30 March 2011

At the end of our last Lesson the question was posed: is the policy of the U.S. to create a Shi‘a dominant Middle East for the dual purpose of abolishing Islam and assuring a no-Khalif memorial religion open to banking capitalism? This problem still faces us.

Lebanon has already demonstrated that a concordance between the two religions (Islam and Shi‘ism) cannot work. It is now under the control of the Shi‘a. From it, the Palestinian entity has been destroyed, split in two, one side mafia-based and the other openly converted to Shi‘ism.

Jordan, too is split. The mass are modernist but devoid of an ‘Aqida and a Fiqh, while the Rulership openly espouses one-worldist movements and has issued a Declaration accepting the Shi‘a as if it could subsist within Islam. Shi‘ism is not a cancer in the body of Islam, it was a wart which fell off, hence its name.

Bahrain we have identified as an anomaly. Since the rulers are too weak, bearing as they do a calamitous history, they can only do one of two things, submit to the kafir capitalist doctrine of counting people as numbers and give the country over to the Shi‘a, or ask Arabia to annex the territory, thus rescuing the arithmetic. I do not, cannot propose the Maliki Islamic solution. Declare the State Islamic, thus preventing non-Muslims holding office and at the same time charge the Shi‘a Jizya assuring them protection alongside the jews and christians. Now there is tolerance at its limit! This would have to be preceded by introducing a collected Zakat.

Iraq clearly is the tragic victim of the Arab move from Islam to numbers capitalism. In place of a corrupted Muslim dictatorship (let us not forget Saddam died on his Shahadah) has come a numerically based Shi‘a regime, itself profoundly corrupt. In the case of Iraq we must refer to our opening dilemma. Did the Americans MEAN this to happen, or are they more ignorant that we give them credit?

Now – Syria. Syria lies at the heart of Islamic history. In Damascus is the great Ummayyad Mosque. It is the burial-place of the Shaykh al-Akbar ibn al-‘Arabi. It was a jewel of the Osmanli Dawlet. During the Arab people’s descent into madness it fell under the curse of socialist atheism and was conquered by the Baathist regime alongside Iraq. The result of this disaster was the enthroning of the mountain tribe of Alawites led by Hafez al-Assad. Under their tyranny one attempt at liberation was mounted but failed tragically. Assad ordered the massacre of over 20,000 men, women and children. The Shi‘a regime was then ensconced in a daily reign of terror. 10,000 people have vanished without trace. It is the third partner in the kafir triangle of terror and genocide: Kashmir, the Uighurs of East Turkestan, and Syria. The first are victims of mushriks, the second are victims of atheists, and the third, Syria, are victims of the Shi‘a.

Syria has no equal for savage repression and murder. Egypt, Mubarak’s Egypt was liberal in relation to Assad’s national prison.

Here there is absolutely no question about a people wanting democracy. No question about them wanting a living wage. No question about them opposing corruption. The people of Syria want to live, simply live, and live as a Muslim society.

Behind the puppet Assad lies the Shi‘a oligarchy that controls the country and plots its anarchy in next-door Lebanon. Behind the Shi‘a tyranny of the Syrian masses stands the Shi‘a heartland from Kerbala to Tehran. Bus-loads of pilgrims head out from there daily to the richly restored Shi‘a shrines of Syria. The Muslims are crushed under the traitor Mufti, Kuftaro, whose name is infamy to Muslim scholars (see Vadillo’s ‘Esoteric Deviation in Islam’ to understand Syria’s tragic past and the criminality of Kuftaro. The book is obligatory reading.)

The future of world Islam is dependent on the liberation of Kashmir, the liberation of the Uighurs, and the liberation of the great Muslim nation of Syria. As of today only King Muhammad VI of Morocco has had the courage to expel the Shi‘a – and now they are working hard to destroy him using the current doctrines of ‘democracy’. Very soon now King Abdullah in Riyadh is going to have to wake up and seek better counsel. While a helpless servant of his American masters since Roosevelt took command of his regime at the end of World War Two, nevertheless, we do not want him removed, for we know that much worse than his regime is waiting in the wings with the kiss of death – democracy, tolerance, and the universal opening up of Makkah and Madinah to one-world-religion tourism.

We must act now – not by violence but by sheer superiority of intellect and character on the front line – I mean Kashmir, East Turkestan and Syria.

Allah – we call on You to rescue the Muslims of Syria.

Amin. Amin. Amin.

Syrian Muslims – recite the Nasiri Du’a which expelled the French from Morocco.

  *   *   *    *    *