11 February 2007

Afghanistan will prove to have been America’s third and final Vietnam.

France preceded the USA in Vietnam, and its defeat there was swiftly followed by disgrace in Algeria.

Russia preceded the USA in Afghanistan and its defeat there was swiftly followed by the collapse of the Communist State. To rescue France, de Gaulle – who saw that France’s enemy was not a State but a financial system – sold the country’s dollars and ordered the adoption of a gold-based monetary system. His argument was its rationality and historicity. It was necessary to depose him, and the mythic ’68 Uprising was staged to force him from office. The financiers’ place man, Pompidou, Rothschild’s cousin, took over as President and in symbolic demonstration of their new statal (leveraged buy-out) power the old jewish ghetto was turned into Paris’ most expensive real estate, and a new financial quarter was built at La Défense.

Russia’s retreat from Afghanistan led directly to the utter collapse of the Russian economy and central government. The financiers’ place man, Yeltsin, handed over the commodity-wealth of the country, lock, stock and barrel to a handful of poised adventurers, mostly but not all jewish, who became known to the world as the Oligarchs.

The American strategy in Afghanistan has proved more cunning than in its previous imperial adventures but presaged an even greater disaster. As in all these dreadful events it is the common people and the receptor nation which suffer. None of this could have happened if the American people had been able to understand and prevent what took place. Unfortunately, the Americans are the most schooled and least educated nation on earth. Numbed and dumb from media overflow, isolated in a Hollywood fantasy they called ‘The American Dream’, its people remain cut off from mankind, indifferent both to their suffering and the destruction of the planet.

At the heart of the American fatal sickness is, of course, as so many great 20th century thinkers warned, the disaster of the Constitution. The indefensible system of structuration and webbing of Committees and Councils and Ministries has reduced government to taxation, and security to a set of tyrannical practices from civic surveillance to mass penitentiary punishment. As a result the ghastly rhetoric of Congress is separated by an abyss from the inundation of New Orleans. Congress calls for withdrawal from Iraq and the draft-dodging President sends in more troops, declaring “I am the Commander-in-Chief.” Thus, multi-party democracy is itself, dictatorship.

The ur-phenomenon, the global epidemic from which all these miseries stem, is the irrational usury finance system that in its final capitalist phase is daily reducing a world population to a downward spiral of poverty and police control, and the planet itself to a new Ice Age.

The abolition of trade through its reduction into distribution, the stasis of banking finance which only is distributive in gesture, never in substance, and remains acquisitive in definition – these imposed restraints on wealth have resulted in a demographic world crisis which the political class are helpless to prevent.

The South American poor are moving into Mexico. Both are now pouring into America. Mexican restaurants are popping up in Canadian Inuit villages. Central Africa’s tribal mass, shattered by one family’s limitless greed which gives them the world diamond monopoly, has seen the Angolan and Congolese poor flood into Berber North Africa. Robbed of menial tasks by this African immigration, the Berber have flooded into the European Union. Horrified at the prospect of an Islamic Europe, as the indigenous population, given the abolition of the family, have a higher death than birth rate, they thus find themselves obliged to extend the Union to three impoverished countries, Poland, Rumania and Bulgaria. This in turn has seen a massive influx from them into Britain and Europe, the result of which has left these countries devoid of their base work-force. To fill the gap the Chinese are flooding into Eastern Europe as they have already done in West Africa.

Obsessed with the all but inexistent terrorists, Bin Laden dead and only a handful of people from the detritus of city poverty sticking Semtex in their shoes and fertiliser in their basements, and busy arresting innocent Muslims as ‘suspects’, the once renowned British Secret Services failed to notice that Russian agents were entering Britain with nuclear material to put markers on anti-State activists and rogue oligarchs. Only when one of the marked men died from an accidental overdose were the utterly uninformed Secret Services forced to take account.

The phantom ‘War on Terror’ which held both the Bush and Blair dictatorships in place left their countries unprotected from the brilliant expansion programmes of both Russia and China. As of today the largest and most ignominious enactment of the fantasy project pretends a metaphysical ‘War on Terror’, while in reality it is a desperate programme to hinder an Islamic renewal knowing that such an event will simply lead to an abandonment of paper currencies and the world usury system of banking. The strategy of the banking elite was to re-define the world’s final and greatest religion as its opposite, and to destroy it completely by making its mass of people accept that if it was not Terror it was a passive individualist slave Tolerance.

The epicentre of this strategy is today in Afghanistan/Pakistan – in historical and geographic reality ONE COUNTRY with a dominant Islamic Pushtu culture.

To veil the iniquity of the occupation of its people the USA defined its mission as a Nato operation, thus inhibiting the States involved from pulling out their troops one by one as they had done in Iraq. The protocols of Nato make it practically impossible to rescind an obligation to its Treaty requirements. More sinister even than that is the bitter reality facing the occupied country.

No country can bring Nato into its sovereign national court. No personnel of Nato can be arrested and tried by a country under their occupation. In Bosnia the Nato general charged with rape was simply airlifted to Canada under their protection. It follows from this that no genocide, no murder, no torture, nor any other crime can be laid at its door. It is simply above the law. The US ploy of designing their occupation of Afghanistan as a Nato operation gave them carte blanche for a totalitarian control of the country. With its quisling puppet in Kabul they could pretend to a ‘democratic’ framework to what was a brutal and destructive tyranny. No occupational army in recorded history since the Roman Empire but has set up brothels and prostitution to cater for its men. It would be absurd to suggest this is not being provided for the occupying army, bearing in mind US sexual approval of same-sex activity. Not one single TV station, not one press reporter, not one NGO has examined the matter of the prostitution of a generation of Afghan youth, to satisfy the occupiers’ appetites.

The hypnotic obedience of the other Nato States to this programme of lawless terror and destruction, accompanied on a daily basis by bombing raids and the slaughter of local populations, indicates that it is not just the USA but the European Union which is descending into the final stage of a failed social order. The democratic political system has ended in a multi-national demonstration of its inability to protect moral values, justice and its own law system since its own wealth and commodities nexus is outside governmental jurisdiction. The financial sect command the national government, constraining the political class to follow its orders. Promotion upwards in today’s world leads from the political class to the financial class. Wolfowitz went from the State Department’s Defence Ministry, upwards to his reward, as Head of the World Bank.

The promise of the NGOs and missionaries that soon Afghan women will be free to walk in public in Western clothes and dress in sequins and feathers in order to come down a staircase, bare-breasted in Kabul and Herat casino cabarets has proved surprisingly unattractive. The promise that the Islamic Madrasahs will be abolished and Afghan kids will be free to shoot their teachers and schoolmates like in the many Columbine episodes in the US has proved surprisingly unattractive. When an Afghan village is cluster-bombed the local population describe it as having had a ‘hearts-and-minds’ in mockery of Nato’s pretended claim to a policy to win hearts and minds. People are not stupid – politicians are.

There is not, however, an Afghan problem. The issue of the future in political terms is no longer régime-change – it is frontier-change. History IS frontier-change, and despite the dream that history is ended, history is events following events. Frontiers must change. While the USA indulges in its futile bid for empire on the other side of the world, Mexico is quietly regaining its lost territories in Texas, Arizona and California. Frontiers change.

The Afghan affair can only be satisfied from Islamabad. Pakistan is faced with three possible scenarios:

  1. Disappearance. It is divided into regions, and these in turn are absorbed into a greater Hindu sub-continent common market. This is the banking élite’s strategy, prefigured in 1947 with the deliberate theft of Kashmir in the north, and Muslim Calcutta in the south.
  2. Fragmentation. This is the Kissinger Plan which has already been pre-empted in Indonesia by the re-integration of Acheh into the greater Muslim nation. In Pakistan it implies separating the Pathan people to buffer Afghan activity, a Baluchistan given ‘Luxembourg’ independence, Sind as a functioning bank-controlled south and Punjab territory as the heartland.
  3. Expansion. This is the dreaded third possibility. It would mean success for Pakistan and an opening to the north. It would necessarily require the removal of the dictator Musharraf, the Darling of Democracy. It would require the Pakistan Army to take on its historic and indeed Mughal destiny as guardians of the Nation. Its last element would be the disappearance of the British invention Afghanistan, with its absurd Southern frontier a straight line drawn through the Himalayan range. These two geographic zones have been one since Mahmud al-Ghazni all these centuries ago. The natural ally and defender of this reality is Russia and that can heal the recent enmity as France and Germany did after their war.

This holds the only promise of stability in the region. The USA, and indeed Europe should not be in the region. They should start paying attention to the reality that they themselves are quietly being annexed by China.