The age of the Sovereign State is over and with it the aspiration to international law. One cataclysmic world war driven and determined by underclass politicos from 1914-1945, a second Thirty Years War, certainly represented the main movements of the power symphony but its last movement is not mighty and Beethovenian. The end has come at the hands of midgets. Midgets, let it be clear, not only genetically deprived, but psychically void. Without selfhood as understood by Shakespeare, Schiller, Freud or Melanie Klein.

Merkel, a below stairs Stasi security creature from communist East Germany, with a husband a national magazine named ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. A transvestite with a military hair crop. Loved by none, voted by all.

Putin, his past a grim servitude below stairs as a KGB torturer. His rise to power based on the actions of an alcoholic president in full dementia. His future based on an utterly constructed from zero identity by mass media as a tough-guy sportsman.

These two midgets have set their hand to the final destruction of the post Congress of Vienna system of nation state sovereignty. If they had identifiable psyches it could be defined as the murder committed by the psychotic with the necessary collaboration of the neurotic. Putin seizes the Crimea. Merkel covers for him.

Putin underwrote the anti-Islam massacres by the shi’a in Syria, his eyes glued to the maps and the TV, imagining he ruled in a world of Breaking News pragmatism. Encouraged, he went on to deconstruct Ukraine.

Forget Ukraine. Look at the effect. The international state system was based on an underlying recognition of the sovereign state. On their separateness was erected an edifice of international law. Firstly that rickety post W.W.2 building has collapsed. Structurally it was doomed from the start by the irrational acceptance of the power veto. Secondly, it was vitiated by Israel’s refusal to obey its ordinances. Finally it was paralysed by the inability to halt mass slaughter in Rwanda and then Syria.

Far from giving Putin a free hand in Ukraine it meant that if he in turn ignored state sovereignty – then the whole system would be ended.

Terminus omnis motus et urbes
Muros teara posuere noua,
Nil qua fuerat sede reliquit
Peruius orbis:
Indus gelidum potat Araxen,
Albin Persae Rhenumque bibunt.

(Medea – Seneca 369-374. Zwierlein, Oxford)

Every boundary has gone, cities
Have set their walls in new lands,
Nothing in its former place left
By an open world:
Indians drink the cold Araxes,
Persians the Elbe and the Rhine.

Now on the ruins of the midget rulers, a time-smashed ethos, we can begin to see, at last, the faces of the new empire; world corporation and finance.