The Dismantling of the Political Class as prelude to the Restoration of Personal Rule: the Islamic Position

Allah the Exalted says in Surat al-Muhammad (47: 8-14):

You who have iman! 
if you help Allah, He will help you and make your feet firm. 
But those who are kafir will have utter ruin 
and He will make their actions go astray. 
That is because they hate what Allah has sent down, 
so He has made their actions come to nothing. 

Have they not travelled about the earth 
and seen the final fate of those before them? 
Allah destroyed them utterly. 
And those who are kafir will suffer the same fate. 
That is because Allah is the Protector of those who have iman
and because those who are kafir have no protector. 
Allah will admit those who have iman to Gardens 
with rivers flowing under them. 

Those who are kafir have their enjoyment, 
eating as cattle eat, but the Fire will be their final residence. 
How many cities We have destroyed, 
greater in strength than your city which has driven you out, 
and there was no one to help them. 

Is someone on a clear path from his Lord 
like those whose bad actions have been made to seem good to them 
and who follow their own desires?

The Qur’an has Names. One of its Names is An-Nur – The Light. Another Name is Al-Furqan. Another Name is Al-Mubeen. The Qur’an is a Light, the Qur’an is a Discrimination, and the Qur’an is a Clear Statement. Many years ago I was sitting one day in the British Museum Library Oriental Room. Opposite me sat an old Rabbi who was pouring over two gigantic scrolls which he examined with what seemed like a diamond merchant’s magnifying glass. On either side of him were two piles of books. As I searched in the files I came upon the title of a book which announced: ‘The Book which contains all knowledge of every thing and every event throughout time in the creation of the universe.’ I immediately ordered the book, at the same time thinking secretly that the arrival of this would certainly put the Rabbi in his place. When the bin-man returned, to my astonishment the work was not a vast encyclopaedic volume. It was a tiny slim volume consisting of about twenty pages. This was the first indication I got that what was contained in the Qur’an was accessible by a different process from that of ratiocination. The grasp of this enormous subject contained in the tiny text-book was dependent on a fusion of two energies, that of wisdom, which was Discrimination, and that of understanding, which was an-Nur. When these energies fuse together, everything, existence, the constellations, the Earth, the tumultuous events, one’s own Ruh – all these become Clear, Mubeen. Of course, our Muslim World Nation has good cause, or should I say excuse, to declare itself confused. Yet men are not confused, when they say they are it means they are angry. Why are the Muslims angry? Only ignorant fools can claim that they are angry with the United States of America, or with these paltry puppet rulers who strut the world’s stage, muttering their mantras of democracy, human rights, and hatred of terrorism. The more enlightened Muslim is angry, indeed furious, with the political figures who have been raised up as the leaders and governors of Muslim nations. How can the Muslim not feel frustrated when he sees the rulers of Dubai both imagining that they uphold the advancement of the Deen of Islam, while at the same time they set up in their country a playground for the kafir world at almost inestimable cost, into which is embedded, alongside their oil wealth, the transferred billions of the notorious Russian oligarchs, and an information technology city both manned by and propagating the values of jewish-american technocrats? And is not the Muslim intellectual even more angry with the Isma’ili-indoctrinated suicide killers who, when in their despair they finally act, fly off and destroy the wrong target? Why hit the World Trade Centre on the other side of the world, when the tower of the Burj al-‘Arab Hotel is right under their noses? However, such a desirable event is to be neither proposed nor acted-out, precisely because this line of thought, which in its extremity leads to the Isma’ili deviation of suicide-bombing, is a product of frustration and anger, while what is required is that we act with an illuminated discrimination. The truth is, and it is Al-Haqq, that He, glory be to Him, in the Qur’an has told us about our place in the cosmos, about how this planet Earth functions, functions in all its complex inter-relatedness. He has shown us how the web of society functions. He has laid bare the secrets of both leadership and leaders themselves. He has told us how the human creature functions, that is, how I and you function, and most importantly, He has lifted the veil on that theme which has been meditated over centuries in great civilisations – how events function, and how the rise and fall, the flux, of great peoples are neither the chaos of the pessimist historian, nor are they the predictable events so unsatisfactorily offered up by the modern rationalist of materialism. If we examine with care, and the care I mean is not only precision but is one dynamised by Taqwa of Allah, we will recognise that Allah has put us on the Earth at one of His times of very profound tumultuous change. We cannot fail to notice the great cyclical waves that have convulsed society. The first stage was the attack from within by one group of christians on the christian hierarchy, and inevitably on the unconvincing theology on which their system was based. Reformation is the module which pretends to put right what is wrong in a system, while an understanding of the word ‘re-formation’ implies the total destruction of the subject, for once it is re-formed, its original form is totally destroyed. The reformed christianity, based as it was on scepticism, the sinister foundation of the rational critique, soon was curdled into the sour liquid of atheism. This was the heady brew that men drank after the French Revolution at the beginning of the 19th century. The atheism hid itself behind the name of humanism. It is this pseudo-religion which now governs the current World Order from Paris to Peking. Ibn Taymiyya has stated that if we wish to know the situation today of mankind itself, one has to go back to the beginning of the story and examine what Allah says about the first people on the Earth. Therefore, let us examine Allah’s explanation of the foundational reality on which modern men have based the pseudo-religion of humanism. Allah the Exalted says in Surat al-Ma’ida (5:27-31):

Recite to them the true report of Adam’s two sons 
when they offered a sacrifice and it was accepted from one of them 
but not accepted from the other. 

The one said, ‘I shall kill you.’ 

The other said, ‘Allah only accepts from people who have taqwa. 
Even if you do raise your hand against me to kill me, 
I am not going to raise my hand against you to kill you. 
Truly I fear Allah, the Lord of all the worlds. 
I want you to take on both my wrongdoing and your wrongdoing 
and so become one of the Companions of the Fire. 
That is the repayment of the wrongdoers.’ 

So his lower self persuaded him to kill his brother, 
and he killed him and became one of the lost. 
Then Allah sent a crow which scratched at the earth 
to show him how to conceal his brother’s corpse. 

He said, ‘Woe is me! Can I not even be like this crow 
and conceal my brother’s corpse?’ 
And he became one of those who suffer bitter remorse on account of that.

Here we have the foundation of humanism. Brother kills brother. The innocent brother is the victim. The guilty brother has no remorse. How can you build a just society based on that? Let us look at the titular leader of the present World Order, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Organisation. At the opening of the United Nations Conference on the Convention on Transnational Organised Crime in 2001 he described the organised crime of the gangs in the Cape Flats and their equivalents in American and European cities as “uncivil society”. He presented them as an evil force that undoes the “good works of civil society”. Kofi Annan’s son, in a glare of world publicity, stands accused of making illegal profits from the U.N. Oil-for-Food Programme in Iraq. So the judge of guilty men, of the uncivil society, stands before the world having permitted his son to be himself a gang leader, the gang being called a Corporation. With this internal contradiction, humanism cannot work, and its pseudo-theological doctrine of Human Rights can never rise higher than the moral propinquity of the son of Kofi Annan. The illumination of the Qur’an permits us to say that the doctrine of humanism leads to the inevitable practice of the humanists, which is genocide. The democratic humanists of France perform genocide on their brothers in La Vendée. The democratic humanists of America perform genocide on the whole resident community of the brother-human indigenous population. The English humanists slaughter the Irish and the Highlanders. The German humanists practise genocide on their brother German jews. And yesterday’s victims are tomorrow’s executioners. The jewish concentration camp survivors put their brother Palestinians into their concentration camps. As the jewish general joked on being accused of Naziism, ‘We don’t gas them – we have much more sophisticated means.’ We have noted the demise of christianity, and that it sank into the swamps of humanism, yet this in turn led to a different situation. The final stages of that descent into atheism gave an ascent in power to an up-until-then dormant judaic phenomenon. It entailed a long-term revenge on the quite shameful and morally indefensible persecution that preceded it. The christian persecution, degradation and ultimate genocide of the jews led to that utterly inevitable point at which they rose in power, looking on everyone who was not one of them as the Other, and that Other, therefore, a fit object of exploitation and ultimately enslavement. Ironically, this revenge could not of its nature be religious. It is not a judaic revenge, not a revenge of judaism. Indeed, 24 hours a day outside the U.N.O. building in New York, a demonstration of orthodox jews declare their doctrinal opposition to the state of Israel and the political reality it symbolises. Although the judaic element among the jews advanced the claims of zionism, they in the end of the day have proved to be unequal to resisting the power-switch that has placed the future of the jewish peoples in the hands of their own atheist humanists. What they left behind in Gaza were the synagogues. What they advanced to was the casino, gambling, and the world of usury finance. This permits us to say that the God-believing jews join with the rump of God-believing christians as a victim minority in the face of the new atheist-humanist elite whose priesthood consists of bankers and investment brokers. What we the Muslim World Community are faced with is that those who enslave us also enslave that small community of believing christians and jews, who for their survival are going to be obliged either to join us or to stand behind us while we defend them. Today’s usurers, today’s ruling power elite, that is to say the top triangle of the wealth pyramid, consists of ex-jews, of ex-christians and of ex-Muslims. This last category, the wealthy elite I have designated as ex-Muslim, represent those who have Muslim names, may even declare themselves to be Muslim, yet have slavishly submitted to the rules of the kafir usury finance system in order to gain their wealth. Their disgrace is not that they are wealthy. Their disgrace is that their wealth is not submitted to the Divine Shari’at as practised in Madinah al-Munawwara. If they were to abandon the numbers currency without intrinsic value which today reduces the world to increasing and inescapable poverty, and if they were to adopt a real-wealth currency of gold and silver, Dinar and Dirham, and if they were with that to collect the Zakat, then not only would their wealth be assured, but in fact it would herald the end of the present hegemony of the bankers. Allah the Almighty has promised concerning the avoidance of Riba, in Surat al-Baqara (2:275, 278-279):

Whoever is given a warning by his Lord and then desists, 
can keep what he received in the past and his affair is Allah’s concern. 
But all who return to it will be the Companions of the Fire, 
remaining in it timelessly, for ever. 

You who have iman! have taqwa of Allah 
and forgo any remaining riba if you are muminun.
If you do not, know that it means war from Allah and His Messenger. 
But if you make tawba you may have your capital, 
without wronging and without being wronged.

At the present moment the absolutist nature of the bankers’ rule seems to have paralysed the cerebral process of the normal human creature. The Political Class which claims to represent the people not only seems helpless to alleviate the people’s poverty, but at the same time knows its task is to make sure that they keep paying the endless, un-meetable debt that is now each human’s daily existence. A poverty-stricken Mauritanian Muslim child is born into the world, as a citizen of Mauritania, owing a debt of two thousand euros to the great franco-jewish banking houses which have lent the money to lift them out of poverty on the surety of their elected President, an un-educated minor criminal. The child will never see two thousand euros in his life. He will be rich if he sees twenty euros. He will be most fortunate if he does not die of malnutrition by the age of two. The newly appointed head of the World Bank, rewarded with this post for his successful execution of the Iraqi war, appeared on a TV Forum on World Poverty to inform us that in fact the poverty of Africa is already better than it has been over the last few hundred years! Now, there was no such thing as poverty in Africa until the introduction of the usury system of coinage and cash crops. It is a bitter fact of life that the African was better off in the age of the slave-traders. Why do I say this? The reality is that these cruel men were able to take away ship-loads of powerfully muscled, gleamingly healthy African men and women. If a slave-trader was to go today into these towns and villages, he would find the cemetery full, and an emaciated community in the last stages of malnutrition and tuberculosis. It is doubtful that any of them would have made the journey to the cotton-fields of America. In the middle of the TV programme, the pathetic figure of the unbalanced British Prime Minister could be seen wagging his finger and rabbiting on about debt-reduction, flanked on either side by the ship-wrecked remains of two aged and failed rock-stars. The whole discussion on world poverty was without any reference to the causal phenomenon of it, which was the banking and currency system. It was as if a gathering of doctors were to discuss the alleviation of disease without in the first place having a knowledge of pathogens. If the pathogens are the live agents of the disease itself, how can there be a cure without identifying those pathogens? It is the Muslims who, in the light of the Qur’an and the practice of the Rasul in the City of the Deen, may Allah bless him and grant him peace and protect his City, are that unique people who have identified the disease and already have in their hands the cure. I re-iterate what I have said earlier. The Muslim is the one who affirms the Unity of Allah and the Nabawiyyat of Rasul, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, makes Salat, performs the Fast, takes the Hajj, and hands over the Zakat when it is taken from him – for indeed, it is not Zakat if given and it is not Zakat in paper, and it is only Zakat once assessed and collected by the authorised collectors, and herein lies the monumental hypocrisy of, for example, the rulers of Dubai, and it is this that explains why they end up in the admittedly comfortable beds of the Burj al-‘Arab alongside their new allies and friends, the Russian Mafia. Once you have Presidents and Prime Ministers haranguing the people and telling them it is their task to alleviate poverty, while at the same time you have the retired rock stars and the marginal celebrities of Hollywood in turn haranguing the world’s leaders, we surely have reached the point at which we demand a new clarity, on our individual, and on the world’s situation. The election on a universal franchise of individuals grouped in party allegiance, meeting in a parliament in adversarial confrontation, has, as a system, failed in an absolute sense. The farce of the European Union, in which the German people had to accept a Constitution through a parliamentary party, itself a small minority of the majority of citizens, while in France the majority of the citizens in Referendum rejected the Constitution offered by both their Right and Left parties, gave proof of this failure. So too did a unified currency, imposed on countries with hundreds of years of history and conflicts behind them, itself the product of a dubious Franco-German leadership, born if not of a conspiracy then certainly of a palace plot. Between the Commodities and Finance Elite’s necessity of an invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and the aghast rejection of the masses in America and Europe, lies the current marker indicating an irreconcilable division between the masses and the power system. The Political Class is nothing other than a firewall between the people and the power elite of wealth. If all that existed were the myriad intricate details of material existence in the hands of billions of humans, mortal and of limited life-span, without meaning or power or any eternal dimension, then the case for strapping Semtex to your belly and blowing some other people out of existence could be counted as superior to the utter and enslaved passivity of living under such an uncompromising tyranny. Allah explains the nihilism of the kafirun which leads to despair and the act of suicide. He says in Al-Jathiyya (45:24):

They say, ‘There is nothing but our existence in the dunya. 
We die and we live and nothing destroys us except for time.’ 
They have no knowledge of that. 
They are only conjecturing.

That is where the matter ends for the kafirun. When the jews of his time rejected Sayyiduna ‘Isa, ‘alayhi salam, as today they still reject him and the one who came after him, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, the following ayat was sent down. Allah says in Surat Al’Imran (3:54)

They plotted and Allah plotted. 
But Allah is the best of plotters.

So it is that in order to play an active part in the return of the Deen of Islam to a world that has been robbed of it for this brief but terrible epoch that was signalled by the destruction of the Mughal Dawlet and then the forced exile of the Khalif of all the Muslims from Istanbul, our first step is our recovery of a correct Tawhid. It is the recovery of Tawhid that will first of all dispel that confusion we have called anger, and that anger we know must be calmed in order that the heart be illuminated. Once the Tawhid of the Muslims is established with shining clarity, Allah has promised us that we may borrow from Him His attribute of Power in order to return the Deen to impoverished and enslaved humanity. Allah the Exalted has stated in Ash-Shura (42:8):

If Allah had willed, He would have made them a single nation. 
But He admits whoever He wills into His mercy 
and the wrongdoers have no protector and no helper.

In one ayat of the Glorious Qur’an Allah obliterates the pretension of the atheist-materialists. We now live in an age when a whole generation of young people have been fed the sickening and romantic rhetoric which tells them that war must be abolished and everyone must live in peace, and that the obliteration of nations into a one-world state, government and currency will ensure that we all live happily ever after. This illusory stasis is the product of the fear of the kafirun and their inability to accept the laws of both nature and existence on which Allah has set up the world. The very language of the Political Class is that they will lead people out of present trouble into a happy future. It is the promise of an utterly impossible growth-rate in wealth and productivity, while the reality is one of diminishing resources and an alarming increase in the gulf between the fantasy system of the bankers, their increasing wealth, and the engulfing poverty of the masses. For two hundred years the Political Class have been promising the masses that they will lead them out of a valley of darkness into what Churchill said would be ‘the vast sun-lit uplands.’ Allah the Exalted in Ash-Shura declares (42:9):

Have they then taken others besides Him as protectors? 
But Allah is the Protector. 
He gives life to the dead. 
He has power over all things.

This is an ayat of great importance because it first of all re-assures us that our environment, the air, earth and ocean, that is our home grants us a protection. This means that those people who lay waste to the earth and pollute the ocean and the skies have rejected the protection of Allah, imagining that their constructs would be enough to enhance the way of living among people, or only a small portion of people, to be more precise. Along the littoral of Thailand Allah created a coastline of marshes which gave a line of mangroves forming a barrier between land and sea. The intricate network of the enormously complex root system guaranteed that they would form a natural breaker against the tidal waves we now call Tsunami. When the European entrepreneurs decided to make the coast a cheap holiday playground to reward the lower echelons of the technical project, they ripped up the mangrove system in order to arrive at a coast of hotels, casinos and brothels offering children to the tourists. They had come out from the existing protection of the Protector. Allah’s tidal wave did not fail to come. Allah the Exalted has explained in Surat al-Baqara (2:11-12):

When they are told, ‘Do not cause corruption on the earth,’ 
they say, ‘We are only putting things right.’ 
No indeed! They are the corrupters, but they are not aware of it.

It is important that we take a profound grasp of this knowledge that Allah is our Protector by the wonderful creation of the planet itself, before we even recognise that this term also refers to the personal protection assured to the Mumin. Allah the Exalted in Surat al-Baqara (2:22) tell us:

It is He who made the earth a couch for you, and the sky a dome. 
He sends down water from the sky and by it brings forth fruits for your provision. 
Do not, then, knowingly make others equal to Allah.

Another aspect of Allah’s protection is in His Name ‘the Provider’. Allah the Exalted tells us in Ash-Shura (42:12):

The Keys of the heavens and earth belong to Him. 
He expands the provision of anyone He wills or restricts it. 
He has knowledge of all things.

What is revealed ayat-by-ayat in the Qur’an, and unfolded in sura after sura, is the exquisite perfection of an enmeshing system of Lordship, of Rububiyyat, within which the humans live. This is why our fuqaha like to identify Islam as the ‘Deen al-Fitra’. Let us give an expanded phrase of translation to this great title. Islam is the Life-Transaction which functions according to the natural processes which are already operative and continuous in the world. The whole phenomenon of both planet and life-on-planet, which are not two things but one cosmic reality, is unfolding according to an interlocking set of laws, as mutually determined and as consistent as the very crude principles of physical science which, by falling into a primitive trap, itself a lack of perception, they call causality. They triumphantly declare that when you boil water you get steam. When Imam al-Ghazali, defying the philosophers, announced that there was no such thing as causality but that some things preceded other things, he was not denying that the boiling of the water produced the steam. His concern was that the imposed rational structure named causality created a form of myopia which, by the isolation of one defined and specified detail of existence, tried to impose itself on the world process, thus failing to arrive at the greater perception granted through the Revelation of the Qur’an to mankind. This inter-relatedness of phenomena and physical procedures showed us a web of inter-linked events, which in turn showed us that all the events were themselves One Event. It follows from this that the underlying binary structure of present-day information technology, far from pinning down an ever-increasing mass of data to make plain the universe, simply in the end reduces the observer to a condition of total blindness. Everything in existence has been set up to function and perform within its natural set of parameters. If the natural Fitra is broken, crisis occurs. In Islamic Law, that is natural law, slaves are taken as part of the process of rehabilitating people as they pass from war to peace. The rules concerning their treatment, their clothing, their food and their civic rights, are protectively defined. The kafirun took slaves by rapine and by coastal raids. They put them in shackles, transported them like cattle, and denied them the protection of the law. The humanists declared slavery was unjust and had to be abolished, while deliberately ignoring the distinction of the conditional slavery as outlined in the Muwatta of Imam Malik. Following the abolition of slavery there has emerged a resultant slavery on a much vaster scale, a system of enslavement which planes out from sets of household slaves to the creation of the Gulag, the Concentration Camp, and Guantanamo. Today, every European city has a slave camp, redefined as an immigration centre. Allah the Exalted explains how He has set a balance in every single process of the physical creation in Ash-Shura (42:27-28). Here, of course, the term ‘slaves’ refers to mortal man.

Were Allah to expand the provision of His slaves,
they would act as tyrants on the earth.
But He sends down whatever He wills in a measured way.
He is aware of and He sees His slaves.
It is He who sends down abundant rain, after they have lost all hope, and unfolds His mercy.
He is the Protector, the Praiseworthy.

Allah goes further and explains the world to mankind. It is a Revelation. In Ash-Shura He says (42:29-30):

Among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and earth
and all the creatures He has spread about in them.
And He has the power to gather them together whenever He wills.
Any disaster that strikes you is through what your own hands have earned and He pardons much.

Allah is the Master of events. He has openly told us that He is moving people about the Earth. England, France and Germany in the Imperialist age all exploited and laid waste to Muslim lands, made war on the Muslims, and participated in the destruction of Khalifate, Mughal Dawlet, and Maghribi Kingdom. Allah then moved a whole people from the destroyed Dawlet of the Mughals into Britain. He moved a whole people out of the destroyed Khalifate and brought the Turks and Kurds into Germany. He moved the people of the conquered Kingdom of Morocco, and the Algerian people of the Osmanli Dawlet, and landed them on the shores of France. Allah the Exalted has made the dominant intellectual, genetic, and linguistic power of the Muslims a new force inside the European Union. While the Europeans have gradually moved from sexual reproduction to television viewing, the Muslims have held fast to the Fitra of family life and so increased their demographic command of Europe. Their adoption of Zakat and its laws, which imply withdrawal from the paper-money system, alongside the generous permission of Allah to create the extended family of up to four wives, will assure the transformation of Europe over the next hundred years into a new and surely great Islamic civilisation. Again we have to be reminded that the atheist prejudice against this extended family is against the Fitra of men and women. Men need, and will certainly get, if not legally illegally, more than one sexual partner. Women need, and must get, fidelity from the man. The underlying principle of the Muslim household is that an important restriction is placed on men – there can be no sexual gratification without domestic and economic responsibility. Allah makes clear in this last ayat that disaster comes on us by our moving out of the already functioning harmonic laws of His creation. The disaster He, glory be to Him, clearly states ‘is through what your own hands have earned’. What this means is that the going-out from His harmonic laws of existence does not represent a defiance of Allah’s power, but rather that the creatures plunge into another set of operative laws, which by their disobedience render them helpless to see these laws in operation, and even helpless to stop themselves fulfilling these laws. The atheist-humanists, having abandoned Sayyiduna ‘Isa, and the flawed religion practised in his name, some of it true and some of it false, turned their incorrect worship of him, ‘alayhi salam, into the self-worship of the Nation State. As a result one set of nations turned on another set of nations and flung themselves into what Diana Moseley defined as a ‘collective suicide’. Allah had warned them in Surat ash-Shura (42:31):

You will not be able to thwart Him on the earth
and you have no protector or helper besides Allah.

Much of the tragedy of our time is that the human beings today, trapped in the swamps of a ruined christianity and a disaster-inducing humanism, are quite incapable of understanding what is actually going on. The hurricane that laid waste to Louisiana and Mississippi, we were hourly told on the media, was a natural disaster. This is the equivalent to telling us that if you boil water you get steam. If you get a hurricane, great cities are destroyed. The reality of the event was that two cities were destroyed. One, New Orleans, was the vice centre of the USA. The other was Biloxi, the professional gamblers’ capital of the USA. Allah destroyed these cities. Allah’s reminder to them is in Ash-Shura (42:35):

Those who argue about Our Signs should know that they have no way of escape.

Now that we have established that Allah is our Protector, and has assured us security in the physical world as long as we are obedient to the underlying merciful procedures that He has decreed for men, we may move to an even deeper and more dynamic participation in this webbed system of natural laws which govern the universe. We now discover that men are not equal. There is no Equality, and there cannot be Equality among men. We have already established that Fraternity, far from being the condition of humanity, simply does not exist, as the Ancient Greek civilisation found out as it examined the human situation and realised that it consisted of matricide, patricide, fratricide and sororicide. What Allah reveals to us in the Qur’an, which is why it is called a Revelation, is that from the time of Sayyiduna Adam, mankind has a contract with Allah, the Creator of the universe, He has set men up in three groups, and that He has raised some men above others in degrees of spiritual excellence. Before we take in this illuminating knowledge of the condition of some of us among the rest of us, it is appropriate to pause again and look at our present situation. The language of this affair may seem crude, but it is appropriate to the low, insultingly unintelligent level to which the social process has sunk at the hands of the Political Class. This pseudo-elite who stand before us in the spotlight, hiding the true Power Elite who lurk in the shadows, almost totally anonymous, owning almost the entire wealth of the whole impoverished world, have in fact abolished governance and established tyranny, they have raised high the Constitution and used it to imprison the individual. What is significant is that the world is now presented with a model of governance which implies that it functions under a set of what they call Systems of Rule. A significant aspect of this which we are required to take note of is that the human individual does not function in it. Let us look at how they define the various Systems of Rule. · Monarchal Rule · Theocratic Rule · Military Rule · Democratic Rule – under which is subsumed all the countries of the world in secondary units of: – Parliamentary Democracies – Multi-party Democracies – Presidential Democracies – Presidential Regimes – Non-party Democracies – To this they add: – Single-party Rule – Transitional Rule There is really very little difference among these groupings in the internal structure of their governance. They all have Executive Branch, Legislative Branch and Judicial Branch. They all without exception have the same banking system, paper currency, in many cases a currency forbidden to enter the open currency markets of the major Stock Exchanges of the global economy, that is, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris, London, Buenos Aires and New York. They all lay claim to a universal franchise, but when Mubarak is elected by under 25% of the electorate, and then gains an 80% victory out of that less than 25%, it is hailed as a functioning democratic state. When Bush in his election discovers a whole State with spoiled ballot papers going into thousands and ends up with his election confirmed by one single vote from the Chief of the Supreme Court, it is hailed as a functioning democratic state. What we are required to look at is on another level and in another manner. The current global system of structuralist States, by and large identified as Political Democracies, permits us to apply the blind causality of the atheist-humanists. If you have an election on a universal franchise – you get a President. If you boil water – you get steam. It simply won’t do. The Leader this system produces, in almost every case, is one of the lowest common denominators of the human species. They merit contempt, but they are beneath contempt. We are now reaching to a diagnosis of the sickness, of the fatal flaw, of the doom that is the structuralist State. Let me lay bare for you a stunningly clear explication of the affair. During the Vietnam War, the highly intellectual and activist leadership of the Maoist Communist Movement approached the most brilliant and influential of the leaders of the Feminist Movement in Britain, Jane Arden. They asked to meet her, explaining that if they could persuade her of the Maoist thesis for the revolutionary overthrow of the Capitalist State System, she would be convinced and join their ranks. Were she to join them, this would imply that the whole Feminist Movement would come under the banner of the Maoists. She sat with them and for a whole afternoon they outlined the Maoist critique and the Maoist solution to the great social malaise of the time. Once they had finished, having given a dazzling dialectical display of the Maoist teaching, they sat back and awaited her response. Jane Arden said, ‘Well, I have listened carefully and you have proved your case up to the hilt. I accept your analysis of the corruption of capitalism and I accept your programme for social renewal.’ The Maoists beamed triumphantly. ‘However,’ she continued, ‘there is only one problem. If the Revolution means that you are going to govern us, I do not want it. The truth is, I do not like any of you and could never live under your governance.’ A system that consistently produces the lowest and most despicable human beings and elevates them to the highest position of governance is absolutely unacceptable. To arrive at the method by which a human society should once again find itself governed by the best of itself, the first requirement is the abolition of the Political Class. In the following two ayats Allah the Almighty can be seen directly identifying the Political Class and their pretended duality of discourse between the Right Wing and the Left Wing, the coalition governments tacked together, and their urgent persuasion of the electorate. He, glory be to Him, says in Surat al-Ma’arij (70:36-37):

What is the matter with those who are kafir?
They run about in front of you, with outstretched necks and staring eyes,
on the right and on the left in scattered groups!

Allah is very clear, as always in the Clear Revelation. He defines the kind of man into whose hands men can entrust the affair. Allah tells us who we dare not have in leadership, and then guides us to those who can fulfil the contract. He, Exalted may He be, says in Surat al-Ma’arij (70:19-35):

Truly man was created headstrong – desperate when bad things happen,
begrudging when good things come – except for those who do salat and are constant in it;
those in whose wealth there is a known share for beggars and the destitute;
those who affirm the Day of Judgement,
those who are fearful of the punishment of their Lord
(no one is safe from the punishment of his Lord);
those who guard their private parts except from their wives and any slaves they own,
in which case they incur no blame,
but if anyone desires any more than that,
they have overstepped the limits;
those who honour their trusts and contracts;
those who stand by their testimony;
those who safeguard their salat;
such people will be in Gardens, highly honoured.

Allah clearly pronounces that the Political Class of the kafirun cannot last forever. He warns in Surat al-Ma’arij (70:40-41):

No! I swear by the Lord of the Easts and Wests
that We have the power to replace them with something better than them.
We will not be outstripped.

There is no escape from the present world crisis. On the one hand there is no way that we can go on living as if somehow, despite what we would call everything being wrong, we could somehow continue to pretend that somehow everything would come right. We cannot go on participating in the financial system – we have to, step by step, appropriate and expropriate wealth which we can turn into a purified Islamic currency. In withdrawing from the theatre of the absurd called democratic politics, we must also prepare a future with a new generation of purified, enlightened and powerful Muslims, dazzling in their Iman and overpoweringly brilliant in their analysis of what has to be done. I want to read to you a couple of pages written by the great political theorist, Hilaire Belloc, on the year that I was born:

THE SURROUNDING FIGURES Men of ambition, whose weakness, and therefore passion, is for the exercise of real power, must both manoeuvre and attack in the world surrounding them. They must deal very rarely as agents, nearly always as rivals, and often as mortal enemies with the characters which oppose or lie in flank of their progress. Men whose much lesser ambition, whose weakness, and therefore whose passion is for publicity, decorations, a post (with its salary and opportunities for peculation) and the sham facade of ruling, the simulacrum of power, they also must shuffle and conceal, outwit and trip up their fellows, but all this they do in a fashion too petty to be called manoeuvre and attack: and in this sham battle they must, at heart, treat every political rival as a colleague. They are careful to make no enemies. They well understand the maxim ” honour among thieves.” Between the first and the second type there is all the difference that appears between the pike and the eel: between the soldier and the actor.Today we are familiar with the second sort :Parliamentarians are of that kind. With the first sort-Caesar, Napoleon, Bismarck, Wallenstein-we have lost acquaintance for so long that we have difficulty in understanding its mode of action. We have forgotten it because for now a century and more in the commercial countries, for a lifetime in the rest, real power over the community has lain more and more with the immensely wealthy controllers of production and exchange, and recently with the monopolists (for such they now are) of metals, fuel, transport, information, food, and finance. The privileges of these, their organisation, above all, their secrecy of action, have come to be admitted without question. No one can control them who control us all. Those who still have attached to them the old labels of rule are, at their best, men of intelligence chafing at the poor part they are condemned to play, at their worst, maleficent and corrupt mountebanks ; while the general run are nonentities whose pride it is to carry an official label: ” Secretary of State for this,” ” Chancellor of that,” ” Président du Conseil,” and all the rest of it. But the great monopolists who are now the true depositories of power have not the attainment of power for their motive. Their motive is the acquisition of wealth, and power arrives to them accidentally and late in their careers, as an adjunct only of their gold. Often they neglect power. They never sought it for its own sake; and even those who, having swept up vast fortunes, become attracted by the novel opportunity for using wealth as an instrument of rule, do so clumsily. The ambition of these new masters of ours, their weakness, and therefore their passion, being not for power but for brute money, what the struggle for mere power must be, we of to-day can hardly seize, for we have no examples of it before us. The men who did in past time (and shortly will again – for it is in the nature of man) aim continuously and fiercely at real power, and power alone, work upon major lines. They serve, with ardent care, whatever will bestow power, they act intensely against whatever may intercept it; they destroy competing careers utterly; they strike hard at the precise moment; they command; they kill.

Any man who sends his son to an education from which he will emerge with any form of degree in economics, commerce or accountancy, as taught academically today, is historically no different from the demented father that lets his son tie Semtex to his belly and explode himself among strangers. What is such a man thinking? Does he hate his son? He wants not only his son destroyed, but that whole generation destroyed. The slave has merely bred another generation which will passively accept the slavery. A generation of young Muslims has to be liberated from this dreadful passive acceptance of the Usury Global System with its accompanying myth that democracy grants people power over their own affair. What are we so afraid of? How can we let our sons go into darkness when Allah has shown us the morning brightness? Allah the Exalted says in Surat al-Duha (93:1-11):

In the name of Allah, All-Merciful, Most Merciful 

By the morning brightness and the night when it is still, 
your Lord has not abandoned you nor does He hate you. 
The Last will be better for you than the First. 
Your Lord will soon give to you and you will be satisfied. 

Did He not find you orphaned and shelter you? 
Did He not find you wandering and guide you? 
Did He not find you impoverished and enrich you? 

So as for orphans, do not oppress them, 
and as for beggars, do not berate them. 
And as for the blessing of your Lord, speak out!

We are not saying that your sons have to become Imams. We already have a whole generation of utterly unacceptable Imams who all through our lives have been teaching an Islam without the fifth pillar of Zakat. As if you were to teach geography and deny the existence of the Himalayas. Allah the Majestic has diagnosed the previous generation with terrifying exactitude. He made it clear. He said in At-Takathur (102:1-2):

Fierce competition for this world distracted you
until you went down to the graves.

The Financial Class resemble the Ruling Class of Eunuchs in the Chinese Empire. They are ruled, as Belloc says, by greed not by power itself. This inability to desire or take power produces the short-circuit, the fatal sickness that is the lot of the suicide-bomber, the terrorist. I have called it Isma’ili. It is the Shi’a aberration. The relinquishing of power. The lashing of the bleeding back. Politically without a Khalif today – dreaming of the Mahdi, returning WITH power, tomorrow. Islam is the religion of power based on unlimited compassion in the Inward, and a taxed gold and silver in the Outward. We say to the new generation, you must step forward and take your time, your epoch in your hands, and learn to love the Rasul, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, more than yourself or your parents, and all the world. Take on the leadership of the Muslims and it will come into your hands. Take on the governance of the whole Muslim world, Muslims we know and Muslims who remain to be seen – step forward and announce your motto to your fellow Muslims: ‘If I advance – follow me! If I withdraw – kill me! If I die – avenge me!’ Let the final word be that of Allah the Exalted in Al-Inshirah (94:7-8):

So when you have finished, work on,
and make your Lord your goal.