6 June 2011

It is time to start redefining the political landscape to take in the acquired prejudices of the media-educated masses and the general unawareness about where power resides, i.e. in the wealth-elite.

Let us try a first definition in the classic logic of Latin:

“All Presidents are dictators but not all dictators are Presidents.”

There is a strange distinction to be made between Presidents and dictators – bearing in mind that there is an inter-space occupied by dictator-presidents like Assad – elected by a staged democratic process on the one hand and himself a puppet dictator manipulated from behind by his clan on the other.

The distinction is this – democratically elected leaders as dictators practise their terror at a distance from their domain, e.g. America tortures and entombs the living by rendition and distant slave camps – Guantanamo, Cuba and Bagram Base, Afghanistan. At home, too, they practise an inner prison system where men simply ‘disappear’.

Dictators as dictators keep their terror both in-house and primitive, e.g. the exposed torture and execution bases in Egypt, Libya and Syria.

Our Muslim kingdom is of course the great victim today of a capitalism which knows, unlike ourselves alas, that Islam is its unique historical enemy, the two earlier witnesses against it, judaism and christianity, having surrendered totally to its protocols. Since the deposition of Abdulhamid Khan II as Sultan, Khalifate has remained suspended. The little devil Kemal could abolish the Sultanic role inside Turkey but he could not abolish the global role of Khalif. Now, while Khilafa is a fard of the Deen according to Imam al-Qurtubi, it is not today an issue. It is, correctly, speaking, the last matter of our programme.

At the moment all our troubles stem from our submission in many places to nationalist kafir political doctrines, and by extension belief in the supra-national institutions which uphold them. At core, of course, what has gone wrong for us is our failure to know – to know let alone apply – Islam in our society.

There are two requirements needed to restore the Deen.

On the first part of the Shahada – a correct Tawhid is essential to validate our ‘Ibada.

On the second part of the Shahada – a correct fiduciary practice of social instruments, currency, goods, trade and contracts, all of which constitute Shari‘at. Shari‘at’s concern with criminal punitive legal judgments is a very small detail, while control of the market and the obligation to prevent static capital are the vital matters of the Deen.

Our failure is to recognise vis-à-vis kafir society that the political class do not govern but wealth does, coupled with our failure vis-à-vis our Deen to recognise that wealth itself must be acquired and used according to fixed natural laws voided of usury and activated by real-wealth exchanges. “The Deen,” may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him, said, “– is Mu‘amala.” At the moment all human exchanges concerning the whole matter of buying, selling and transfer are practised in blatant contradiction of Divine and Prophetic instruction.

The Saudi control of the Muslims – its end the only positive effect of the post-wahhabi terror – based itself on a slogan, ‘Kitab wa Sunna’ – a phrase which sounded safe to Muslim ears. What it meant was their licence to abolish the Deen and embrace the Dollar, agreeing to trade oil for paper with numbers on it.

What ‘Kitab wa Sunna’ meant was simple. The Book and rules of personal behaviour – no Islamic social contract.

From this position both Republics, the dictatorship and the democracy, are doomed and, at the same time, destructive.

Let us remove, once and for all, the absurd idea that the people rule. It is not just in Cairo and Yemen that the masses are in the streets screaming for freedom. Have they not seen the masses streaming into the public squares in London, in Lisbon, in Madrid and in Athens? They all know the political class are powerless. They still do not know that the wealth-elite govern, by any means, to keep their wealth and get their hands on more.

The Republic was a failed experiment that ended around two thousand years ago when, to the Romans’ massive relief, Augustus Caesar took the throne. This was the seal on the underlying reality – oligarchy rules, monarchy holds it in place.

That is why Revolution, the modern fantasy, has not happened. Napoleon said, “There is no revolution without the wealth changing hands.” This has not happened.

The only possibility of a transfer of power, i.e. of wealth, lies in a transformation from usury-based interest contracts, paper and electronic numbers currency and stock-exchange adventures in the non-spatial to a real-wealth, Shari‘at-based contract system under a different kind of wealth leadership.

When the Rasul, Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him, asked for contributions towards a vital Ghazwat, Abu Bakr gave all the wealth he possessed. ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab gave half of what he had. The Rasul said to them, “Between you is what is between the two gifts.”

This is the opposite of withheld and blocked capital gathering interest. It is based on good character leading to money flow.

Thus the move from quantitative stasis to qualitative money flow.

In Islam the state is the regulated money-flow – the Dawla.

In Kufr the state is the blocked and invested wealth held by an elite in a gated-community, sustained by the police-controlled and penitentiary-based masses.

The current condition of the patient is – in intensive care – grave but with signs of recovery.

Syria – the diagnosis is a matter of survival or annihilation. The Shi‘a regime is barbaric, its leadership is barbaric and its ruthless sub-human treatment of the Muslim slave population is performed with the tacit approval of Israel and the U.S.

Iran’s Shi‘a regime has moved to rescue Assad’s Shi‘a regime in two moves.

One. Iran sent advisers to teach Assad’s security services how to kill and intimidate the Muslim masses. There followed the roof-top snipers and the exemplary killing and torture of children, mutilated on their instruction.

Two. They called on the Shi‘a-Hamas regime to make an anti-Israeli display on the Golan Heights to further the official doctrine that Assad is the only protector against terror. It has long been known that Israel and Syria under Assad have a fiduciary protocol in exchange for Golan water.

Syria – Egypt – Tunisia – Yemen – Algeria. Truly it is the age of the barbarian. W.H. Auden, England’s greatest 20th century poet, wrote:

“But the new barbarian is no uncouth
Desert-dweller; he does not emerge
From fir forests; factories bred him;
Corporate companies, college towns
Mothered his mind, and many journals
Backed his beliefs. He was born here. The
Bravura of revolvers in vogue now
And the cult of death are quite at home
Inside the city.”

Wherever we look among our people we see the ghastly result of trying to evade the Deen and embrace the mushrik culture.

Bangladesh – a murdering matriarchy holding the nation to ransom. Behind the scenes the real wealth, answerable to nobody, thrives among the impoverished slave population. Where is Mr. Ahmad Akbar Sobhan? Where is Tareq Rahman? They will, of course, expect to be buried as Muslims.

It is the same story throughout the Arab world – dictatorships and behind them, working away, born of a Muslim family, bearing a Muslim name, yet utterly oblivious to the fact that their lives, their ‘Amal is both the true cause of the tyranny over the Muslim masses and also the cause of the despairing terrorists.

Where is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud (19.6 billion) Riyadh, Mohammed al-Amoudi (12.3 billion) Jeddah, Nasser al-Kharafi (10.4 billion) Kuwait, Nassef Sawiris (5.6 billion) Cairo, Mohamed al-Jaber (7 billion) Jeddah, Sulaiman al-Rajhi (7.7 billion) Riyadh? All in Dollars of course. Kitab wa Sunna!

No wonder the Zakat Collectors were banished. That is what lay behind the denial by the wahhabis of Khilafa.

The time has come to peel back the thick skin of the politicians and face the world’s governance openly. Capitalism does not destroy the planet and its people. People who live on increase in the transaction, forbidden trade deals, futures gambling – in modern language, capitalists – in Islamic language referring to Muslim capitalists – munafiqun – they do. It is unacceptable.

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