7 January 2009

To the great uneducated masses, democracy means universal franchise free to pick its governing institution divided into two or more opposing parties. The media instructed technical class also adhere to the creed that government should not interfere with the market – the market being corporation-controlled distribution and free markets meaning it is forbidden to inhibit global spread of corporation over private entity. Wealth is not governed. Wealth does not spend itself on people. The people pay for everything and are taxed for everything they buy or drive or fly.

Now the wealth system has collapsed, irretrievably and rationally. It is the people who are ordered to pay the billions required to restore wealth to the wealthy. This operation can only be accomplished by persuading the masses that in fact the operation is a rescue from poverty not a recipe of endebtment.

In Visconti’s film masterpiece of Lampedusa’s novel, ‘The Leopard’, the politics of power are laid bare. The underlying law of governance is defined: “For things to remain the same, everything must change.”

If the financial system has collapsed then it means the democratic system has collapsed, democracy’s function having been to separate government (controlling the masses) from ‘market’, that is, commodity wealth – money itself, while worthless intrinsically, having become a traded commodity.

By 2005 the monks of the banking/investment orders knew that the inescapable end-game of futures and hedge-fund systems was reaching mathematical meltdown. This meant that democracy needed a mandate for the masses which could offer hope, salvation, rescue and business as usual – in short, the dream would not die.

With superb expertise the stage was prepared for the dream-regime, the dream leader and the brilliant delusion of turning the end into the semblance of the beginning.

The ‘policy’ of this renewal was only one word. Why not? Millions had died and been displaced in Iraq with only three letters – W.M.D.

The political mantra was announced: “Change.”

However, it may be that in the great nature of this upheaval it will not be ‘their’ business that is renewed – but rather, that the whole system, money and its personnel – will all be swept away. ‘Their’ change will not grant them a sameness.

The Second Hundred Years War that started with the politicisation of wealth in South Africa in 1910, (the ‘solution’ of Dominion), finally has come to an end.

It has been the era of the political class. The era of the rule by the servants of the banking elite who, not the universal franchise, empowered them.

No concocted mathematical (“economic”) rescue package can succeed – because the epoch of democratic governance cannot be rescued. Banking cannot work without democracy. However, the crisis in the political class is greater than that of finance.

Now we know that paper money does not function – we also know that democratic personnel do not function either. It is over. It is over. It is over.

Let us look out on the terrain.

In Kenya – two party politicians claim the Presidency. In order to win it they both let their own people slaughter each other by tens of thousands. It is still unresolved.

In Zimbabwe – a half-crazed President (“Zimbabwe is mine”) embodying socialist politics in pure form, battles the opponent, he in turn, the appointee of American investment. Their refusal to collaborate has produced million dollar inflation and a cholera epidemic with over 1000 dead.

In Bangladesh – two militant Begums battle for power, their policies identical – they have paralysed the country for a decade.

In Greece – two parties locked in conflict for two decades, the socialist Papandreou team cursing the monetarist Karamanlis team. Now Greece approaches civil war.

It should be noted that the party-system tends to produce an abortive monarchism sustaining a low DNA-structured leadership – Roosevelts, Kennedys, Bushes in the key Republican state.

Blatant non-functioning of the party system democracy is said to be because the country is immature, but that cannot be sustained when you regard the European Union.

Britain’s Prime Minister forced not only the country but the government itself into a war neither wanted. The present holder of the office has never been chosen by the electorate, that itself is a disgrace given the dictatorial powers achieved by his predecessor.

Blair was seriously in need of psycho-analysis. Brown is even more insecure as a Premier. He is almost totally blind. Visiting heads of state are asked not to offer their hands first in greeting as he may miss it. His corsets do not inspire confidence. His upper dentures do not meet his lower dentures. He has some mysterious disability which results in an uncontrollable dropping of his jaw. The pursed lips of his smile suggest job losses more than pleasure. From the fear dilated eyes of Blair to the blindness of Brown, however, the defining word is not ugliness. It is inadequacy. Democratic leaders are not fit for high office. This is now axiomatic. Inadequate. Brown – inadequate. Bush  – inadequate. Merkel – inadequate. Zapatero – inadequate.

How does this inadequacy manifest?

Well! When the complete financial system and its institutions collapsed at the end of 2007 – the political leadership not only were surprised, they actually denied it at first. They openly stated they did not know HOW it had happened. They offered no solution. They adopted the bankers’ (the bankrupted bankers!) recommendation.

But there is a much graver inadequacy. The worst aspect of the political class is its cowardice, coupled with its supreme indifference to the slaughter of its own young men in useless wars.

The refusal of a government to go to the front-line in the event of a war, led by its President and first ministers, should result in their overthrow or national and military mutiny. They endlessly belittle the personal rule of the Monarch – but the Monarch led the war and so did not squander generations as Asquith, Lloyd George, Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman, Blair and Bush have done. Killers and cowards. What more sickening sight in the world than Blair and Bush visiting Iraqi soldiers, or Brown visiting Afghanistan. No wonder the French soldier turned away from President Sarkozy as he laid medals on the coffins flown into Paris from Afghanistan.

“Our boys at the front – being killed!”

Our politicians at the back – getting rich!

It is over. This is the only positive result of the Gaza Massacre.

There is one other important imbalance – inhumanity in the political class. Wagner said that politics robbed a woman of her power as a woman. She was required to de-womanise – become a pseudo-man. The very vital and sublime aspects of womanhood, her life-confirming force, her compassion, her motherhood, her daughterhood, her wifehood, her wisdom and her sense of reality – all these have to be smothered if she is to enter the political class.

It is not an accident, and certainly not a fashion choice, that forces political women into trans-vestism.

The pant-suit as it is called is the male-impersonator’s obligatory uniform in the world of politics. From the US Secretary of State to the Chancellor of Germany it represents a mandatory negation of feminism.

In relation to this the banking elite is an all-male preserve with only one important top-level woman banker – both her previous husbands (perhaps to her credit) having died mysteriously.

Mockery of politicians is not intended to be frivolous. It is to emphasise that no small business, let alone a corporation, would dream of employing them in a responsible role. Politicians are the lowest creatures of the species. Neither they nor their national nor their international institutions could halt the Gaza Massacre. They could not mention the loss of hundreds of Palestinians without alongside it measuring the handful of Israeli dead. No one dared to say the ratio of human dead at one to a hundred was a terminal disaster to the social nexus. Suspension from the U.N.O.? Sanctions against Israel? No. The politicians do not represent the people. They are the servants of the banks.

Is it to remain like this? Or is there to be a change? And that brings us to Barak Obama. What a brilliant piece of casting. It is truly Oscar material.

Nothing is what it seems.

The name is Muslim. The religion is evangelical christian. He calls himself black. His mother was white. He is a kind of political Michael Jackson. The record label in both cases is jewish.

“For things to remain the same – everything must change.”

The myth that the American Dream (who invented that?) might continue – the proof had come – a black President.

The truth – the historical truth of America has not and cannot be confronted, just as South Africa’s new regime cannot confront its truth.

Barak Obama is not black. He is brown. The christian state could not survive its own cultural inheritance. The Southerners were ashamed of what they called miscegenation. The Oxford Dictionary defines it: “Miscegenation – mixture of races, esp. the sexual union of whites with negroes.” Equally, the protestant christian Afrikaners were ashamed. The segregation was the futile attempt to prevent the nordic whites breeding with the blacks. It was sinful! In its first context it was the scenario of race superiority. Today we face a new scientific ethos. The black and the nordic races are both in genetic decline. The vast HIV-hyphen-AIDS politique hides the genetic breakdown of black communities. On the other hand – the (apartheid designated) ‘mixed’ race thrives, superior to both its favoured neighbours, leaders in sport and in intellect. In the modern world the ‘brown’ child of ‘mixed’ parentage represents a genetic rescue partnership producing a new, dynamic and superior generation – or re-generation. The failure to face up to this is dooming South Africa to a black empowerment doctrine (which cuts out the still ‘shamed’ coloureds) that has had to lower not only academic standards, university admission and medical qualifications, but airline pilot exam standards!

In the USA the never-confronted issue of the politically but not economically freed slaves hid the deepest perhaps incurable wound – unless rescued by Islam – that the new population of the future was brown babies. The language of Afro-American politics is the language of a failed state. The USA was a state that in 1861, according to the Oxford Dictionary, was a nation talking of its citizens as: “‘Octoroons’ – a person having one-eighth negro blood, the offspring of a quadroon and a white.” The USA was the father of Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa. And nothing has changed – but now we are told by the politicians “change is coming.”

Change by a man who cannot deny white and black in order to declare the genetic good news, or the political good news that he is neither jew nor christian, but the son of a Muslim? Alas. He has donned the jewish cap, kneeling in the racist christian church – “For things to remain the same.”

He has expressed his “grave concern” for Palestinian and Israeli loss of life. That is the mantra of the jewish French President, the jewish French Foreign Minister and the jewish English Foreign Minister. It is the mantra of Obama’s brilliant ex-Israeli Chief of Staff. A real man would say that massacre of 100 for 1 is a pagan brutality and to accept it is the end of our whole society.

The war against Palestine by Israel is not judaism versus Islam. Israel’s holy city is New York and Hamas’ holy city is Kerbala, but Israel is killing Palestinians to prevent the destruction of Israeli jewry by Arab blood. It is not their rockets or their tunnels that they fear, it is their penis and their womb. They fear that the quadroon will give way to the octoroon, and racist jewry will disappear forever as it is already disappearing, despite Hollywood, in the USA.

If Barak Obama cannot open the gates of reality in Israel what chance will he have to be able to open the gates of poverty in the USA – to let its black and brown population into the white bedroom of the future?

For such a transvaluation of values Barak Obama would need to enter Islam. That would be renewal. All we will have is “change.”