4 March 2004

Allah says in His Noble Qur’an, Sura al-Ankabut ayat 1–4:

Alif Lam Mim
Do people imagine that they will be left to say,
‘We have iman,’ and will not be tested?

We tested those before them so that Allah
would know the truthful
and would know the liars.

Or do those who do bad actions
imagine they can outstrip Us?
How bad their judgement is!

The time is very urgent. What has created the urgency? To the Salihun there is no doubt the urgency is the nearness of the meeting with our Lord. It is this perspective, and only this perspective, which can move us to respond to true guidance in an age in which, for our Muslim community, a terrible silence has fallen. We are present at the abject and disgraceful collapse of every single Islamic movement and doctrine set up by Muslims after the collapse of the Islamic ‘Amr, firstly in the Moghul Dawlet, then in the Eastern Sultanates, and finally in the ignominious surrender of Islam which drove the Khalif of the Muslims out of our capital and his authority. The disintegration of the Islamic Shari‘at, that is Dar al-Islam, it must also be noted, implied the collapse of that Dar al-Iman which is the dynamic presence of the Sufis who sustain a witness to Ma’rifa as the gift of Allah, glory be to Him, on His slaves. Everything that happened inside the Ummah after this political and spiritual disaster was activated not by desire to re-establish the Islamic harmony and completeness that had been, but rather somehow to take on the project of the kuffar, that is, the creation of a totalitarian system of technique. The Arabs particularly stand in the greatest error, without excuse, because of their immediate access to the glory of the revealed Book. Looking back over the last century it seems as if the Arab peoples were filled with an overwhelming desire for the life and benefits they imagined in the kafir system. For all the detailed and inescapable evidence of this intellectual collapse of the so-called modernists, now so helplessly outdated, we urgently refer all educated Muslims to read and study Umar Ibrahim Vadillo’s book, ‘The Esoteric Deviation in Islam’. This near-thousand page work stands as a historical threshold whose profound thesis brings to an end that now failed adventurism that has caused the death of hundreds of thousands of young Muslim men.


At the very moment that the jewish head of American intelligence has openly declared that the enemy of the world is Islamic activity, and his use of the term ‘extremist’ is a purely cosmetic one, as any of us clearly can be defined by them as in the extreme, and at the very moment when a below-stairs apparatchik of the KGB, surrounded by that most notorious secret police, has taken control of Russia, and while in China the post-Maoist police-state remains unreconstructed, at that same moment we, the Muslims, must take hold of our Deen.

Hold fast to the rope of Allah all together,
and do not separate.
Remember Allah’s blessing to you when you were enemies
and He joined your hearts together
so that you became brothers by His blessing.
You were on the very brink of a pit of the Fire
and He rescued you from it.
In this way Allah makes His Signs clear to you,
so that hopefully you will be guided.

(Surat Al ‘Imran, 3:103)

We must start at the beginning. Prior to our beginning, the following guideline should be scrupulously adhered to, in order that we do not repeat the appalling mistakes of that dismal band that stretch from the wahhabi open attack on the Rasul, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and the British award of the Haramayn to the outlaw Bedouin tribe of Ibn Saud, to Al-Afghani al-Irani’s masonic club of Egyptian modernism. Significantly, the great Moghul Aurangzeb Al-Amghiri and the heroic Sultan Abdulhamid Khan II, both commanded in their lifetime a summary collection of all the essential elements of Islamic Shari‘at and ‘Aqida. These works, in a sense, mark the end of any acceptable Islamic texts since they did not stand obliged to trim either the Prohibition or the Command to be acceptable to a kafir ruler.

In order to start a powerful and world-dynamic awakening of the Muslims and that overwhelming response that will come from both the educated elite kuffar and the impoverished masses, victims of kafir capitalism, we must do what our people have always done in such a moment of crisis. This was the instruction of Ibn Taymiyya faced with the massive incursion and destruction of the Mongol invasion. This was the instruction of Shah Waliullah faced with the approaching disaster of British and Hindu hegemony in the Sub-continent. The command is to return to the source. Now, Shaytan comes to the cobbler as a cobbler and to the ‘alim as an ‘alim, as my noble Shaykh Sayyidi Muhammad ibn al-Habib told me. Thus the Satanic wahhabis presented themselves as if they were the renewers of the Deen with the cry of ‘Kitab wa Sunna’ and following the Salaf. Well who were the Salaf? Were they not the Sahaba, the Tabi‘in and the Tabi‘in at-Tabi‘in? And where then were the Salaf? Were they not in Madinah al-Munawwara? And who in that company knew best the record of the People of Madinah and their ‘Amal? Who else could it be but the great protector of the Deen in its purity, Imam Malik, may Allah be pleased with him. And who disseminated this knowledge, which stretched over the whole Ummah, across Iraq and into Iran? Certainly it was the followers of Imam Malik. Is not Al-Muwatta the quintessential book of all this knowledge? And was it not a compilation of hadith and practical application of Shari‘at, and a living witness to the time of ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, and Sayyedeta ‘Aisha, may Allah bless her? And what is the Mudawwana of Imam Sahnun and Imam Abdarrahman ibn al-Qassim if it is not a quotidian record of the application of the primal Madinan Islam in living form in the City of the Deen which the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, had established as a historical and living reality? The Madhhab of ‘Amal, the Madhhab of the ‘Ahl al-Madinah, takes precedence over every other source. Imam Malik himself said, “I am on the Madhhab of ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab,” and in giving judgments in the Rawda, he would sit only where Khalif ‘Umar sat. It is from this utterly secure position, significantly a position that was persistently persecuted, opposed, and almost obliterated by the Saudi criminal regime, that we will begin again. They spent millions of their dollars on wiping out all trace of this knowledge and its teachers in Mauritania, once a dynamic source of this learning. So also, they tried to eradicate it in Morocco and Tunisia, assisted by the kafir Bourguiba in Tunisia, and just in time halted in their tracks by King Hasan II during the last extraordinary phase of his kingship. It is worth mentioning that the two areas which never surrendered to the kafir forces which invaded the Maghrib and Algeria, one in the southern Sahara and the other in the Souss of Morocco, were those two places that taught the Deen in all its purity, that is, the ‘Amal of the ‘Ahl al-Madinah, and with a sound Tawhid.

If we drink from this pure water in the present world kafir desert, we will have life and they will wither away.

The Deen is a mighty matter. It will require of us a truly Qur’anically based thinking which adopts that perspective of human affairs which Allah has so clearly laid down for us in His Book, the perspective which makes the judging of events and the measuring of nations, never an ideological matter but a Divine confrontation. There has been an earthquake in Morocco. There has been an earthquake in Iran. In the latter country, the Muslims having taken control of the state, they immediately set about erecting that technical apparatus which is the functional method of the kuffar themselves. They created a so-called ‘democratic’ system. They gave the people the vote. They designed an Assembly which was architecturally the double of the US Senate in Washington. They adopted the system, structure and protocol. Separate from it, and in turn, with its own dynamics, a stock exchange and the full investment and monopoly system of their enemy. The contradiction was there. On the one hand the kafir myth of the sovereign will and power of the People embodied in Representative Assembly. On the other hand a Supreme Ruler and Guardian of the Deen who could veto deviant decisions. In that single move they had set personal rule against the masses.

In Morocco the tiny oligarchy of a handful of families control a nevertheless diminishing part of the national economy. The highly monitored government system has put through-again the word is reformist-legislation, in one move obliterating on behalf of the sovereign people what the Sovereign Lord of the Universe, glory be to Him, has authorised as permitted and blessed. The Islamic marriage, its manners, limits and conditions, have been swept away. At the same time the raising up of the people, their education and their health, has been totally neglected in preference for an open-door policy which has turned the Real Estate industry into something only short of a land-grab of both the cities and the fertile hills of Morocco.

King Muhammad VI followed in the footsteps of a remarkable ruler. There never was Islamic law in Morocco. His father had to abandon his proper title as Sultan on the insistence of the French priests in Paris. As a young king he was under the fascistic boots of the French occupiers, and this must not be forgotten. On taking the throne he was first trapped into the role chosen for him by Paris, that is to say a Playboy King, that his enemies hoped would soon go the way of King Faruq and be swept aside. From the middle of his reign King Hasan began to realise what his enemies intended for him. The very companion the King had chosen for his diversions soon emerged as having an ambition to take the country, just as El-Glaoui had done with his father. After the attempted coup d’état King Hasan II entered into a remarkable phase of restitution both of his country and its heritage. He began to displace the wahhabi influence in Rabat. He raised up and honoured the variant recitals of Qur’an. He commissioned a detailed scholarly edition of Ibn ‘Atiya of Andalusia as well as the writings of Qadi ‘Iyad. In his last Ramadan he received a delegation of the Murabitun from Granada who presented to him the Gold Islamic Dinar of Madinan weight. He spent a long time asking about this, and the following day he announced to the gathered ulema in his palace that he intended to appoint a Commission of ‘Ulema to oversee the restitution of the abandoned pillar of Zakat to be carried out according to its correct legal conditions and limits. At the same time, in Iran, the tomb of Imam Khomeini can be seen knee-deep in paper money which the people have thrust behind the grille in order to honour him with an even more noble grave. Allah has made earthquakes in these two countries. As the Shaykh al-Akbar, Muhiyyuddin ibn al-‘Arabi, has said: “Allah governs the universe from inside the universe.” In other words, what are two seismic events measured on the Richter scale are clearly two events which are one of the measures of Allah’s power.

They do not measure Allah with His true measure.

(Surat al-‘Anam 6:91)

The governments of these two countries, the leadership of these two countries, huddled in their political enclaves, have not been able to confront the disaster and the human need that follows it, either from the geological event or from the spiritual reality. It is a call and a warning to them to return their countries to their Islamic inheritance.

Allah in His Book, glory be to Him, says:

The Undeniable! What is the Undeniable?
What will convey to you what the Undeniable is?

Thamud and ‘Ad denied the Crushing Blow.

Thamud were destroyed by the Deafening Blast.
‘Ad were destroyed by a savage howling wind.

Allah subjected them to it for seven whole nights
and eight whole days without a break.
You could see the people flattened in their homes
just like the hollow stumps of uprooted palms.
Do you see any remnant of them left?

Pharaoh and those before him and the Overturned Cities
made a great mistake.
They disobeyed the Messenger of their Lord
so He seized them in an ever-tightening grip.

(Surat al-Haqqa 69:1-10)

On the death of King Hasan II, may Allah be merciful to him, I stated publicly, “King Hasan II was able to rule by knowing who his enemies were. King Muhammad VI will only be able to rule if he knows who his friends are.” Since we desire good for this noble Sharifi kingdom, it is hoped that these words will reach a king at the present cut off from real ‘Ilm and guidance in a land which still sustains the true original teaching of Islam, although only the deviant modernists have control of the great cities.

Equally in Iran it is Zilzal which speaks its message of Allah’s power. Those educated Muslims in that historically important country must reflect that being Shi‘a is not a paternal inheritance nor a psychology, but a deviation which, if traced back, leads to the historical record of an Iran which followed the guidance of Imam Malik. What we are going to examine in these coming months, inshallah, will be that as we restore the Adhan, the adab of the mosque, freeing it from the control of the wealthy and the state, the Salat and its different forms, the correct Jumu‘a-all that will take us inexorably to the matter of Zakat. The theme of Zakat has two branches. One, that it is a taken sadaqa not a given sadaqa. Two, that in order to fulfil its conditions the command has to go out. In short, in order that it is taken the Amir must command the Zakat collectors. This will in the shortest time take us to the issue of the unacceptable nature of the kafir financial system, both in its institutions and instruments, and it is here there lies in its everydayness the restoration of Jama‘at, the living flow of Islamic trade, and the return of glory to pure Islamic worship. Nothing that we say about these matters concerning the Deen but belongs to the school of Madinah. If we drink from this pure water, all of us will be revived, and do not forget that Allah is bringing down the kafir system as He brought down these ancient people of Thamud and ‘Ad. In the meantime, every Muslim who crosses the line of obedience to Allah by the nihilist act of suicide and self-destruction only provides a short supply of fuel to the kafir system to drive on its way. Those acts by agent provocateurs, which they claim have been done by us, as we know is sometimes the case, will only return to them, unveiling their weakness. We are on a path to unity and we are entering the school of leadership. Allah, glory be to Him, has said in al-Haqqa:

It is a reminder to the people with taqwa.
We know that some of you will deny it.
It is a cause of great distress to those who are kafir.
And it is undeniably the Truth of Certainty.
Glorify then the name of your Lord, the Magnificent.

(Surat al-Huqqa 69:48-52)