2 December 2012

A mob in a public square is not a revolution.
It is a mob in a public square.
Napoleon defined revolution – “There is no revolution without a change of ownership.”
The ownership remains with the Army.
The Ikhwan have not overthrown or broken the Army.
Therefore they have joined the Army.
Thus they are the new dictatorship.

In the Russian revolution the mob stormed the Winter Palace.
In the French revolution the mob stormed the Bastille.
Symbols of power were occupied and destroyed.

In Egypt the mob has represented only anarchy.
In Egypt the Army’s only distinction has been an abject defeat by tiny Israel.
In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood’s only distinction has been an abject defeat by western atheist humanism.
In Egypt the Ikhwan declared that Islam had to submit to the will of the uneducated mass franchise. In order to gain political power they have replaced obedience to Allah with obedience to the mass will.
In Egypt Islam has been abolished, and women have been hidden in black garbage outfits in defiance of the Qur’anic injunction and the hadith indication.
In Egypt the country remains a bought colony of western banking capitalism.
In Egypt a dictator was removed but the Army remained.
In Egypt a dictator is now replaced and the Army remains.
In Egypt today Islam is an unknown religion.
Atheist capitalism rules at the hand of the hypocrites.

* * * * *