10 March 2011

There is no such thing as breaking news. The media myth of atheist capitalism is that we live in a perpetual continuum. In that way we are distracted from the active doctrine of compound interest which dooms us to debtorship, one that is based on the passage of time and that time unmeasured by the anxiety of the debtors.

Events, equally, do not happen. They are immeasurable. The tsunami is meaningless, and without contours. There is in it the young couple drowned at their wedding, the baby saved floating on a tree trunk, and the recorded comment of the Head of the World Bank: “There’s a billion in this for us!”

When three dictatorships in North Africa implode almost simultaneously, and when the media talk drunkenly of an awakening to democracy, freedom and modernity it is time to stop. Stop and reject. The event has not happened, having no reality. However, there are the effects of events, which resonate with reality, and let us later reflect that ‘something happened’. The meaning always emerges later. Even then, the understanding does not emerge from the event, but from that setting which for us enframes it.

Rumi told us that when a King dies – an event – to the family it is tragedy and loss of status, while to the amnestied prisoner it is joy and a recovery of status.

What happened on the Muslim littoral of the Mediterranean? What may result from it?

The given, which we can confirm, is that the Muslim population of three countries all rose against dictatorship: Tunisia after 20 years, Egypt after 30 years, and Libya after 40 years. This means that someone born 20 years ago in Tunisia, 30 years ago in Egypt and 40 years ago in Libya has lived without knowledge of Islam and under the State’s diktat that Islam is the enemy of society. Arab States without Islam – lifetimes lived inside the persecution of Islam. Their dictators all began their term with approval and acclaim by the masses. Since the State openly viewed Islam as an enemy – each had a programme of torture and execution of Muslim activists and scholars. This is not to suggest ‘Islam-ists’ and potential terrorists were the victims. On the contrary the assassinated scholars were proposing the simple Deen as understood by Ibn ‘Ashir, Ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani and Ibn Juzayy.

The dictators did not fall fully indoctrinated against Islam out of a clear desert sky. They, in turn, were an effect. A result. The result of an infective miasma. As the viral destroyer survives, and indeed is, the zone of toxicity, so the Arab sickness saw from its swamps emerge the full fever inducing destroyer called atheist socialism. Out of the terrain emerged the socialist leader, Nasser. Behind his emergence lies the disaster of false doctrines in Egypt and after him came the modern propagators of a new religion, an anti-Islam, re-formed into mondialist capitalist tolerance, I mean Shaykh Qaradawi and Shaykh Ghannouchi. These two stand waiting for the dust to clear so that they can sign off, once and for all, the Arab peoples from the illumination, wisdom and duties of Islam itself. The Muslim littoral of the Mediterranean lies voided of knowledge, guidance and simple Adab. The modern Arab is without Islam and is losing the language of the Book which could rescue him.

What will he get from his so-called Revolution? It was not even a revolution in Egypt – it was a demo. They did not march. They did not storm the Palace. They did not kill the dictator. The dictator lodged in the Israel-protected corner of the country, leaving behind a known torturer and killer as Vice-President and the Army’s High Command of mummified zombies, still subsidised from the USA.

The people will, of course, be rid of the dictator, in his place will come a committee.

They will vote for representatives who will assure that they all have a bank account and a credit card. From the bankers’ viewpoint it is some kind of miracle. Overnight they have gained a few hundred million new debtors.

The ‘jasmine’, ‘rose’, ‘stinkweed’ revolution has raised up the whole Arab world to full slave-debtorship in global banking. Like Greece. Like Ireland. Only more endebted.

They will get an iPhone, an iPad, and a new almost incurable psychosis, that of becoming a slave of the new successful capitalist oligarchy.

In the meantime young Arabs should rush to acquire Umar Ibrahim Vadillo’s ‘The Esoteric Deviation in Islam’.

There, clearly, is the diagnosis by a doctor who knows. As for the cure and its therapies – this is in the hands of its doctors, the active Qadiriyya and Naqshabandiyya Shuyukh.

*   *   *    *    *