11 July 2007

My dear brothers in Islam, and I address also that small group in the military who have been seduced and misled into atheism and easy promotion, for even that small dissident rump I know still has a profound loyalty to the nation of Pakistan.

All that is happening now I told you would happen. I warned you. Now you must face up to this. It was a diagnosis and you rejected the medicine, and now the patient is in a critical condition. I told you the dictator Musharraf was a kemalist, and the role of the kemalist was never to turn the guns on the enemy, but to turn them on his own people if they defy the dictatorship. It has happened. There are two civilised and learned bodies within the State of Pakistan. This fundamentally stupid and brutal man has now actively made war on both these groups.

It is clear that Pakistani society can no longer function now that it has lost the judiciary and the ‘ulema. Unless we are to see this great Muslim nation plunge into that most hateful of conditions, a civil war, military intervention is absolutely necessary. Make no mistake. I do not mean further war between the army and the people. This crime has already been committed, and the damage – the lack of trust between army and people – can only be recovered by one thing. You know what that one thing is. That one thing is the removal of an unacceptable dictator at war with his own people and their religion.

The quite disgraceful signals of approval from the Washington regime are surely the final confirmation of what an evil action was perpetrated at the mosque. Moral approval from the man who ordered Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo is a terrible insult, and furthermore, the American people should beware. A regime that accepts that a country abroad can make war on its own people sooner or later will activate it inside its own frontiers.

The removal of the criminal dictator, after such a disastrous error, means it is advised not just to replace him with a uniquely military junta. Confidence in the people has to be restored. I recommend the following model as a means to restoring not only order but civil confidence. The officers removing the criminal author of the coup should immediately call upon the highest civilian talents as an Advisory Group who can steer the country back to legal government.

For example:

  1. The deposed Chief Justice I. M. Chaudhry.
  2. Maulana Sami’ul Haqq.
  3. Imran Khan.
  4. The deposed Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif.
  5. Retired General Hamid Gul.

These, or a similarly constituted small group, should reconstruct the social order so that Pakistan ceases to be a plaything of exterior imperialist forces, or a war zone for the suicidal extremist Arab movement outrageously killing under the banner of Islam.

The survival of Pakistan is in your hands. Your health and well-being is also in your hands, for there is no doubt that if Pakistan goes down, you will go down with it, and if you do not die in its anarchy you will survive in your ignominy. Rise before Fajr. Make two Raka’ats. An Istikhara. Then if you dare, do nothing!