The matter of the national election in Britain this May has a dual significance. The first issue, however inadequately, has been widely reviewed in the media debate. The second issue has been completely ignored because it is not in the interest of the media elite that it should be recognised at all. Before detailing these two matters let me clarify the position from which we give this viewpoint, which implies a detachment that, far from diminishing, makes more powerful my viewpoint. Our position is that parliamentary government in its present form is not what it pretends. In Bakunin’s famous statement, ‘Anyone who comes to you asking to be the representative who can represent your interests is clearly a charlatan!’ Prior to the English Civil War the king was the defender of the common people and parliament represented the growing power of an enormously rich aristocracy. Their military leader, Oliver Cromwell, was a millionaire from a family made massively wealthy by the dissolution of the monasteries. After the Cromwellian dictatorship legitimacy was restored and the principle of Monarchy protecting the common people returned, but from Charles II to James II found itself increasingly curtailed by the burgeoning power of the new Money Elite. It was Charles II who passed, in its modern form, the famous Habeas Corpus Act. It is the Blair government which has shredded it of all its protective content. In 1688 the land-based aristocracy, an all-powerful Money Elite, took over control of the country. This system from the point of view of central wealth was a triumph. It produced the now vanished British Empire. It destroyed the great civilisation of the Mughal Empire. It reduced the continent of Africa from being a simple and healthy fitra society to a vast social disaster area by the introduction of a money economy, cash crops and the removal of tens of thousands of acres of arable land into the hands of white settlers. Remember it is the Blair government which has made the capitalist world condemn Mugabe who, better late than never, has forcibly reclaimed the 70% of his country’s land mass still owned by English settlers.

The mass suicide that was the 1914-18 War saw the almost complete destruction of the ruling Money Elite and their sons. 1939-45 was really that same war in its second phase. It was Europe’s second Thirty Years War. Churchill led the country, and he was the descendant of Marlborough who had given the Money Power the great victory from which everything had stemmed. The ruling class had become almost a ghostly presence. The country houses were now National Trust museums. The final evidence that the aristocracy had once ruled the country was the practice of fox hunting, a symbolic elite sport whose one significance was that fox hunting permitted the gentry to ride over any farmer’s land, thus demonstrating that they were the ruling elite. The Blair government’s abolition of fox hunting, far from rescuing the poor fox, which as Muslims we could not hunt, except to put down as vermin, represented the Blairite abolition of the old British society.

This brief survey really touches on my second issue, to which I will shortly return. It is however germane to understanding the primary issue. Why did the Blair government sustain sanctions over a decade with unparalleled cruelty wiping out an entire generation of children in Iraq? Shamelessly, we were told it was not our fault, but Saddam’s. Saddam had his crimes, but this was Blair’s. Why then, did this man, in what seemed to be a state of cataleptic excitement drive a whole nation into war, and in doing so adopt the notorious ‘regime change’ doctrine?

Since the Thatcher government the British constitutional reality and historicity has undergone a total transformation. One could say that the land of Britain has known a seismic upheaval and, where before, all government and its processes were on one side of the earthquake’s divide, since then, the constitutional model has been rebuilt on the other side of the fault line. The wealth of Britain did not disappear – yet the landed aristocracy did disappear. In whose hands lay now the wealth of Britain? The reality is that a significant part of it is no longer British, anymore than are its car manufacturing industries. The new wealth is hardly even commodity-based – no steel, no coal, no car manufacturing, and  just a drop of petrol. The wealth of the country in a very real sense is quite abstract, for it is webbed out in a complex network of Corporation ventures worldwide. It is in the main-frame storage units of the banking system, each bank with its five safety back-up storage modules. The British urban peasants have no idea of the country’s wealth, so besotted and drugged have they become by the quotidian diet of celebrity culture.

The most disturbing factor of the Iraq war, worse even than the slaughter of Scottish soldiers, is that our engagement in it, driven by this one man, underwrote Britain as servitors not of the United States of America but of a small and fanatical fascist wing of the Republican Party. That wing consisted of the most sinister combination in the world today, an evangelical christain imperialism wedded to a near-demented judaic banking elite. The christian element is clearly and obviously from the commodities section of the power elite. They represent the pinnacle of the oil oligarchy. They are not disconnected from the current oil moguls who now own Russia’s wealth, and against whom Putin struggles heroically with an out-dated nationalist philosophy. The other section of this extremist body is that of the judaic fanatics who combine their brilliant control of the banking system with the feverish rhetoric of a zionist aspiration which sees Israel as nothing more than a primary base station. This group, who are the sole authors of that war, no more represent the innocent and media-stupefied masses of the USA than did the lone and intoxicated figure of Anthony Blair represent Britain. It has been the hallmark of this government to look on parliament as an utterly private employment zone, seeking only status and promotion, and shunning the once traditional civic responsibility of office. Our viewpoint on the war is identical to that of our Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces who has courageously exposed the fact that the whole operation was a fraud.

All the tiresome rhetoric about how we are better off without Saddam shows the utter contempt in which the oil oligarchy hold the masses. We armed Saddam in the Iraq-Iran war. When our Maliki Fiqh Conference in the UAE was hijacked to allow Saddam regime spokesmen to ask for support, one Iraqi minister said to us, ‘Arms are no problem. We have everything we need from Britain!’ Everyone saw the newsreel images of Rumsfeld grovelling before the dictator. All that smokescreen in turn masked the more disturbing reality that the war marked the historical end of the national sovereign state. The current endless blood-letting is the simple result of refusing to allow a people to settle their own affairs.

And another dimension to the historical awfulness of Blair is that he embodies one of the unacceptable elements in parliamentary government. Blair is an abject coward. Politicians do not die in battle, they let others do it. Without shame, he sends men off to die in a battle he could never face himself. A Colonel in a Scottish regiment told us, ‘If he could only hear what my men say about him!’

Blair is personally responsible for the death of tens of thousands of Muslim men, women and children, as well as British servicemen. It is unthinkable that a Muslim can put his hand to the re-appointment of this man who could not survive the judgement of a legally convened Islamic Court comprised of Hanafi and Maliki Qadis.

It is not a matter of saying that there is no alternative. It is part of the in-deep crisis of Britain that the Party of the English tradition, and Churchill’s government, should be in the hands of an illegal jewish immigrant from Romania. It is also irrelevant to say that the outcome is inevitable. One is not interested in a victory for any other party. Given the crisis in which the country is, a crisis almost totally unrecognised by the British masses, it is vital to weaken the government as seriously as possible. Indeed, if there were no other reason to damage Blair there is the issue of Identity Cards. Identity Cards have long been seen as the first stage to a long process of repatriation of England’s Muslim population. The dog Musharaf is already in place to wag his tail when the order comes.

The first issue then, is that Blair must be punished by a significant rejection. Every father and mother, every son and daughter, every grandparent must use the vote to strike a blow in the name of these dead Iraqi children. It will be in the next four years that Allah will bring about the final unravelling of the Blair dictatorship.

Parliamentary democracy gave us a Thatcher government who came to rescue us from a Labour government. Parliamentary democracy gave us a Blair government who came to rescue us from a Conservative government. We now have the complete mathematical equation for Parliamentary democracy! It remains as Bernard Shaw defined it, ‘Everybody, governed by anybody!’ The second issue is, therefore, one that tragically cannot be solved by parliamentary process. Now the denizens of Westminster are the paid servants of hidden masters, and those hidden masters make absolutely sure that they do not step into office until after the most rigorous screening that guarantees one thing alone. What is that one thing? It must be assured that the parliamentarian would never suggest that the ownership of the wealth of Great Britain should one day come into the hands of the British people. Wealth is power. Our wealth is in the banks. It follows that the Money Elite govern us. Parliament has no power, therefore no wealth. Parliament only has our pocket money with which to try to pay for the education of our children and subdue the growing number of child and women murderers.

In this last decade, but again dating from Thatcher, there has been a steady dismantling of utterly valid and functioning political institutions which in themselves upheld the continuity of British constitutionalism. With all the great ancient posts which defined the law in Britain today in the hands of jews, who have both a sophisticated understanding of the new world power, described above, and at the same time a disdainful view of the British historical tradition, we are now participating in the abolition of that entity known as the United Kingdom. With the Lord Chancellor gone, the Attorney General, the House of Lords, and a Monarchy already heading for the hills, we are witnessing, without protest, the dismantling of an ancient, historical, and once remarkably free nation state.

One last reminder of this process! The beginning of aristocratic rule in a system which replaced the Personal Monarch, sole defender of the common people, happened when the House of Cecil took over the kingdom of Queen Elizabeth I. The Cecils were effective rulers along with a small handful of other great families right through the Imperial splendour of the Victorian Age. When the Blair government brought to an end the hereditary House of Lords, the man who out-foxed him, preventing a quick kill, was Lord Cranbourne, whose family name is Cecil. We were told the peers had no right to govern because of an accident of birth. This of course is a nonsense, since birth is surely not an accident. It is determined. It is not an accident that heredity has been banned by the new Money Elite as a subject of scientific study, despite a plea signed by forty Nobel Prize winners that eugenics should be re-introduced into scientific studies. There is a scientific argument to be made that Britain would be better off governed by Lord Cranbourne than by the Parliamentary lottery winner, Mr. Blair. This is not to defend the House of Lords, but to show that the current system is much worse. The lottery of modern elections has only one mathematical certainty, and that is, that its flawed and corrupted system can only lead inevitably in Europe and the USA to a social crisis, civic anarchy, and the final collapse of an ethos that has proved to be too long tolerant of banking capitalism.

Vote! Muslim men and women prepare to fulfill your inevitable destiny, which is to be the rulers and governors of a new civilisation based on worship of Allah and love of His Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. For the Europe of the future will be a Muslim civilisation. Ours is already the primary, dominant, and indeed only functioning religion in Europe.

We ask Allah in this time that the Muslims should not fight among themselves, should hold to good counsel, should refrain from being scooped into the kafir plan to give Islam a Reformation, that is to say to do to us what they so brilliantly did with the Catholic Church – stop it in its tracks. Allah give us pride in our Deen and the generous spirit to offer it to our fellow British citizens that they may be rescued from Blair, parliamentary government, and the moral vacuum of the current atheist society. Amin.

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