Media have informed us that the President of the USA is going to deliver a message to the Muslim world. In it he will tell us that the U.S. is not at war with Islam – or similar ideas.

Clarification is important. Let us start at the beginning. Firstly, the current President of the USA was foisted on the American people by a sophisticated and structuralist system that cleverly made the pre-arranged person for the job appear to have come from nowhere, sweep away the competing candidates, and emerge with a strong mathematical mandate. The same people had invaded Iraq with only three words – ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’. They were false but war was engaged. Leadership of the American masses only needed one word – ‘Change’. It too was false. Part of the scenario used to install the financial elite’s man was that part of his achievement was that he was a great orator and the other part was that he was ‘black’ and the fulfilment of the Luther-King dream.

The truth is that he is a dismal failure as a speaker. Worse even than the dull monotony of his language and its dead metaphors, worse than his staccato sergeant-major delivery is the terrible wagging finger of the ill-trained school teacher. Devoid of depth and sincerity, his speech resembles a supermarket manager informing staff about what goods are out of stock.

Having established that he not only lacks eloquence and is far from rhetoric, we are forced to add to that, he has no evaluation. His dog, his jokes, American military deaths – they are all laid out in the same flat airport announcer’s delivery.

In short he is not an orator. He is not a voice. He is dumb.

The bad performance of the puppet reminds us of the hidden puppeteers. The ones who pull the strings. They really must think we are very stupid. They think we are blind!

This mythic ruler of the American conglomerate is endlessly filmed in a jewish cap at the Weeping Wall, looking miserably at the bleak memorial to the slaughtered millions during the Nazi regime, the centre of that humanist cult of the dead which has replaced the historical revealed religion of judaism, and now, to honour Islam, he turns up in Egypt, a U.S. sponsored dictatorship, its prisons full of tortured Muslim intellectuals, and the Ikhwan al-Muslimun political party banned from civic activity. With his secret services actively de-stabilising the great Islamic state of Pakistan and with his army living in Afghanistan – all its soldiers’ varied sexual needs fully supplied from the local population – he has set out to deliver a message to the Muslim world.

The message of the USA is in fact being delivered on a daily basis from Guantanamo (still there) to Gilgit. Hundreds of Muslim men, women and children are being killed daily from its high-tech instruments of death and torture, unmanned bombers, artillery fire, and the new torture and killing prison of Bagram in Afghanistan.

Despite the fundamental dichotomy between message and event, speaking peace and commanding slaughter, we can still detect a good intention against the evidence.

Let us go deeper to identify the obvious anomaly.

Firstly the President of the USA is not the descendant of an American slave, nor the realisation of the black American Dream. He is the son of a bourgeois Kenyan immigré. He is the son of a Muslim and attended a Madrasah when a child. Before attaining puberty, however, he abandoned his father’s religion just as his mother abandoned his father’s body. That is a wound, still, wounds can make men – but not if the man denies the wound. You can not deny separation. To say Islam and christianity are one is a clear lie – just as, to pretend your father and mother did not separate is a clear lie. However humanly sympathetic it may seem for a youth to go with his mother, to deny his heritage, his father’s inheritance, is a terrible thing. No one can follow a man who denies his own father. How can a traitor speak well of what he has betrayed?

Let us go deeper still.

The message seems to inform us that the USA is not at war with Islam. This phrase is meaningless. The USA is a nation state. Islam is a revealed religion. Only similars can be posited as opposites.

The USA is at war with Afghanistan and Pakistan. Equally Islam is at war with false religions. Kufr.

The realities are more like this: the USA is at war with itself. As America’s greatest writer William Faulkner perceived: the American settlers made war and committed genocide against the Amerindian nations, Navaho, Hopi, Algonquin and so on, then made treaties with them, then locked them in reservations, then broke the treaties. Further, the settlers freed their slaves then denied them civic status as citizens, hunted them, hanged them and now house them in great penitentiaries and ghettos. America is a failed state trapped in an unfinished civil war. America’s only genuine ally is Israel, for both have a racist foundation, and both have an internal community, denied and persecuted. Both adhere to the doctrine of the reservations. One thing is clear, the Navaho will be free before the Palestinians.

Islam is certainly not at war with the USA, as I have shown, this is impossible. Actually, the USA is today the most active zone of entries into Islam in the whole world. Islam is at war with kufr, therefore, Islam is at war with capitalism.

Let us clarify – for clearly the poor President of the USA does not know.

Islam is Deen al-Fitr.

Islam is the religion of nature.

Islam is against increase in the transaction (interest).

Since in nature ‘things’ – wealth objects – are limited, to ask for increase is to imply a logical extension of ‘stuff’ beyond what exists in nature, which is limited.

Capitalism, against reason, has made usury its essential motor. This means capitalism is driving the human and social nexus to extinction.

Islam, the religion of nature, confirms the Divinely ordained nature of the unity and harmony of the created world, not just the entities but their inter-relatedness. We call this rububiyya. It is this harmony that capitalism shatters.

The air is poisoned. Its temperature rising to end the balance of nature.

The sea is poisoned. This week we were told that in 50 years the oceans will be voided of all fish.

The earth is poisoned. Polluted, toxic and barren.

The cause is the practice of capitalism.

Islam, thus, is at war with capitalism, its instruments, its institutions and its leadership. Today, we are all its victims.

Islam is neither culture nor civilisation, these are its healthy by-products.

A footnote to the President’s scriptwriters – he did NOT quote the Qur’an in his speech. To us the Qur’an is the Divinely revealed message in Arabic. When giving its meanings in other languages this must be acknowledged unless, of course, you deliberately want to deny this. What, in his case, urgently is needed is that he find out its meanings, and open to the possibility of his return to the Deen of his father.

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