5 April 2010

The doctrine of human rights which is founded on human-ism, that is atheism, having no foundation, is, having rejected Divine authority, pre-determined to subjugate all human beings. Be it a single man, or a majority, a party or a class, a state or a race, or a general will, it forces each ‘to be free’.

The doctrine of human rights is the metaphysical end of Constitutionalism, that is government by a humanly composed set of rules.

The illusion that man is a self-determining entity culminates in the will to power and the will to will, in nihilism and a totalitarian world technology.

The will to power, according to Nietzsche, rests on the denial of Divine Power, so that it passes over to an all-encompassing will [Ge-stell], that of an inescapable world technology. This opens up the possibility of the unlimited exploitation of everything. Politics and all other institutions become an appendage of technology.

The illusion that technology is a tool in the hands of a self-determining humanity lies in the failure to recognise that it has a logic and necessity of its own that passes beyond human control.

Man has become, globally, through political, social and economic agencies of production and consumption, indeed the earth itself, nothing but a reserve of energy to be used in the technical project.

History itself, which risks relating the processes by which man enslaves, has to be transformed into ideology, which alone is permitted to explain the purpose of life. Genocide, an invented word, has been made to identify the act of the extermination of a racial human group. Significantly as it is defined, it did not happen, since the victim people still exist. There are millions of living jews and armenians. Transferring this failed act of ‘genocide’ from historical discourse to legislation indicates the denial of history [what happened] and the enthronement of totalitarian ideology, the obligatory viewpoint of the ruling oligarchy.

Continual war is the necessity which permits the declaration that freedom and peace, but for it, could be the destined gain of humanity.

Since the financial ethos has already abolished the nation-state a type of war has to be instituted that a) will not end, and b) can be defined as peace by the dominant belligerent.

Thus terrorism passed from being a manifestation of anarchy to being a manifestation of institutionalism. It already has experts, professors, a literature.

The reality of terrorism today, therefore, is not only the categorical imperative of peace-freedom-happiness delayed, but is itself the product of the world-nihilist-project of ‘Technik’.

‘Is fecit cui prodest’ – the one who benefits is the one who did it.

Heidegger left the Nazi Party in 1935 when he saw that there was no difference between the (aryan) overman and the (jewish) underman, since both had been reduced to beasts. He identified the three forms of atheist-modernity as being nazism, marxism and americanism, differing in structural identity but metaphysically the same, characterised by the dictatorship of the public over the private, and the primacy of natural science, economics, a political class and technology, that is to say, the unlimited exploitation of man and nature by an institutionalised nihilism.

So it is that in the first decade of a new century America, with a black slave population that has had over a hundred years to mix with the white population, in effect eliminating year by year ‘blackness’ into a, still not admitted, beautiful brownness, and with the great native nations of Navaho and Algonquin still in concentration camps, this same regime with its Constitution and its ‘way of life’ can still boast the largest prison population per capita, of any country in the world, a population larger than that of Israel. Equally, it boasts the largest prison it controls outside America to be inaccessible to the Red Cross, “human rights” lawyers, the country’s own judiciary, and the world press – that is, Bagram in Afghanistan.

The prisoners at Bagram are hosed down with ice cold water.
There are twenty to a cell.
There is one W.C.
In 2002, Dilawar died after being suspended in the air for four days. No charge had been brought against him. The autopsy report noted that his legs had doubled in volume.
Hajj Gul Rahman was imprisoned in 2006 because he was found to have a Kalashnikov in his car. He is still in Bagram.
Bagram, on the American military base in north-west Kabul, does not appear on the map.
Contrary to Guantanamo no journalist can enter its two concrete hangars. No exterior observer, no Red Cross inspector is permitted to enter the ‘special centre’ of detention where the ‘very high value’ prisoners are interrogated.
The prisoners call it ‘the black jail’.
In it the concrete cells are without windows.
The light stays on 24 hours a day.
Last August the American government decreed only (!) two week solitary confinement would be allowed there.
Following the new President’s election the Justice Ministry of the U.S. determined that – unlike Guantanamo – no prisoner at Bagram could contest their detention before a civil court or even see a lawyer.

One senator openly said, ‘We will close Guantanamo to open Bagram.’
According to an army spokesman, Stephen Clutter, today Bagram houses 750 prisoners, including 30 non-Afghans and 5 minors!

After protests from President Karzai, an Afghan judge was allowed to examine the prison dossiers.
Judge Sayid Sharif Sharif noted his shock at “the stench, like a zoo which came from the cages.”
Of the 600 cases he was allowed to see he immediately declared 200 to be innocent, imprisoned “by judicial error”.

With the increased contingent of the U.S. Army has come a large increase in the number of Bagram inmates.

The wrongly imprisoned Bagrami once released will surely seek revenge for this injustice. Thus Bagram is a U.S. factory for the production of a continuous war of terror, the necessary otherness of peace and democracy, inside the closed system of statist nihilism, as practised by America and Europe in Afghanistan, and China among the Uighurs.

Beyond the present global zero of world morality, emerging in the future is the call to Islam, and worship as well as obedience to the Merciful Lord of the Universe.

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