We are approaching the point at which we can show you – no, unveil for you – this hidden treasure that is your Islamic inheritance.

The metaphor most suited to you is from the images you have seen on TV of the overwhelming devastation in Japan after the tsunami. On this chaotic and ruined landscape – you stand amid the rubble – a man with his life before him and everything he can see to the horizon – smashed.

Remember, there is no such thing as breaking news! There has been no ‘Revolution’, just some demos with casualties. No-one has stormed the palace. No-one has killed the President. As one Washington official said: “Before we dealt with one man. Now we will deal with a committee.”

In the present crisis we have observed that the socialism then in vogue destroyed the Islamic ethos of the Arabs. The curse of the Stalinist Nasser descended on North Africa. He spawned a new version of Islam, reducing it to a secret society after using them to get power. They called themselves the Ikhwan al-Muslimeen, thus structuralising into a politique what was organic and natural, confirmed by a simple declaration of Shahadah. Before them we had all been Muslim brothers. They said to their own, “Ya Akhi!” making it their translation of the communist “Oh Comrade!” Their founders licensed banking.

Nasser’s military committed a series of blunders, ill-thought out and worse in performance against Israel. Degraded on the battlefield they were themselves up-graded to leadership. The shameful Nasserite army under first Sadat and then Mubarak plunged the most gifted Arab people into darkness. With Mubarak finally in terminal phase a transition had to be made, one aspect was the need to modernise the ‘look’ and the other to assure the U.S. they were still in charge.

In Tunisia, Bourguiba was both kafir and socialist. At one point he abolished Ramadan but that, at least, he had to withdraw. N.B. I do not name Bourguiba kafir, I take the judgment from the Sultan al-‘Ulama of last century, Shaykh Shadhili an-Nayfar, Allah’s mercy on him.

Ghaddafi, let it never be forgotten, is a direct student of Nasser. His self-styled revolution was Nasserism. Syria and Iraq, also gave birth to the socialist-atheist politique of the Baath Party.

Palestine, a non-nation, but not as Israelis said, a non-people are in a way the sacrificial victim of Arab modernism.

Over-run by the vastly superior force of Israel the people fell victim to the socialist doctrines of the day.

It claimed national status. It had been a protected colony of the Osmanli Dawlet, with Jerusalem a Waqf under Awqaf laws.

It then, utterly defeated, claimed ‘the right of self-determination’. This was a little policy thought up by President Wilson which swiftly led to Munich and World War Two.

Of course, there is no such thing. If it is so, what about the Scots, the Basque, the Corsicans, the Catalans, the Flemish, the Uighurs, the Tartars, the Chechens – to say nothing of the Iroquois and the Navaho!

Palestine is a double tragedy. The Palestinians did not have the manliness to know they were defeated. The Israelis, psychically scarred by Nazi persecution, did not know how to be victors. Unable to govern as victors they became persecutors.

If the Palestinians had bowed their heads and faced defeat they would have raised them to their own rescue. If from the beginning they had taken four wives, and rejected paper money for gold dinar and silver dirham they would now be the demographic victors of the land and massively wealthy. Even the kafir Germany and Japan knew how to be defeated – and look at them today!

As for the two technical monarchies, Jordan and Arabia, both are the drunken creation of Winston Churchill, as such they are puppets, now, de facto but never de jure.

A further dimension to bear in mind is that, true to the political adage, ‘the extremes meet’, the doctrine that placed the Ibn Saud family in power was founded on a denial of Khilafa, which they had refused, Salafism insisting that there had only been four. Here it is vital to grasp that Shi‘ism and Salafism are politically identical since both reject the obligation to have a living ruler over the Muslims.

The great European Qadi and Faqih, Imam al-Qurtubi, explains in his ‘Ahkam’:

“Allah declares (2:30):

I am putting a Khalif on the earth.

This ayat is sound evidence for having a leader and a Khalif who is obeyed so that he will be a focus for the cohesion of society, and the rulings of the Khalifate will be carried out. None of the Imams of the Community disagree about the obligatory nature of having such a leader, except for what is related from as-Asamm (lit. the Deaf), who lived up to the meaning of his name and was indeed deaf to the Shari‘a, and those who take his position who say that the Khalifate is permitted rather than mandatory if the Community undertakes all their obligations on their own without the need for a ruler to enforce them.

The Companions agreed to make Abu Bakr Khalif after the disagreement which took place between the Muhajirun and the Ansar. If it had been a definite obligation that the ruler had to be from Quraysh, there would have been no point in the argument and debate which took place.

When Abu Bakr died, he delegated the task of being Khalif to ‘Umar and no-one said that it was not mandatory. Its obligatory nature indicates that it is one of the pillars of the Deen which supports the Muslims. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.”

So, already we have begun to discover the Islam of our heritage and future.

Nevertheless, we have started with the highest matter, but it is not our immediate task but rather an orientation that will lead to it. What we now take on is the rejection of those elements in the Deen who reject it thus joining hands with the external enemy, the Shi‘a, whose anti-Khalif doctrine is their foundation.

The Salafi (Wahhabis) say that Islam is over, after the beginning.

The Shi‘a say that Islam has never been, awaiting the end.

The Salafi whip everybody who is not one of them.

The Shi‘a whip themselves.

Once we have established that behind the emergent dictatorships in the Arab terrain lay the doctrines of atheism and socialism it is not surprising that it ended up with Assad, Saddam, Mubarak, Ghaddafi and Ibn Ali. Sons of Nasser, politically speaking, meant they were sons of Stalin. Stalin’s massacres were on his own people – at least Hitler massacred ‘others’!

This forces us to ask a new question – “How could the Arabs – your grandfathers – turn from the Deen al-Haqq to a false religion whose actions negated their high rhetoric?” To get to the answer we have still to clear up the debris of recent historical events in order to arrive at clarity. Standing in our way has been the acceptance of kafir dogmas as if they were both scientific and evolutionary truths.

One: Democracy. It simply no longer means anything, least of all what it props up in its name. It now means a ‘two-party’ or multi-party system of politicians elected by a universal franchise (Bernard Shaw’s “anybody ruled by everybody!”) Yet that party are under a fiduciary contract system that only allows, after screening, those who will obey the oligarchy of wealth. Ownership of corporate wealth, commodities, banks – none of these are chosen by franchise but by inheritance. The previous oligarchy were removed by land and death duties. Now they are gone the banking elite ‘generously’ call for removal of inheritance tax – for they have become the heritors.

Democracy is in political terms the subjugation of the masses. Again and again the masses demonstrated against nuclear arms but every government condemned the people’s taxed wealth to nuclear weapons, missiles and submarines. Almost unanimously the British people opposed the Iraq War and yet one psychologically damaged Premier underwrote it, dragging Parliament and people into the tragedy of Iraq which saw the deaths of British Soldiers on a daily basis, and extended in Afghanistan still does.

Democracy is the assured mechanism of submission which underwrites the oligarchy’s programme and declares ‘the people have spoken.’

Two: There is no such thing as human rights. This is sheer humanist invention, its modern post W.W.2 version having been written by a well-meaning and uneducated little jewish fellow as a talisman against genocide. Who SAID humans have rights?

Rights, properly speaking, can only be given by a ruler who commands both regulation and punishment. He can enforce where it is done and he can punish where it is not done. For example in the early Middle Ages the chivalric knights imposed rights forcing the Monarch to sign the Magna Carta, or Great Charter. Its key ‘rights’ were the backbone of domestic law from then, 1245, until the ‘democratic ruler’ Blair abolished it in 2001-2004. Now with a mythic ‘international community’ there is neither command nor punishment relative to any action.

Three: The world technological project – the compulsive, unlimited and unreasoned drilling, selling and consuming of fossil fuels – is controlled entirely through a set of inter-locking corporations which in turn interface with the world masses by the use of paper currencies and bonds, themselves worthless, thus rendering the masses both helpless and obliged to go on drilling, distributing and burning until the point of exhaustion is reached. Exhaustion being, that means, when the earth is barren and the money’s mathematic has collapsed.

Four: Education has been transferred from a programme of learning about life, history, languages, scientific method, to a programme to equip men to serve in the commercial market of ‘business’, that is the elite of the slave class.

So now we are ready to examine the question posed earlier.

Once that has been confronted we can begin to discover what has been hidden from you for forty years, forty years of kafir dictatorship and forty years of distortion. What distortion? The altering of the Deen by the removal of its existentially necessary patterns of behaviour until it was offered to you as a two form deal.

Deal One – a private religion that accepted everyone’s position and did not challenge capitalism and banking. “Good Muslim”.

Deal Two – follow a probably now dead ‘rebel’, ex-CIA agent brought up a Salafi, as leader, unknown, hidden and without governance or counsel, calling to the Shi‘a Isma‘ili practice of suicide fighters and these suicide rebels obedient to a man who would train them and send them to their death so that he, presumably, could stay alive. “Bad Muslim”.

No. We will discover the Deen al-Haqq which will give us both the worlds, this one and the Next.

It is rescue for you and your future, your children.

It also has rescue for the poisoned seas, the barren soil and the melting icecaps.

It puts the world in your charge.

Rasul, Allah bless him and give him peace, told us that when a man of knowledge dies the whales in the ocean lament. This knowledge is a matter which takes in all of our planet and especially, each and every one of us, our unique selves and our destined hearts.

 *   *   *    *    *