25 November 2011

Whatever the outcome of the Egyptian crisis there is now no doubt that it has reached a significant point. What is that point? It is that point which forces on us a redefining of terms, and by that token the abandonment of an old check-mated game and the time for an open clear space on which the signifiers of a new game of events can be set up.

In an intelligently hosted programme on Al-Jazeera TV a woman speaker for the Ikhwan presented the cold hand of Ikhwani psychology, rejecting the other speakers and droning on with the party line of political party, political systems and the Ikhwan’s willingness to collaborate with real power in order to be recognised. Snuggling up to the military today as they did with Nasser.

On the other side of the screen sat Sherief Gaber. He was the voice of that awakening which is happening across the world. Athens. New York. Tel Aviv. Rome. Damascus. Alexandria. Sherief Gaber plainly stated two significant and radical issues.

  1. the time of military dictatorship is over. This may be applied to all the cities above.
  2. the political parties are themselves the instrument of oppression since their programme is one of opportunism and thus underwrites dictatorship which alone can grant them their place of illusory power, standing between the masses and the real power structure.

This is not a position – I am giving my reading of Sherief’s argument – that can be seen simply as a dialectical continuance of things simply calling for a re-shuffling of the pieces on the board. It implies a break – a sweeping clean – a possibility of a future.

The Libyan adventure showed that any hope of a new life stands over and against the heavily scripted take-over scenario that placed a new dictatorship (called, of course, democratic) to assure business as usual.

The Syrian civil war already has the same face as that of Egypt. Already the Ikhwanis are positioning themselves in Istanbul and London as the post-Assad power system. The exiled Ikhwani are leaving their luxury villas in the Amirates and in Kent to head the new ‘democratic’ regimes which they will help slot into western banking. The Ikhwani movement is based on the denial of Islamic Fiqh, that is, the all-inclusive structuring of monies, markets and contracts in a non-usury rule.

Tunisia, too, saw the exiled leader return after the other Tunisians had bled and died to gain a new life.

The ultimate role of the Ikhwanis is to drive Sherief and his generation away from Islam, insisting that they are its brotherhood – when they are its hypocrites, tired fascists from a previous century.

The military represent the industrial-military complex exposed by Eisenhower. It in turn supports the financial system of numbers-currencies calculated in trillions owned in turn by webbed interlocking corporations, while these corporations in the end are owned and controlled by a few thousand men. Thus the world today, almost totally destroyed as an eco-system by that ruling handful, will depend on another handful of men and women to rescue it – in the name of the Merciful Lord Who has appointed them Khalifs over it.

*   *   *    *    *