Now we have come to the opening statement which will lead inevitably to the renewal of Islam, Deen al-Haqq.

Before doing so, let us survey the ruined landscape of a world activated in wars by a political class who send others to their death while maintaining a eunuch’s distance from the struggle of life. Just look at them, from Peking to Damascus, from London to Berlin, from Washington to Abidjan – we are ruled from beneath us, the lowest common denominator.

Historically the Wahhabi/Salafis were licensed by the USA. This is an evidence that the W/S war against the Sufis stood as a proof that they remained the guardians of Islamic revival, hence the frivolous pretence that Sufis were tomb worshippers. In Arabia this meant a state founded on a denial of Khilafa, the introduction of paper money and banking, along with the abolition of the Pillar of a Collected Zakat. From their oil-wealthy families came a generation of Isma‘ili-inspired revolt and the doctrine of Islam as an underground movement spreading terror among the christian (i.e. American) society.

Today can be observed the American pull-back from an accord with the Muslims. Convinced that the grimness of the Muslim attempt at a secret society has failed, the Ikhwan al-Muslimeen, and that the Saudi new generation Salafism as terror has worked as a deterrent to revival, the U.S. has been guided towards a pro-Shi‘a doctrine, and this on rabbinical advice.

With a Shi‘a leadership crippling Pakistan, the awful Zardari/Bhutto regime, the Shi‘a in the north, Afghanistan, are protected and used by NATO. The USA having given Muslim Iraq to the Shi‘a, this new doctrine, at bloody cost, was established. Note that the application of the Syrian rule of exclusion of Kurds guaranteed a firm Shi‘a majority in Iraq, as it distracted from Syrian minority Shi‘a dictatorship.

Lebanon gone and Gaza converted gave an iron wall against Eastern encroachment which stretched from the Mediterranean to the Gulf and the Indian Ocean now that Bahrain is effectively annexed.

The U.S. oligarchy is obliged to play out its Empire game and use to the limit its political class, although already contingency plans are designed to replace the failed institutions of Washington with local militia just as the nation state began after secession from Britain (see Parvez Asad Sheikh: ‘USA – The End of an Empire’: Dallas House Monographs).

Meanwhile the Mexican masses swiftly continue their invasion, their first armed units foolishly mistaken for urban gangs, whole areas under their command.

Against this global scene of desolation, the billions in abject poverty, and the planet almost totally asphyxiated by the extraction of its earth and water wealth, and with a decreasing but by that token even wealthier financial elite, obliged to oppress the masses – stands one, only one reality that speaks release from slavery – Islam.

Up until now the kuffar have succeeded in naming it Terror and have offered its abolition in exchange for a private monotheism (the Shi‘a solution) so that Islam itself has not yet manifest.

Let us take the first step.

Before we can approach the Himalayan heights of Islam’s mightiest fortress of the mind, Tawhid, we must first set right a fundamental balance without which the Muslim youth will find no reason to put down his iPod and lift up his iPhone.

What is the balance? It is that the Deen of Islam – and this is its first supporting pillar – is held up by a dual witnessing.

“I declare that there is no god but Allah and
I declare that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

Of course! But behind us still lie almost a hundred years of defeat and the abandonment of the Khilafal obligation.

The quickest way both to see what went wrong and to put it right is to turn to Islam when it was paramount and powerful. Shah Waliallah said that given the assault on Islam in his time the only way to recovery lay in starting from basics, by that he indicated that he meant the first great formula of the Islamic social nexus in Madinah – the Muwatta’ of Imam Malik, may Allah honour his high place.

When we examine the Muwatta’ we find that it is basically in two parts, relating to the Dual Shahadah. The first half is all of ‘Ibada – Shahadah, Salat, Zakat, Sawm and Hajj. The second half is almost entirely about fiduciary contracts, parameters and practices. The whole matter of living – selling, buying, owning, inheriting, trading, gaining and spending. All of these are now out of your hands. None of these methods and limits and securities are today practised by the wealthy Muslims. The oligarchs of Malaysia, Indonesia and across the Arab world make (and keep) their wealth in the kafir capitalist mode. Far from being the notorious “going back fifteen hundred years” argued by the modernist (capitalist) leaders it is the utterly relevant, necessary and ecologically needed path to survival.

It is this, the basis of Islamic life and trade and viable currency, that has been robbed from the people. The world has been handed to a tiny group of billionaires who are at this moment destroying us and our planet.

They will not be defeated by military or guerrilla resistance. That is already covered in their system. They will be destroyed by the withdrawal of the God-obedient from the endebtment of numbers and contracts and their (our) setting up and usage of real-wealth currency, trust-based contracts of trade alongside a community aereated by a collected Zakat. Its being collected, not given, the cure for the retentive psyche.

Thus the restoration of Zakat that means:

  • the existence of an empowered Amir,
  • his appointment of Zakat Collectors,
  • the gathering of the Zakat,
  • its immediate distribution to the poor and the known categories

will see the move from the acquisitive, retentive, atheist capitalist to the worshipping, believing, and distributive Muslim. The return of life. Compassion after the genocides of man-worshipping ‘humanists’. It will see both the end of women draped in black, with only a slit for their eyes, in the East, and the end of women dancing naked round a pole for the banking elite, tassels hanging from their bared nipples, in the West. Women will recover the position of being able to ask of a man – fidelity.

In the meantime, prepare:

  • agitate for the Egyptians to overthrow their army command.
  • Tell the world of the Baathist fascism of Syria.
  • Expose India’s dictatorship: 700,000 soldiers occupying Kashmir. (At Iraq’s worst time the U.S. had 200,000 elements in the country). 68,000 Kashmiris have been killed since 1990. A national prison.

There is everything to be done. Remember, Allah aids the Muminun. We are doomed to succeed.

  *   *   *    *    *