25 November 2011

The very frame, structure, pattern of society, which had until now seemed actual, solid, founded on material itself has now begun to fragment, disintegrate and collapse. As it does so, a further condition is revealed, simply that that very frame was in itself illusory, a simulation of stuff, a non-existent presence sustained by a mathematic of ever multiplying dementia so that where before it had a decimal connection to things, that in turn had so increased that from hundreds to thousands it had hurtled into being millions. In the final phase of its enmeshing power it had turned into billions and ultimately, trillions.

The political class who had been set there to extract payment of these – now unpayable – sums, tried in vain to break the public’s will and force payment of a debt they, the political class had underwritten. It was not called a debt, but rather, to veil the whole procedure, the deficit.

When the masses rioted, from New York to Athens, radical action against the political class was due. They had failed their masters, the bankers. In Athens a leftist government was replaced by a non-elected entity with an outsider as leader. He was called a technocrat. He was, in fact, a banker.

In Rome a rightest government was replaced by a non-elected entity with an outsider as leader. He was called a technocrat. He was, in fact, a banker.

It had finally happened – le Coup de Banque!

All over Europe the same situation. Demented, the masses where they had elected a rightest government would turn for rescue to a leftist government, and where they had elected a leftist government they would turn for rescue to a rightest government. It meant, simply, they had nowhere to turn.

The age of politics, of government, of civic society was over. Finished education. Finished medical aid. Finished any uncontrolled discourse except on the furthest reaches of the Internet – at least for a time.

What is most astonishing is how the masses have been marshalled into freely choosing to be governed by utterly incapable dwarfs, often dwarfs by stature even, but always by intellect.

Look at them. Forget their endless discourse and ignore their wagging, reprimanding finger. Look at them!

Merkel. Sarkozy. Cameron. Putin. That Chinese Prime Minister – which is he now?

With the Roman Empire disintegrating rapidly, Piso addressed his men and asked:

“Minus triginta transfugae et desertores, quos centurionem ant tribunum sibi eligentis nemo ferret, imperium adsignabunt?”
‘Shall less than thirty renegades and deserters whom no one would allow to choose a tribune or centurion for themselves, allocate imperial power?’
(Plutarch: History 1.30)

What oppressed masses? Libya controlled by a madman for forty years assisted by his quite dreadful sons. Look at them! The Libyans turned their heads away from murder, terrorism and the power fantasies of their leader. Blair kissed him, Berlusconi at least winked.

Look at Saleh of Yemen – he would not have lasted for a season in the Mafia. Hundreds have died to be free – after forty years. How did they tolerate Saleh for forty days?

Look at Assad. He has no chin! Again the masses are mown down in the streets – but they waited forty years and were silent when his father killed tens of thousands of Muslims in Homs in the Shi’a conquest.

Look at Egypt. The media told them it was a revolution. It was nothing of the sort. It was a demo! Now there is a second demo – with the same failure to oust the puppet military regime. Again – they have held power for forty years. What is so different about today? – only a new generation.

Look at Tunisia. Again forty years of passive stupidity. Now the dinosauric Ikhwanis are thrusting out their sclerotic paws to seize power.

The issue is not political. The Ikhwan will climax their century of failure with, finally, an enemy-backed gift of power which will plunge the Arab peoples into a further decade of darkness.

The long tragedy of the Arab peoples has been their miserable denial of their Deen, their Prophet and their Book.

The Amirates, at least, are ready. They have a mercenary military presence, armed and trained to torture and kill, in readiness for the day the Muslims awaken and demand justice. A kafir police-force assured of a clean kill without any remorse over Muslim victims.

The chains of the tyrannical planet-destroying monetary system are not of iron. They are mental. The money – the so-called currencies – which are daily in use – simply do not exist. The spell, for it is a spell, can only be broken by the elite, spiritually trained Muslims, as at the time of Rasul, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, of Salahud-din, of Mehmet, of Humayun. The Companions of the Cave – for when they awaken with a few silver coins, they will change the world. It has started and victory is with Allah. He will give it to the European Muslims, the Somalis and the Punjabis. The men who never gave in.

La galiba ila’llah.

A thought for the young Arabs:

Why should you aspire to democracy? it is something that has tragically failed in Europe and America. You have been offered your Springtime now the bankers need your work and your wealth to re-fund the exhausted coffers of Europe. The mad Ghadaffi did not owe the bankers a penny. Now you are going to be endebted.

Democracy = deficit. Prepare to pay.

Or face up to the true Islamic way – it is not ‘Shari’at’ (a political non-ulama term) it is Fiqh, that is wealth, contracts, exchange, Zakat. Gold Dinar. Silver Dirham.

*   *   *    *    *