middle-class. In 1980 Saddam invaded Iran with motives that must have mixed fear of the rising Shi‘a revolution with a confidence in his increasing financial and technical alliance to the Western powers.

By 1990 there had been reared a generation of Ba’athist atheists, brutal, well-off, but possessing only a technical education. By that stage there was no recognisable Islamic community of scholarship inside Iraq, while at the same time the upholders of the Shi‘a religion, its community and scholarship, were horrifically persecuted. Before the Second Gulf War, the Iraqi population remained divided into three groups:

  1. The Kurds and Turcomen of the north, who had long been financed by the U.S. to keep “the thorn in the side” of Turkey, and to keep open what they called “the door to Mosul”.
  2. The atheist-christian technocratic middle, Baghdad and the towns, Ba’athist and wealthy.
  3. The now radically persecuted Shi‘a religion in their cities and the south.

It must never be forgotten that Iraq was a legitimate secular son of the dollar-based world petroleum industry and banking. This tragicomedy is now costing, daily, Iraqi lives from all three groups. The political claims of giving Iraq democracy remain beneath contempt. The demographic reality, a majority of Shi‘a, will never be allowed to physicalise as a democratic reality.

Our analysis has shown us how empty the rhetoric of the political class is, and how isolated that class is from the great masses of the people. It has further indicated that those who rise to leadership in the political system are hollow figures seriously affected by grave psychological inadequacies. This is inevitable in the nature of the system, and can only become worse. As George Bernard Shaw defined democracy in his play ‘Geneva’: “Anybody chosen by Everybody!”

The presence of the Lost Boys of America in Iraq and Afghanistan is not the forward march of imperial conquest. It is a desperate and disastrous strategy, taken in panic and rushed through into historical reality, not only by this hopelessly flawed political class, but by the hidden financial class who, leaving the politicians in the glare of the spotlights, hide in the dark. How they wish they had a conspiracy theory to put into practice, but their actions too are ad hoc and unstructured, as they force them onto the over-determined and rigid structures of the modern nation states they have so cleverly evolved to hide the banking system’s global networking.

Allah the Almighty has said in Surat ar-Rum (30:9):

Have they not travelled in the earth
and seen the final fate of those before them?
They had greater strength than them and cultivated the land
and inhabited it in far greater numbers than they do.
Their Messengers also came to them with the Clear Signs.
Allah would never have wronged them;
but they wronged themselves.

In the light of the current crisis of the kuffar, and in the light of the fact that we are all under their rule, and in the light of the fact that we now know their governance has no power, and in the light of the fact that we know their rulers, in turn, have false money, it is important for us not only to survive, but to emerge with the Deen of Haqq being activated. This means we must come with a real money to trade the world, renewing the condition of men and women, restoring the healthy balance between men and women which the liberal atheists have shattered in pieces, putting at risk the lives and safety of their own children.

The means to all this is a revived ‘ibada and a pure Tawhid. What do I mean by a revived ‘ibada? I mean the ruthless abolition of all modernist attempts to destroy Islam with a christian-style Reformation which destroyed the Catholic Church. To sweep away all scholarship that dates from after the collapse of real Islamic governance, which covers all facets of life, that is, as it was under Khalifate. This means an end to modernism, an end to the abolition of taken Zakat, an end to Deobandi and Berelvi conflict, an end to the kafir-financed Tablighi Jama’at, an end to the Zindiq doctrines of the wahhabis. It means a minimalist structuring and controlling of mosques, abolishing all mosque committees and interference in their running. A disapproval of paid Imams, a newly trained fuqaha raised in the Umm al-Madhahib of the ‘Amal of the Ahl al-Madinah. This in turn forbids distinguishing robes for our Qadis, as was the practice of the Madinan School. Finally, and most importantly, it means an end to the seditious attempts to force us to submit to dialogue with jews, christians and atheists. On this matter we know perfectly well that we must obey the clear commands of Allah, glory be to Him, in the Qur’an. There is no debate. There is no discussion. There is categorically no possible reformation of our Deen, which is so clear, and we permit no questioning of the Qur’an by these kuffar, for the simple reason that our Divine Creator has issued them clear instructions in it which, if they do not follow them, sets them against us.

Just because the kuffar in their terror of the Truth have branded the Muslim nation as in itself suspect, dangerous, and a menace, it does not mean that we should become servile and rush to placate them and assure them that we are good servants of kufr and capitalism. We can never take the same abject path that led the Pope to take the path to Jerusalem to stick his Divine Request into a niche in the Wailing Wall. He got the wrong wall, and we have no doubt he made the wrong request. While our greatest danger is that the uneducated among us should succumb to the masonic and the atheist doctrine of Tolérance, yet more than the avoidance of this is the urgent necessity that has come to us to let our World Muslim Nation know what are the necessary limits of our ‘aqida, our ‘ibada, our fiqh, and our Tasawwuf.

We must set outside the Dar al-Islam, on the Western Wall, the wahhabi Zindiqs who have stepped outside Islam by their war on the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and by their unacceptable diminishment of him. Beyond the Eastern Wall we must clearly define the Shi‘a religion as being outside Islam, because it diminishes the power of Allah in their doctrine of the Twelve Perfect Imams. It is not possible to enter into the Deen of Love, that is the core of Tasawwuf, unless you love the Rasul, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and unless you love all the Sahaba, may Allah be pleased with all of them, for they are not only the Community of Love, but they are the evidence of the success of the foundation of Madinah, as the Place of the Deen.

To the wahhabis there can be no compromise and they must be cast out, lock, stock and barrel. To the Shi‘a religion there should be a courteous and uncompromising Da’wa which reminds them that while they place such a high price on reason and its uses, it has to be suspended in order to swallow their highly unreasonable metaphysics. It is our duty to remind them of how they are a medieval historical phenomenon, and how, in the lands that are now Shi‘a, in the early days they were followers of great fuqaha from the School of Madinah, followers of Imam Malik, may Allah be pleased with him.

It is not surprising that in the light of the crisis of the kuffar, more people than ever are entering the Deen of Islam. So our duty is that we renew the Deen, that they may drink from the purest cup.

Allah the Exalted has said in Surat al-A‘raf (7:128):

Musa said to his people, ‘Seek help in Allah
and be steadfast.
The earth belongs to Allah.
He bequeaths it to any of His slaves He wills.
The successful outcome is for those who have taqwa.’