18 June 2007

It is important for intelligent people to recognise at what stage in the processes of events they find themselves. In the Hitler epoch, intelligent jews, because they fully understood what was happening around them, knew they quite simply had to escape, those who lacked awareness of the crisis were simply swept away in the horror of the time. The same has been observed of the bourgeoisie on the eve of the Communist Revolution. Being aware of the time you live in not only can help you escape disaster, but it can also empower you to rise to the occasion of taking leadership in a new period of history.

Britain has seen many waves of renewal in its long history. It was the Danes turned Englishmen who gave the island its first civilised model of consultation and social justice. It was a later settlement from northern France which raised the country to a higher level of civilisation, architecture and chivalry. The forced re-population of the Highland clansmen by an Anglo-German elite in England did not only devastate the ancient Highland culture, but it re-planted it in New Zealand, Nova Scotia and Australia. As the saying goes in the Highlands, “The All-Blacks are just Highlanders with protein!”

The state, ethos and culture created by England’s greatest King, Henry VIII, left a country liberated from the ignorance, darkness and misogyny of the Catholic Church, setting in place a country-wide aristocratic rule which unified the masses to a respected elite. This system, which had collapsed in the world crisis of capitalism in the Thirties, saw a final phase of revival under its last aristocratic leader, descendent of the great Marlborough, Winston Churchill.

Churchill had defined the Battle of Britain, the air war fought in the sky, as being ‘their Finest Hour’. He was, of course, correct. From 1945 until Churchill’s death saw the disintegration of the British Empire, obedient to the American policy which had been operative from Woodrow Wilson to Roosevelt. The period following Churchill’s death saw the gradual reduction of Parliament from being a government body to that of an instrument of budgetary distribution.

Britain then entered the Age of the Grocers. First Heath and then Thatcher, far from ‘modernising’ and revitalising Britain, simply set about shredding the authority of Parliament and its institutions, virtually abolished Cabinet government, and left the role of Prime Minister alone, with a powerless government in front and an empowered financial sector giving orders from ‘the City’.

It must be borne in mind, now at the beginning of the 21st century, that after World War II, that is from mid-last-century onwards, Britain was utterly exhausted, with its best men dead, its Empire gone, and the Grocers determined to run the country. So it was that just as the abandoned Highlands gave life and vitality to another country on the other side of the world, so too, from the abandoned Empire, new force came to the war-weary British Isles. The shopkeeper governments of late 20th century, while busily surrendering their political powers to the new financial oligarchy, at the same time realised that the massive imported population from the Sub-Continent somehow suggested a future threat to their authority. In the shameless racism of the period, they simply defined the New Britons as either Asian or black. It cannot be emphasised enough how blatant this was, even to the extent of a Census which demanded to know the citizen’s race as well as religion.

Over the fifty years since the arrival of the New Britons, their fellow citizens have become aware that on the whole they have become an integral part of the society, step by step playing a more important part in the health of the country, both morally and financially. Tragically, as it has proved, the Blair Administration saw its role in relation to society as one not of nurture but of interference and control. The dismal failure of the far-from-socialist doctrines of the Blairites left a significant portion of the New Britons unjustly marginalised at the level of schooling and university education.

During that same period the full frantic and nihilistic rage of the Arab world which had floundered from the collapse of Nasserite socialism into a sea of conflicting forces, fell on the world as Terrorism. This had three causes. Firstly, the American Bankers’ Branch Office in the Middle East, called Israel. Secondly, the military and financial acquisition of the Emirates and Arabia by the Bankers as they took control of the region’s oil wealth. Thirdly, the crushing of the post-Nasserite socialism that began to emerge with the Muslim Brotherhood, this meant the reduction of the only educated Arab nation to a state of intellectual and financial slavery under first Sadat and then Mubarak. These three greedy and irresponsible policies of the new non-governmental system, which now controlled Senate, Assembly, and Parliament, led the dis-enfranchised, dis-inherited and degraded Arab people to fall into the terrible despair of nihilism, driving the Arab fathers to order their obedient sons to lash Semtex to their bellies and destroy themselves in a futile protest of the fathers’ inability either to control or to run their own lives.

And so it was that we entered an age in which the fathers murdered the sons, and the sons, unloved, themselves chose immolation rather than life.

It is against that background that we must review the ghastly failure of the Blair epoch. During that same time we should not fail to observe the final stage of the democratic system and how this has been revealed in three different nations. In each case a life-or-death crisis, and in each case the inability of the democratic system to function, let alone solve the problem.

  1. The USA. The financial elite, through a docile Administration fronted by hopelessly inadequate and psychiatrically scarred personnel, plunged the country into the fantastical “War Against Terror”, a term undefinable in both rationality and geo-politics. Faced with military disaster and civic chaos, the American electorate voted-in the party opposed to the war in order to end it. The result was that the American Senate ordered an end to the War on behalf of the electorate, only to be told that the War would continue. The President was thus revealed as a dictator, both de jure and de facto.
  1. France. France arrived at the stage of financial transformation that had been demanded by Thatcher. This required the same formula which had guaranteed the appointment by the financial system of Thatcher in England. This operated on two levels. Firstly, a middle party had to be invented which bemoaned the electorate’s fatigue with the old two-party conflict, and calling for a Centrist unity. Thus a centre party was formed in England under Roy Jenkins, now Lord Jenkins, assuring a split in the socialist vote. Secondly, the chosen candidate had to seem to support the traditional and inherited right-wing policies of the greatest Nationalist leader from the past. Thus Thatcher, a petty social arriviste, somehow had to take on the mantle of the great national leader Winston Churchill.

    So today in France the financiers funded a centrist party, as the Rothschilds had for Jenkins in England, in support of Bayrou, whose role was “to break the mould of adversary party politics.” The chosen candidate, to be seen to represent the national pride and heritage, had to steal, as it were, the doctrines of the extreme-right nationalist Le Pen. The chosen candidate had to be shown to be the inheritor of De Gaulle. He was not French, but was in fact a jewish Hungarian, but with brilliant media support, both major media oligarchs ran his campaign, he emerged in the Gaullist cloak of unifying the nation, and was photographed before an enormous stone cross at the grave of De Gaulle. To perfect his credentials he publicly declared that his favourite modern classic was Céline, who, while a master of the French language, was also a rabid anti-semite. With his election the old France came to an end, but begins a new history, just like Britain, in its case bearing in its heart new Frenchmen, Berber and Muslim.
  1. Palestine. Not yet even a de jure State, a country which has endured an occupation both psychotic and sadistic has been commanded by a non-existent, or at least non-elected entity, the World Community, that to enter the human race it must abjure resistance and reject terrorism in order to enter the magical democratic process. So it tried to put a democratic government in place, almost literally in mid-air, since it did not own the ground under its feet. It ended up with a President elected by a majority, who was also head of the official organ of resistance, the PLO. At its Parliamentary election it produced a government of the active resisters, Hamas. The people, the masses, want Hamas, and the Fatah leadership want power and wealth. Now they are killing each other in the streets of Palestine. The failure of democracy in Palestine is not only the failure of its appalling leadership: a Prime Minister who orders Palestinian young men to commit suicide – who, one wonders, will he have left to govern? – and a President surrounded by a Mafioso court, and with dubious foreign allies.

    The only political solution for Palestine has to be built on the ruins of democracy. Palestine revealed to the world that no democratic government has got actual control of its nation’s financial wealth, and thus each is subservient to the fiduciary command. The only possibility for Palestine, other than further chaos and slavery, lies in the release of Marwan Barghouti, at present in an Israeli jail after a ludicrous trial. While I would disagree with his political positioning, he is the only man of honour and integrity in Palestine.

    The claim that only Barghouti can rescue Palestine indicates that in the current dialectic of the historical process we are returning to an age of personal rule after the failure of systems organisation separated from the wealth nexus. This brings us to an important and distressing moment in the dying days of the Blair puppetry. The award of an honour to the criminal author of the notorious book which insulted our beloved Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, is shocking, provocative and a deliberate insult to the Muslim citizens of Great Britain. What is the award for? He is a writer of no literary standing, grammatically insecure, and journalistic in style. It is intellectually unthinkable that he has been awarded for the quality of his literature. Is it because he is a Shi‘a who propagated Shi‘a doctrines in his condemned book? Certainly, Khomeini in his pseudo-fatwa flung a Cordon Sanitaire around its author, guaranteeing his safety from execution. Is it because, ever since, he has attacked the Muslims and our religion? From the Persian perspective he presents an anomaly. Perhaps the normally rhetorical President of Iran can tell us how his exalted leader can make a fatwa which is true on one day and untrue on the next? Unless he is insane as the American media claim, surely this is the time for him to reactivate his fatwa and prove to us all that there is some internal consistency in the political doctrines of the Shi‘a religion.

From the English perspective this event has done profound damage to social relations in Britain and has alienated an important section of the British citizenry. The dishonouring of the Honours System in turn raises two issues. Firstly, it is unthinkable that this citation should have taken place without the consultation of the Prime Minister with the Heir to the Throne. If the Prime Minister consulted the Queen, then one must emphasise that given the stage in the country’s development and the regrettable fragility of the monarchy in relation to the media, the Queen from her position should have, and should in future hold much greater consultation with the Heir to the Throne. Given the Prince of Wales’ understanding of Islam, knowledge of the Muslim world and concerned interest with the British Muslim population, it is safe to say he would have strongly advised against this.

What now becomes clear is that in view of the age we live in, that is the rapidly disintegrating democratic structuralist system, it is imperative that powers and privileges are restored to the monarchy. This is the sole guarantee of preventing civil war when the inevitable financial crisis comes. The higher titles of monarchy, Marquess, Earl and Duke, should be recovered as within the Royal Gift and without the need for Parliamentary consent. It is a most urgent need of the Muslim community of British citizens that the Queen also is active and critical in the future appointments which concern the upholding and the protection of our great liberal tradition of social justice. I refer in particular to the appointment of Lord Chancellor and Attorney General, now that the libertarian tradition from our Plantagenet forebears has been and is being trashed by our semi-literate Parliament.

Secondly, in response to this overt attack on the Muslim community by the Prime Minister it is important that our protest is not in the streets. It is unthinkable that any Muslim man or woman should be arrested because of this squalid adventurer who deliberately courted sensationalism in writing his book. No. The response must be much more politically effective.

I respectfully ask every Imam in every mosque in the United Kingdom to declare publicly from the Mimbar that in the coming national elections, no Muslim should vote Labour. After this event, to vote Labour is to share in the attack on Islam that has been made by the Prime Minister. It is not an accident in this affair that our psychiatrically vulnerable Prime Minister has just returned flushed from acceptance by the Prada-slippered dwarf in Rome. He flung the country into a disastrous war under the influence of the political authority figure in Washington. He now clearly sees his mission to take on the higher Papal cause of attacking Islam under orders from the little ex-Nazi in the Vatican.

Let us place our Muslim Community in Great Britain at the very heart of society. Let us support a christian monarchy in preference to the Blairite desire for an atheist republic. Let us give support to those political parties which can understand that social renewal for Britain is the opening to Islam. The age of the demented and suicidal terrorist and his futile programme is over. The Arab deviations from the Deen, embodied most dramatically in evil suicide bombing and the equally evil hinduisation of women, involving the masking of the woman’s face – utterly against the command of the Qur’an and the Sunna, which requires the face to be left free – these should disappear from Britain, just as the jaw-clenched Blair gives way to the drop-jawed Gordon Brown. Soon the corseted figure of Gordon Brown will in turn give way to a new phase in the history of Britain, which will see the slow spreading of a Da’wa which over the next decade will lead to a moderate and harmonious Islam, just as Elizabeth I oversaw the great cultural awakening of England and its language in the past, Elizabeth II will see her son overlook the opening to Islam in Britain.

We ask Allah to move us into the new age of Personal Rule, protected from extremes by the wise councils of consultation with all sectors of society, the fiduciary, the academic, the military, the medical, and our judiciary. With a strong Muslim voice at the heart of British affairs – and that is not Parliament – we will have success. La Ghaliba illallah.